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  1. bigjohn

    Official Fug the Falcons Thread

    I just want to personally say this to any Falcons fan viewing this, with absolutely no offense intended:
  2. Man reading the gameday thread makes me feel so much smarter.
  3. Luke may be the best player in the league.
  4. Yep. Guess I'll be looking over my shoulder again in the morning. Thanks for the reminder, real world.
  5. bigjohn

    Post pics of your she sheds!

    Is there a more annoying commercial on right now?
  6. bigjohn

    Measles Report

    Everything turns into Trump vs Anti-Trump doesn't it? There are plenty of the anti-vax dumbasses to go around. They are on both sides of the aisle. (And I am not a Trump fan, just sayin').
  7. Tough couple of days at work, hanging at the house with the wife to watch the game. Preseason so not in full menu mode. Think we're going to act like a couple teenagers and go with pizza rolls and cheese sticks. And beer.
  8. I will eat too much and be bloated and sleepy by the second half. Hope to see our Oline be solid. That's still the area that concerns me more than any other position group.
  9. Either one of our backup QBs to have a real solid performance, or both of them stink it up so bad we know Marty has to go QB shopping.
  10. Countdown to "he was still a better choice than Hillary" in 3...2....1.... And dammit how did we end up with that choice again? It's like a bad dream.
  11. I absolutely hate it if the tapes are true and released. Because we'll hear all sorts of excuses from his base. It won't matter. And it'll further divide the Trump and non-trumpers. He was right. He could murder someone and still win.
  12. Man this is tough. Shawshank Pulp Fiction LOTR trilogy (yeah, 3 movies but sue me) Roadhouse (yes really...it's so bad it's delicious) Jaws or Goodfellas would go next depending on the mood
  13. bigjohn

    A few reminders as the school year begins

    You would be amazed.
  14. bigjohn

    A few reminders as the school year begins

    The worst thing Fortnight has done is keep kids from working out. Sports teams are gonna suck lol