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  1. I use kodi with the sports access paid app and watch every game here in Florida and it is cable quality. The sports access app is like $16 a month but well worth it! Any sport any team, it’s great
  2. Did You really have to say "what say you"? I thought that stupid phrase died 2 years ago.
  3. Igo Has his own show Basically! Have you not noticed WFNZ ripping the site off for years? Hack Attack is about as close to A Huddle Podcast as you can get! Every once in a while Mac will throw the Huddle a bone. But for the most part the Hack Attack on WFNZ is a recap of what we read here.
  4. Michael Oher vs Frank Alexander

    LOL @ the Midget in the background! I would seriously pay him to stand in my garden!
  5. 2011 vs saints.

    Only thing I wanna remember from 2011 is The #1 Draft pick being announced. And Topcat Laura in the rain in Jacksonville!
  6. McGinn's writeup on Shaq

    Mel Kiper needs to reach for a comb and a head shape specialist! This pick proves the "talking heads" are just that! Gettleman knows football and understands Value! The guys sitting on the side know names!
  7. I was reading the comments on the pre draft Shaq article. Alot of fans from alot of teams wanted Shaq in the first round! I trust Gettleman! And welcome Shaq!
  8. As my co worker always says "When was the last time you saw 2 pot heads about to fight". I don't smoke but you are right about alcohol being legal and not weed.
  9. I'm glad she isn't a Math teacher! Cause there is nothing worse than getting called to solve a problem on the board after day dreaming! If you know what I mean!
  10. I am never up this early on a Sunday! Must be Game day!!!!