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  1. vorbis added a post in a topic Mike Tolbert slimming down?   

    Tolbert will never be "slim", in fact I'd say he'd be the last guy on the team to worry about being underweight. he's thick, probably since he was 2 years old. brick shithouse.
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  2. vorbis added a post in a topic SI's QB Rankings   

    also said that all women's sports were not worth watching, and that Cam would be the exact same QB in every way 5 years from now. 5 years!
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  3. vorbis added a post in a topic really trying to like this Newton guy...   

    it's really a shame how many NFL word-spouters talk about Cam as a quarterback like he isn't far and away the most prolific runner among QBs in the league, and higher than many runningbacks.
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