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  1. Lots of talk this time of year about positional value in regards to when to draft a player. Yet there is not a complete consensus on this. IE. OT's get drafted early and high but a strong argument can be made that you can build a good OL with later round picks, RB's should never get drafted in the 1st, "The 20th WR is almost the same as the 5th best WR" etc.. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule and clearly you would love to have every position be a 1st round talent. But GENERALLY what do you think teams should be looking at in early, mid and late round pics? If you were a G
  2. Thats going to be an unpopular opinion on this board but I kind of agree with you. I wouldnt have any issue with Parsons but would prefer we drop back a few spots to do so.
  3. I get what your saying, but thats a position of need and we are rebuilding so if it take a year or two to get elite that shouldnt be an issue
  4. I dont mind this draft, however I would not want to essentially waste a pick on a back up QB. I would rather live and die with Teddy then. If bad Teddy comes back we will draft a QB next season. If suddenly good Teddy shows up then we are in good shape.
  5. Don't flame on me too hard here... Was listening to some podcasts and they stated that Pitts might be the best overall playmaker in the in entire draft. If we are are unable to get a QB in the draft and assuming we dont trade for one, is he our best option? Would you draft him over Fields or Mac Jones?
  6. Im really pulling for him. https://www.instagram.com/p/CHq_6E_g_wt/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  7. Im a big fan of the RTFP. I found that a very interesting take especially on Fields.
  8. Im not overly disappointed in it at the end of the day. The 'smart thing' might have been to let him walk but could you imagine this team without CMC after everyone else we lost? Plus, if we do get a rookie QB then a pass catching RB is their best friend. By the time the new QB is off their rookie deal CMC will also be off his, so his salary will not really be a major hinderance to the roster building process. We can say we over paid for positional value but its not really 'hurting' the team.
  9. Right. Im not saying he is selfish, but he is a business. But getting tagged as a RB is about the worst position to do that to as the theory is to not pay or commit long term to them. So I agree he wouldn't do that during his rookie deal, if he got tagged I could see it happening. Regardless it didn't happen so we are debating a hypothetical situation that didn't happen lol
  10. The guy that sat out of a bowl game for the betterment of his draft status wasn't going to? so dont tell me he is 100% team. Just cause CMC is a nice guy doesnt mean he is not a good businessman. I wouldn't put the opportunity of him holding out at 0%.
  11. I agree. I think the double tag would have been in our best interest but then you also need to worry about a player like that holding out as they know whats up.. The other thing to consider when doing that is the opportunity cost of tagging him and not someone else. But in a vacuum this would be the best thing to do.
  12. I get the point the OP is trying to make. Its just really hard to let a player go basically in their prime. I can see the value to drafting a RB in rounds 1 or 2 but the (theory) should then be to let them play out their contract and tag then 2x, then draft another RB and start the process over again. But there are a lot of theories on how to build a team. The newest is to draft a QB in the first round every year because they almost never lose their value coupled with the importance to find a 'franchise guy'. But theory is rarely reality. So I get why we paid CMC.
  13. I do think there is a possibility that we end up with Bridgewater as QB next year. I would say its 50/50 that happens.. But I would not restructure Teddys contract. We WILL move on from him if not this year then next so if we keep him and cut him next year we don't have any dead money.
  14. I actually really hopeful of this years draft. I really think that Rhule will have an advantage over most tears with this years class similar to Seattle when they hired Carrol. My best case scenario is that we dont trade out of 8, grab a QB and still have picks remaining to take advantage of Rhule's knowledge of this class.
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