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  1. you're a bitch

  2. thanks for getting me horny. Fuking profile pic.

  3. I guess you could say I copied you but I was unaware you had it.

  4. I copy u or u copy me?

  5. Nice avatar........lolz :D

  6. You're on a roll with the avatars... must spread rep... the profile pic is :eek: as well. :thumbsup:

  7. It was better, until I took the title.

  8. my avatar is better

  9. U like it that much huh?

  10. Pretty sure you now have the best avatar of all time

  11. hahahaha thanks man. Took some time to find one worthy of being put on here. Guess I picked a winner

  12. Dude, possibly the best avatar on the huddle evar.