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  1. His stock I dont think has dropped. If Im the team I hold on to him until week 8 and see what the contenders are willing to give.
  2. Bringing this back to the original comment, when I watch football I watch the Panthers.
  3. https://www.nfl.com/news/top-10-pass-rushers-micah-parsons-earns-top-marks-in-new-next-gen-stats-pressure Burns doesn't make the top 17 Top 10: 1. Micah Parsons 2. Nick Bosa 3. Myles Garrett 4. Hasson Reddick (sad face) 5. Trey Henderson 6. Quinnen Williams 7. Javon Hargrave 8. Za'Darius Smith 9. Josh Allen 10. Alex Highsmith Honorable mentions to: DeForest Buckner Danielle Hunter Jaelan Philips Josh Sweat Montez Sweat Josh Uche TJ Watt
  4. Dude.. we just traded to draft our Franchise QB. This is game #2 with a new coaching staff and 40% new offense. If your not excited now then you have no chance. - random weirdo from Canada
  5. Yeah you quoted some tough years. And Im not going to argue with you about how many fan points people get from watch the Jimmy C season or some of those others, I agree those can be hard to watch. But from my POV, I think its hard not to watch the team on sunday, despite how poorly they are playing. But I get what your saying, Im also getting tired of watching mediocre play - but I'll still watch. - random weirdo from Canada
  6. I'm still high on Mingo and TMJ. Coaches will correct this.
  7. I dont know what JC's problem is. He never gets hurt in Madden. Weak
  8. He looked good. Moment was not to big for him. I'm excited for the future.
  9. This place is going to be a mad house when we resign Young to a billion dollar contract in a few years.
  10. I find it funny how worked up people get when we have to resign our own superstars.
  11. Its simple. You pay him. Panthers lost any and all leverage when the Rams made that offer. Now lie in your bed.
  12. now it the time to do that kind of contract - when we have a rookie QB salary.
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