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  1. BJ Hill (defensive tackle, NCSU) is another local that could help. His stock is on the rise after a great week at the senior bowl. Also an absolute super character kid.
  2. App State grad and big fan. The Michigan Game is obvious, but this one is right up there. If you don't know the story of "The Miracle on the Mountain", check this out. Even better, Jeffries call the shot. He told Black that if they ran that out route he had seen on film, he was going to intercept it and lateral it to him. Craziest finish I have ever seen.
  3. Trump on Immigration

    President Trump sure plays to his supporters doesn’t he?
  4. Those receivers are unreal. Saint's going to be a tough out for ANYONE.
  5. God damn half of you guys just come here to be gloom and doom. poo.
  6. How do you miss that holding call??
  7. 31-28 Panthers. Gano hits the game winner from 46 as the Huddle collectively holds their breath, of course. Cam with 2 passing TDs, one rushing. Luke with a pick. Peppers with 2 sacks. Coach Rivera with one hell of a birthday present.
  8. fat people!!!!!!!!

    Be careful with those keto type diets. They are great for losing weight, but if you ever get off them you'll most likely gain all the weight back and more. I've done it a couple times, lost weight every time I could stay on it a month or so. But when I backslid, it didn't take long to gain it back unfortunately. I know several other folks that have had the same results. I know a couple that were able to stay on it as a true lifestyle change and their results have been fantastic. My issue is willpower and my metabolism has slowed tremendously. I'm 47 and it's so much tougher to lose weight. Plus I work 70+ hours a week this time of year so my eating habits are even worse.
  9. Run/Pass option? If we don't get it we still have time to get on the line and run another play or spike it. Cam going up top? Sprint out?