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  1. Josh Norman vs Dez Bryant

    Dez isn't 100%. So yea, I'll take Norman. 
  2. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    That makes no sense but I'm pleased you can spell. Keep on keeping on. 
  3. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Well you are. Maybe consider the possibility you're a pussy. 
  4. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Don't worry pal. You'll never stand alongside me. My friends are men. Men don't beat women or apologize for those that do.   Thus ends the lesson.  
  5. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    One more post from me so I can quote it in the next 2 months to 2 years. At some point Hardy will be permanently suspended from the league. At some point later he will go to jail. Then he will be broke.  That's when you terrific dudes somehow still finding excuses for him are free to help get him a job right alongside you,  making magic with french fries. 
  6. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Congrats on being a crap person. You own it at least. I guess. 
  7. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Look. He's a horrible human being. Good football player?  Yeah. So what?   You apologists should feel a deep level of shame. But if it took a photo to make you realize you were wrong,  well, you're probably a lot like good ol Greg. 
  8. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    Serious question: does Jordan have anything to gain by intentionally sabotaging the franchise?  In this were the nfl I'd say the guy isn't going to try until he's in LA. 
  9. Hornets select Frank Kaminsky

    I dont post in this forum,  and the level of incompetence demonstrated by this pick is the reason why. I'm sorry for you hardcore hornet fans. Genuinely. Kaminsky's ceiling is serviceable. Winslow at least has a chance of being an all star.