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  1. I think this maybe one of the most important and under appreciated points. Reading this post OP was a breath of fresh air on this page recently. I appreciate the thought you put into it.
  2. I appreciate the post OP. I do disagree with the trading players portion of it. Those players will end up costing us more than their return value. CMC, Brown and Anderson are all players at positions that we need and all can be significant. The problem is the oline. We need to go hard in free agency and bolster that in the draft. Im resigned to the fact we have Rhule, but now that no change has been made, Im ready to look forward and hope that he can redeem this team. I love this team but its depressing shitting on its coaches and players. So Im still on the band wagon and looking forward to how we look to address these challenges.
  3. This is it for me. It just feels like we have no direction. I dont think we are far off from being a decent team but we said that last year as well.
  4. Its sad when the direct comparable of what Carolina should have been is what the Saints are currently. I was always giddy with excitement as to how the Saints would become a complete disaster when they cap finally caught up to them. Instead, they ride through the season with terrible QB's but stay competitive to the final game. Now they are a QB away from dominating again.
  5. this is going to be a LONG offseason.. .
  6. If we keep him, we should split his reps 50/50 are RB and WR.
  7. But counter to your point, didnt Richardson hire a search firm to find our next GM and that was Gettleman. That was a disaster for 2 teams now. So while I agree owners should stay in their lane, there is also no perfect solution.
  8. One concern I have is there are several teams that have multiple 1st round picks that may not go QB. If they dont then we need to either take to the number one pick in 2023 or find a way to be able to get enough capital to move up. If the Eagles stay with Hurtz and Miami with Tua then we are in a rough position assuming that dont trade those picks.
  9. This. We need to go into next year with the mindset that its the year to fix the oline and 2023 is the year to get the QB. So lets not trade more picks away. Stick and pick or trade back for draft capital.
  10. With Fitt I think thats always in play. The biggest concern I have is that if we go into this next season with Rhule knowing he is on the hot seat then he wont care for future picks and trade backs are out of the question - if anything trading up will be looked at.
  11. @Mr. Scottell us how you really feel.
  12. Im glad for some perspective. yeah I remember 2010 being bad but I think the 'suck for Luck' made the season exciting to the finish.
  13. please, no more retread QB's. 2022 just put out Darnold, let that 5th year option burn away and draft a QB in 2023 with a new coach.
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