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  1. slumdogmillionaire

    Graham St Pub & Patio

    Shouldn’t be crowded not too many people working today uptown....AC is cold inside lol.
  2. slumdogmillionaire

    Graham St Pub & Patio

    Hey guys finally got my rooftop bar opened by Panthers and Knights stadium on Graham/MLK. Bunch of delays with city and other issues that caused us not to open by last football season. It’s been great so far big crowds.....have a bar downstairs patio, bar on the rooftop, and bar inside. For game days we are in talks with beer distributors and ALE on adding more mobile bars, stage for live music, etc on our side street. If you stop by come say hi.....name is Amit. It’s been good crowds of next door condos and offices and big weekend crowds.
  3. slumdogmillionaire

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Garcia said on radio earlier that he was given bad advice at his pro day to gain weight or muscle and it made him sluggish and slow.
  4. slumdogmillionaire

    Elijah Hood

    I’ll pat myself on the back with this one. I was out with Dre Bly last night and we talked about it guess he knew.
  5. slumdogmillionaire

    Elijah Hood

    What do you think about bringing him home and competing with CAP and Fozzy for a spot? He got cut by the Raiders but never really got a chance. He left school earlier than he should have coming off injury and bad season bc his fiancée convinced him to (they are no longer together). His sophomore year at Carolina he put up 1463 yards, 6.7 yards a carry, 17 TD. I’m a UNC fan but he was either not utilized correctly his junior year or injured/asthma issue. I think he’s worth a flyer at least as a camp body.
  6. slumdogmillionaire

    Another Day, Another WFNZ Debacle

    Hitman and Garcia like to party together, like to drink a lot, and share the same women.....that’s why Garcia got promoted.