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  1. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh   

    Not sure if you're referring to me or not. If so, you're off base there. 
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  2. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh   

    I guess I just have a different definition of the word "deadline".
    And really it wouldn't be as big a deal if it weren't for the possibility of big cuts. Used to, we didn't have to worry as much about massive cuts of personnel in the schools. Depending on the number of teachers and assistants we'll be allocated, there's an incredible amount of planning to be done to get things rolling once students arrive on campus. 
    There really is a lot more to opening the school year than just opening the doors and telling the students to get to class.
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  3. bigjohn added a post in a topic still no budget in Raleigh   

    I didn't say anything about just writing checks. I'm talking about having a budget in place so our schools can be ready for the school year. That's one reason for a budget deadline (that is over a month past due). 
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  4. bigjohn added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    still no budget in Raleigh
    So over a month past due, there's still no budget in Raleigh.  And it doesn't look like they are in much of a hurry.
    So with most schools starting session in less than two weeks, administrators still don't know how many teachers they can hire or replace ones that have retired.  I know at my school we are waiting to pull the trigger on a couple that have retired and two more that have left for other jobs. 
    An even bigger issue on the public school front is if the Senate gets there way, thousands of teacher assistants will lose their jobs. I mean seriously, we are looking at not even being able to replace our receptionist at the high school if this budget passes. Those teacher assistant positions being cut will further cripple our schools. Our legislators have no clue how integral our teacher assistants are, especially in the lower grades. But our school systems are completely in limbo right now trying to get things in place for the start of the school year.
    Since the budget was due, our legislators took a week's vacation and many of them have been attending conferences in other states.
    But you know, at least the good people of NC have had the confederate flag, a heavily edited video of Planned Parenthood, and Cecil the Lion to keep our minds off not knowing how the state will pay the bills.
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  5. bigjohn added a post in a topic Trai Turner vs Kony Ealy   

    Trai having pancakes for breakfast I see.
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  6. bigjohn added a post in a topic Peter King is here today.   

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  7. bigjohn added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    I'm in favor of it. Does the fact that I'm a high school teacher make a difference?
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