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  1. ... other than the fact that DJ had to stop running.. I do like that we have a clear leader there now and that allows guys to try to grow with Sam.
  2. Its called optimism. IF Sam works out, this is a HUGE win for us.
  3. The biggest issue that I had with Teddy is not his stats, he had basically 3, 1000 yard receivers, but that he just was not aggressive enough. I hate giving player demeaning nicknames but Teddy 'Check down' is 100% accurate. I dont really know what another year here would have solved. He was an accurate passer and ran the offense effectively but he didn't have that 'it' that won games. I think that with his skill set Teddy could have a very good and long career as a high end back up .. if he chooses to.
  4. Hmm my bold prediction... - Shaq Thompson doesnt make the pro bowl but is in the conversation for DPOY - CMC comes just short of 1000/1000 again. - DJ Moore is top 3 in yards - The MVP of the d line is Brown - Darnold has 8 come from behind games this year. Including a game where he put up 45+ points. -
  5. Typically you don't turn the QB position over as frequently as other positions but considering that we have made minimal investments in that position Im actually ok with turning the position until we hit.
  6. The Huddle did crap on Teddy pretty hard, probably harder than we should have. And Teddy walked into a tough situation. The team let go of fan favorite Cam and there was no way that he was going to fill those shoes. Then covid happened and he had to try to lead a team with no offseason and a new coaching staff. That would be tough for most players (not named Tom Brady). But despite everything that was stacked against him, he proved himself to not be clutch in the "make it or break it" moments. I was a Teddy fan all season, but towards the end of the year, with the ball in our hands at the
  7. Refreshing and real article from the team.
  8. DJ sure looks like Smitty out there.. And Damn CMC just always looks fast! Im excited about this group.
  9. Official Mock draft graded.. http://thehuddlereport.com/mock.scores.shtml
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