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  1. Negative interest rates

    So, we're just about at that "Let them eat cake" moment?
  2. Johnson is a good player, no question about that. What works against him, here at least, is weighing $11 million in savings (still knocking $4 million off our cap) versus what he has accomplished in the last two years, injuries and all. We can excuse some of the drop off for injuries but we also have to measure those injuries versus what his performance could be... is he wearing down or is he strengthening back up? In the Gettlemagic era, I'm not sure that $11 million in savings isn't the most attractive option. Right there you make back most of the cost of tagging Norman. But there's another factor and a big one. Leadership on that line... you can't assume that Allen will be back and if he is, it's going to cost a fair amount, even with a restructuring. If Allen decides to retire and you let Johnson go, who will be the wise old man for the D-line? Dwan Edwards? He might even be calling it quits after this year. Addison, Star and Short will be your long-timers. That might not be such a bad thing, as these guys are hitting their stride now and each has experience in the trenches. They are also backed up by Luke and Davis (if he doesn't surprise us with a retirement statement). I hate to say it, but the more I look at it, CJ's days of being Big Money in Charlotte might be coming to an end. He'd really, really have to be willing to do a team friendly deal at this point. And there are a ton of teams out there that would be willing to throw dollars at him hoping he's not used up all of his glory days yet.  
  3. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    Here's hoping for a fast recovery. I grew up as a Falcons fan, cheering them on from 1977 through 1995 when the Panthers first took the field. I weathered years of bad teams and a dumpster fire of a franchise throughout the 70s, 80s and early 90s. Two frikkin' playoff appearances to their name if I recall. I took a number of beatings on the school bus as a kid because I wasn't a Steelers, Cowboys or Redskins fan.  I stayed true to them until my home state got their own franchise thanks to Mr. Richardson. I did leave the Falcons behind and I had earned the right to. Since then, Blank has taken over and done what no one could do before, he made them competitive, invested money in them and turned them into something other than a laughingstock. He's a class act and a bit of a miracle worker. I hope he pulls through this and has many years ahead of him to enjoy watching his team play. Except for two games a year.
  4. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    It's a conspiracy... the game was rigged... everyone is in on it. Except you!
  5. Ain't nothing broken in how the team is being run, or coached. It took until the Super Bowl before we found a team that was good enough to beat us without it being a fluke. We've been to the playoffs for three years running and have a stranglehold on the NFC South and will be positioned to be favorites for the NFC going into next year. We have good cap space and some really good young guys who are probably willing to sign here for the long haul. We also have a good core of veteran players who are sharing knowledge with the young guys and we have created a team first mentality in our locker room, rather than a me first one. We lost the Super Bowl. Get over it. Somebody had to. 30 other teams we knocked out before us. I like our chances for next year. In my opinion, Gettleman, Rivera, Shula and McDermott have got this. Cam's got this. Luke's got this. A few guys are going to retire, we might lose a couple of good players as they chase paychecks elsewhere. The team will go on and keep being built the way it has been. No giant free agent signings, just solid drafting and picking up quality team players who want to be part of something great. Buck it up Buttercup and get over the butthurt. We're on to 2016 and hopefully working at making it to Houston next February. We can avenge an old loss there maybe. Quit wanting to hang the guys for getting beat in the championship and look back on what the team really accomplished. Sustaining what has been built far exceeds the whiny-ass cries of Xbox-tethered Madden coaches. 
  6. Big Congrats to the Carolina Panthers

    Sure has been a great ride. Can't wait for opening day of next year to see where they'll take us this time. I'm optimistic!  
  7. So, you're a Cam fan, not a Carolina fan? Cam is astounding and rightfully the MVP of the team and the league, but he didn't completely carry the team this year. There were 52 other guys (plus a few more) who put their hearts and souls out there all season long and through the play offs.  This isn't Madden. And I would rather we use the money to keep our good guys that we can fully and completely evaluate rather than just go out shopping so we can match somebody's fantasy team.
  8. I think our OT future is on the roster. 
  9. Is Philly made of tissue paper?

