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  1. sports parents/fans suck

    Not all of them of course. Not even most of them. But good gawd enough to make going to a sporting even unenjoyable anymore. NC State fans spitting on referees. Youth league football game here this weekend and parents blowing up Facebook about the other team's fans/parents cursing, yelling threats, completely loosing their poo. When mom's are scared taking their kids back to their cars after the game... Jesus Christ, people. As a high school coach for 20+ years, I've seen it get worse and worse. When did it become acceptable to curse players, referees and coaches, flipping them off, etc. I'm for emotion etc. but somewhere along the way going to sporting events has become less about cheering your team (or kid) and more about downgrading others. Seriously, if you think paying your ticket gives you the right to be an idiot, save your money and be an idiot from home. You're a bad example for those kids, and you basically suck as a person if you're cursing and threatening and yelling "you suck" to any athlete high school age or younger.
  2. Sutherland Springs

    So tired of this poo. People suck.
  3. I've loved Stew since he's been here...but looks like he's done. Please let's see CAP...
  4. Gameday Menu

    Buffalo CHicken, bacon, sausage, stuffed (Julius) Peppers, king mackerel blackened and also grilled marinated in Italian dressing .
  5. Gameday Menu

    bacon-wrapped barbecue king mackerel nuggets. Pretty fresh-- got this one Friday.
  6. Ok girls, what's your play call if we go for it here? Another sneak?
  7. About time for another Peppers sack-fumble to put this thing to bed.
  8. And it goes beyond simple playcalling. Having to call time outs to avoid delay of games...gah.... sign of no discipline.
  9. I haven't been on the "Fire Rivera" train. But if he can't make a change at OC, welp....
  10. Overthrown. KB still has to catch. Should go for it on 4th and 2 down two touchdowns (I'll apologize for that if we get the ball back with more than 1:30 down one score).
  11. Didn't we sign Palardy because he was good at pinning teams inside the 10? Asking for a friend.
  12. Can we maybe try spreading it out and then running up the middle? We have no freaking space...not a seam anywhere. Our oline just can't set up a run for poo.