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  1. We always knew we were trading for an unknown commodity. We traded for upside, just like we did with Sam Darnold. That said, I still like the trade. We need to get Tremble reps. Thomas is looking good. We need to build this team for the years a head and Henderson helps with that.
  2. This place sucks lately. Seriously.
  3. CanadianCat

    Deshaun Watson

    Good for them. Hope everyone gets what they want. Plus there are probably more massage therapists for Deshaun in Miami. Win/Win/Win ??
  4. All depends on how we lose. Something catastrophic would need to happen to justify firing someone.
  5. Exactly. Sam is a high upside, high downside guy. TB is just a guy.
  6. @Squid Game you seem to be having a rough day dude.. maybe check off the internet for a while.
  7. Millennials these days have no patience... wHy CaNNoT wE HaVe a gOOD tEAM RIGHT NOW!?!?
  8. Yup. I know there are a lot of people we passed on Fields or Jones but man we would have been even further set back had we picked up a rookie QB. I trust Fitterer will have a plan to add more talent to the roster, but it doesnt happen all in 1 year, Hurney left us with a mess. Year 3 is where I personally start to think we need to make make significant progress and really push to contend and Im excited about what I see. I think we will get there.
  9. I really agree with this statement. I was bullish on Darnold, I still hold out hope that he comes around this season yet. 5 completions at halftime, I put that more on the OC than the QB. I think the team building is trending in the right direction. Yeah we lost a bunch in a row but Min and Dal are better teams than us right now. We should have beat the Eagles. We have a lot of season left, Im going to try to R E L A X and see how the season plays out.
  10. Well simply stated its cause we have paid him already. We should not have taken the 5th year option in hindsight. But be as it may, we did. Im not saying he is QB 1 next year, but cutting him would compound the issue. Bring in more oline help. Bring in competition.
  11. Thats fair. I think the team went with the upside of Darnold vs the consistency of Bridgewater. Season is not over yet and we are locked into him for next year. So we may as well try to make this work. Im not saying that Sam is the answer, but I also dont want to see us waste a 1st round pick behind the oline as is stands. We need to fix the oline this offseason THEN see if we need a new QB.
  12. Im not an offensive guru... so I have a question on Brady... Is he creating good plays but the team unable to execute them because of the oline? Brady seems like hes a smart guy, but maybe the team just cannot execute his scheme at this point? I feel like we run every OC out of town... I cannot remember one OC we actually all liked.
  13. Every team has a Thursday game. Yeah CMC comments on the lack of body repair time made me take notice.
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