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  1. I think there is a lot of truth to this. Teams dont want the back up to make any noise or be more popular than the starter. Cam is an exciting player. Put him behind a struggling QB and fans will call for him. For example if we draft a rookie QB and he started to fail it would not take long for the CAM chants in the stadium. That will almost never happen with Dalton.
  2. I dont think its ever a bad idea to let players play to the end of their contract...
  3. Gosh this is going to be the thread that people will quote from for years when they want to do their internet trolling thing.. We draft young and get gets hurt "See! I told you he was frail" We dont draft young and he becomes the best QB in the draft "See! He was always the top rated QB!" Draft night, we select our QB. The guy that our braintrust thinks can lead this team and cement their names in NFL legacy. ....Yet, draft night will be filled with raging fans hating the pick for one reason or another.... I cannot wait (eye roll)
  4. I mean that needed to happen. But the NFL is cold. Imagine your boss asking you to take a pay cut so they could afford your replacement.
  5. literally nothing. They will restructure next year again... and the year after... etc.
  6. floppies. oh man those were the days..
  7. ha! I liked the Baker signing. I mean I also liked the Darnold signing. Hell I liked the Bridgewater signing. Im totally ok with the team swinging for the fences at trying to solve the QB issue. And we are swinging again. LFG!!
  8. Cause this is my contribution to the huddle these days... vs
  9. I would love to see them somehow pair Foreman and possibly Hunt together...
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