    Are you kidding? He put his body and future on the line to make that catch. Slammed his head on the turf from six feet up and maintained possession. He got a concussion doing one of the few heroic things we were able to do last night. His brain was injured on the play. And let's be fair, Cam overthrew the heck out of him, but somehow Philly found a ladder and went up for that one. Cam was inaccurate most of the night and we're lucky more guys didn't get crushed out there trying to grab some of those unguided bottle rockets he winged.
  10. You spend your money on quality players who have bought into the team and its philosophy. You grab a few mid-price free agents to fill in a hole or two in your roster, then keep your notes in case someone gets injured. Then you spread the wealth around a bit to keep quality players who make those around them better. Then you are really selective in the draft with an eye to finding long-term team players. Buy low, develop value, get the most out of it, then feel free to sell if a player wants a price that's too high for their real, not perceived, skill set. The biggest problem with the biggest players in most free agency markets is that they are generally specialists. Suh distrupts the pocket and scares people, TO could stretch a defense, the interchangeable McCowns can learn a playbook and pack up their families quickly... Those are great if you need just that particular itch scratched. If you need more than that, they often fall short. Suh can't lead a defense or a locker room to save his life. TO wasn't going over the middle where he could get hit, the McCowns could carry a game, but not a season. And if they aren't a no-longer needed specialist, they've often gotten too much tread worn off the tires or some other little secret. Remember when Percy Harvin was missing games in Minnesota because of migraines? Some folks spent a lot of money to find out that was far from the whole story. Bradford was the touted starting QB for the Rams, until they unloaded him on the Eagles. The Eagles, just as craftily, said here's Foles, he's great!  Nah, let Gettleman keep Gettlemagicking. It's working wonders. NFC champs ain't bad and it won't be the end of the road either. We're probably way ahead of his schedule already.
  11. Hey Gettleman, you've just lost the Super Bowl, what are you going to do next? I'm going to wash away my tears with overpriced Free Agents on the shank of their careers! I'm going to buy us a Super Bowl!   Yeah, I think Gettleman's doing the job just right. Wouldn't change a thing with his approach. He's wiser at this than all of us combined. The answers were on the field last night, we just didn't put them together very well.
  12. Racist peice of poo

    Racist or not, when did we ever think Bill Romanowski deserved another crack at a public life? Steroid monster who took delight in hurting team mates and crippling people on the field. I mean real "laugh over the broken body" kind of monster. He probably lives on a diet of HGH and BoTox shots. Don't pay him any mind or give him any attention or we'll end up with him as a "commentator" on the early, early, dang is anyone up yet, Sunday morning NFL broadcasts.  
  13. Kony Ealy

    An incredible night for a young guy. He was a head scratcher of a draft pick for some folks, but he was a high character guy with a great motor.  I think he will be a stalwart on our line for the next few years. And how about Mario Addison? Might not show up in the stat sheets but he caught that guy from behind when a lot of our folks had given up on the play at all. That punt return was going back for a touchdown, but Super Mario came across the field and took Norwood down, saving a touchdown. Young guys with a lot of heart. 
  14. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Actually, for an old guy, that's pretty funny. And actually, Wade's done better as a coach than his dad. He earned the win and figured out how to shut us down. 
  15. The NFL, in an effort to make the Super Bowl as Super as possible, has allowed the non-game portion of it to spiral out of control. Press credentials are given to every yahoo who asks just to keep the hype machine going. You see, the game isn't the NFL's product anymore. It is advertising revenue. It's been this way for decades, but it has gone to the point where it is out of control. They're too busy counting the mountains of cash to worry about oversaturating the market or overcrowding the press rooms at a stadium. It wasn't just there, but you could see it when Peyton sold out his moment of glory for a Budweiser endorsement. That moment should have been his shining moment, his swan song. Instead, he was no better than Phil Simms in 1987 looking about frantically for the right camera before triumphantly shouting "I'm going to Disneyworld!!!" So yeah, the hype machine last night meant the players were basically on top of each other for the required press time. And it means that we have a 45 minute halftime with a show where the performers pay to play (you think someone selected Coldplay for a main act, or thought we oughtta bring Bruno and Beyonce out because they are so Coldplay-esque? -- It's tour dollars and album sales baby!).  And before we get too sanctimonious about the whole thing. We've all seen Cam working up Underarmor, Gatorade and Oikos. Heck, even Luke has been hawking Pepsi and CPI like crazy.