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  1. Someone should probably let that idiot Jamie Dukes know.
  2. Big party here as well. Friends, family and possiblystrangers as the doorswill be open so I can rub in the Superbowl fun to all my transplant Bills/Patriotsneighbors. I can here them all mumbling "f*cking Panthers"undertheir breath now and love it. 65"in the living room, 46" in the kitchen and 32" in the back yard. Tons of wings, Boston butt and Sugar Creek brews. So much nervous energy right now I may rip out and replace all the flooring and repaint the whole house before gametime. Let's GOOOOOOOOO!
  3. Wine and Cheese crowd?

    And we do it in a stadium that's not built to manufacture sound.
  4. All American Public used to be a great place to watch Panther games but I heard it wasn't great this year. Can anyone confirm? If anyone cares to actually help out some fellow Panther fans I would also be interested to know which bars are now best to catch the game uptown?
  5. Uhhhhwhereexactly on the East coast isMinnesota located?
  6. Frank Schwab from Yahoo Sports recognizes

    I'm not sure how All-Pro voting works but are you seriously telling me the likely MVP of the entire league may not be an All-Pro?
  7. What are You Drinking Right Now?

    Widmer Brothers Hefeweizen
  8. Best/favorite NC craft brew?

    Foothill's Hoppyum is one of my favorite local IPA's. Well actually one of my favorites regardless of region. By the way, great forum Zod.