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  1. On second thought...we should have paid Norman

    At the game last night......was angry with Hornets losing but seeing Norman with Iverson, CJ, Peppers, and Stewart made me angrier because I was following the draft and seeing we used our 2nd and 3rd round picks (and 4th) as a desperate move to replace him. May have long time ramifications losing out on basically 3 picks this year. All the confidence we had in the front office went down the toilet as quickly as the Hornets blowing a golden opportunity.
  2. Butler became target after William Jackson III went at 24?

    No not at all. Doesn't matter who the pick was there that's when they buckle down to get serious with the options remaining.
  3. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Also says trading back with Browns may be an option for extra 3rd rounder and a swap of 3rd rounders to move us up 16 spots. He said if Coleman is there we run up to put the pick in. Also mentioned Booker from Utah as a RB we may like instead of Derrick Henry.
  4. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    I got shot down when I brought up Norman's gambling issue......let's see if it comes out or if they keep it under wraps. Voth knows.
  5. So does J-No get paid by Dallas, Philadelphia, or Washington

    You haven't followed the Redskins I guess lately. They stopped that spending a while back and have tightened up even more with the new GM. He's meticulous like Gettleman and won't spend on free agents.....he likes trading back and adding draft picks and likes the cheap free agents. They have spent less than the Panthers.
  6. NFL Coaches Group Photo

    Is that Ric Flair in between Fisher and Harbaugh.
  7. BJ Raji

    So we kind of got excited about Coples, Weddle, Falcons DT, and now Raji and none have panned out. It's fine move on to next one but I would like Coples.
  8. Person: Panthers "have their eyes on" Eric Weddle

    The latest update on rotoworld says he will take his time selecting his new team. I think that helps the Panthers if they are interested.
  9. 2003 vs 2015 Panthers

    If the 2003 team still had Del Rio instead of Trgovac as D-Coord they would have won Super Bowl and maybe beaten this 2015 team. Our defense in 2002 was unreal last 10 games no one would get the ball past the 50 on Del Rio's aggressive style.