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  1. I enjoyed the listen. Ellis swearing at the beginning was funny. A critique: The beginning seemed a bit disjointed as it seemed like you had a million thoughts all at the same time. Also the way you started about Canales but then was like I dont want to talk about his personal life was a little weird. I mean his book is no secret, so not sure if you were referring to that or not?
  2. Nice. That pod was a tough listen the last few times. Sounded Like Billy was going through some things.
  3. All scouts keep receipts.. I mean they all write scouting reports. Listening to interviews of scouts that get moved or promoted, they often refence their reports on players they have scouted that they were proved right on. I think that world is all about receipts. But your right, flashing that your right when someone else was wrong is a good way to get blackballed in that current organization.
  4. This was debated in another recent thread but I think that was over stated. I dont think he was NOT allowed to hire people he wanted, more that he was encouraged to look around the league and hire the best.. even if he didnt have a relationship with them. I think thats why there was never cohesion on the players or the system.
  5. Yup. Reich was a bad coach for us, but I dont think hes bad coach in general. I think he got burnt out in Indy and never really recovered. Then I think he tried to over compensate for that and made a bunch of bad hires. I think your right that he tried to be trendy especially with the coaches he hired.
  6. I listened to the presser and a few things stood out.. 1. A lot of 'why weren't we doing this before' moments. But glad to see that they are. Actually Dan Morgan sitting behind Fitt and seeing what went wrong may actually be a good thing. 2. Canales talking about how he has never been in a pass rush meeting before but is now the HC at 1st rings some alarm bells but at the same time as a HC you dont need to be master of everything. Im a Project Manager IRL and you rely on your subject matter experts to handle their responsibilities and I like that he is eager to learn but trusts his staff. 3. Getting the coaching staff and the scouts on the same page makes all the sense in the world. Canales seems so young and his giddy personality seems to reinforce that but I need to remind myself his a Pete Carrol descendant and if he can grow into that we have a helluva coach on our hands.
  7. Dude, this isn't an all or nothing conversation. Tepper can make good decisions AND bad ones. Both can be true, but I forgot this is the internet. My bad.
  8. I think this is lost on most people. I like the Tepper is trying to make this thing work. I like that he takes big swings. I also like that money is not a reason to keep a bad coach.
  9. See I dont read that as he was FORBADE from hiring people he knew, more that he encouraged to make a broad search and if people he knew were the best then hire them, but make a broad search. Tepper is a business centric guy. The 'not allowing him' narrative doesn't make business sense. I dont think Reich ever had a solid plan in mind on how to run the team, never mind find staff that supported that.
  10. Like FFS I get people here dont like Tepper but lets not make poo up just to fuel that hate. Everything Tepper has done this year is positive. Hell even what he did last year in the offseason was positive. I blame Reich more on putting a poor staff together that didnt work then Tepper. All Reich said last offseason was how Tepper allowed them to spend as much money as they needed to build the staff.
  11. OP's title is not accurate to the report. SIFTS through data is verry different than CALLING plays.. SMH
  12. Thats cause its more exciting to mock a bigger name team trading with us then us just sticking and picking. DALLAS TRADES UP!! 'click'click'click'
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