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  1. Trump unhinged

    Now, info about him lying about golf gets out, it may turn a big part of his voter base against him finally.
  2. Spectrum Cable can eat a bag of...

    At least I got a few hundred extra flier miles out of the deal. Gah.
  3. Spectrum Cable can eat a bag of...

    Yeah for decent internet they are the only game in town. And it's easier to deal with one company (usually) for phone, internet and tv. I really need to look into cutting the cord though. Just haven't checked into enough to find out if I could get all the TV that me and the wife like that way. I don't watch but a few channels and pretty much same with her. Anyone got a resource where I can check to see what's available through Roku etc.?
  4. Spectrum Cable can eat a bag of...

    I do everything online--paperless billing. Got used to not checking it monthly because I was getting texts each month. Yes, fell out of the habit of checking the bill which ultimately cost me big time. But my biggest issue was how conveniently the automated texts stopped when my bill increased.
  5. Ok so I do online, automated bill pay. Each month my credit card takes care of this. It's the same amount each month unless we do an on demand movie (rarely). I was in the habit of never checking the bill because I'd get a monthly text message saying the amount had been paid (from TWC, which is now Spectrum). Well I was checking my credit card statement and my bill was $100 more than normal. So after some digging, I realized I've been charged $100 more each month the last six months! Seems like my promotion ran out so they charged me the full retail rate. But I received no notification. In fact strangely enough, my text notifications stopped at the same time my bill increased. That's the part that grinds my gears.
  6. Change of game day attire??

    I'm not a jersey guy but I got this for Christmas and he's my fav player of all time. So wearing it for the first time to hopefully get this thing back in the right direction. Oh and cargo shorts of course.
  7. Gameday Menu

    Buffalo chicken dip (didn't make any last week and well... my bad) fillet mignon seasoned in salt and pepper and olive oil. Cooked on a cast iron skillet for 2 minutes a side, finished in the grill (still in the skillet of course) for three more minutes.
  8. Upon further review....

    This x 2 We have no one else that comes close to demanding a double team.
  9. Play Discussion: 3rd and 6 ...

    Looked like we couldn't have played it any better. Oh wait, we were on offense that play? Nevermind...
  10. Also, anyone remember Cam looking off a DB and even using a pump fake?
  11. Dammit I have to vent somewhere so might as well be here. My Facebook feed is not the place because I'd piss of friends and family and it just isn't worth it to me right now. Just my random thoughts- -I think it's disrespectful to not stand at attention during the anthem. -I think it's the NFL players rights to do so to call attention to their cause. -I think it's also the right of NFL owners to tell those players to to stand up or be fined, suspended, etc. -I think protests are never pleasant. -The same people complaining about BLM and those marches ("why can't they protest peacefully") are complaining about kneeling during the anthem, which is as peaceful as you can be. -I think the people saying the intent is to disrespect the flag or the military are listening to their own bias instead of what these players are actually saying. -I think if our previous President had called a bunch of any group SOBs, he would be absolutely blasted for it by the same folks cheering our current President. I do know this. If you don't think there is a race problem, you're either blind or blissfully ignorant. I've taken my high school basketball teams (mix of white and black) on road trips and have seen and heard some pretty crappy things. "Oh looks like you have mostly good kids, so I bet the others are easy to keep in line". REALLY? fug you. Was this the best way to protest, and is the message getting across? Debatable. But I'm sure someone would have told Rosa Parks there was a better way to protest too. Enough of my rambling. I'm sick and disgusted that this is even an issue.
  12. Can't put that drive on Shula.
  13. I should have gone fishing today.