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  1. Making a Murderer (spoilers inside)

    Really disturbing show. So many unanswered questions. I think he may have done it, but can't see how he was convicted if you're "innocent until proven guilty". And Kratz really comes off as a d-bag. I'd like to watch the show with a defense lawyer and prosecutor and a case of beer.
  2. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Got a few folks coming over bring pork biscuits, buffalo chicken dip, some veggie poo for those without testicles, and other various dips and such. I'm making some buffalo wings in the grill and some of my world famous fish bites (courtesy of the fresh cooler of crappie I caught yesterday).
  3. The Hornets are ready

    I was at the game last night. Every time the Wizards were on the free throw line they would display the Broncos logo in the scoreboard and the fans would boo like hell. Good stuff.
  4. Best Superbowl commercial?

    It's a damn sin the commercials are shown anywhere before the actual game.
  5. Rap God in 40 different styles

    This guy has some talent.
  6. Super Bowl buffet.. PIE is on the menu

    Wow just... Wow
  7. Keep Pounding Drum

    The big cat caught me right in the feels.
  8. Asian steak strips Franks hot chicken thighs Mrs. Big John's famous pizza dip
  9. Our 1st play from scrimmage

    I'm pretty sure JStew off the guard will be in order. But I swear I wouldn't mind seeing a play action.
  10. Pregame Field Stuff....

    This game is hitting me right in the feels. What a great time to be a Panther!
  11. Notes and Memos - Seahawks

    Dear NFC The road to the SuperBowl has now taken a detour. Welcome to Carolina. -The Panthers
  13. Cross your fingers and toes boys. Come on boys.
  14. Good job crowd. GET fuging LOUD!