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  1. Ok little rant here... So there are a lot of people that poo on David Newton, and I get it. But what I get frustrated with is that those same people also tend to poo post on the young content creators online that are just trying to provide content. This is a small market team. So maybe lets not crap on the guys that put in their own effort to provide content. I recommend you guys subscribe to youtube channels that are dedicated to the panthers. The more support we give, the more and better content will come. Below are a few guys you can start with. Pantherology (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeD7yFvWzb1LeCRAXXnLiew) The 4 Man Rush (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXLzUjKROOD8EXT9_A6PsjA)
  2. Well we passed on the potential 4th best remaining rookie QB. Consider that a TE even got drafted before him. A TE...
  3. I get what your saying. It was more that Ross would ask a question and Chinn would give a very political answer (which I respect). I was hoping that Chinn would talk more about the team.
  4. I've listened to the RT podcast for years now. He does a good job.
  5. Not a great interview TBH.. but it was cool hearing from Chinn. There is a lot to be excited about with him.
  6. Im pretty high on Darnold but it seems like the 'rebuild' of Sam is getting his confidence back. I would expect we beat the Jets but am concerned that if Sam plays the Jets (even though they are a different team now) and loses that it might set him back even further. What do you think? If we happen to lose to the Jets will that impact Darnold or will that have no effect?
  7. Yeah Im with you. I dont play online and don't do the Ultimate Team thing. I play offline franchise or do an online one with a few buddies (which is super fun). But yes I agree players like us dont generate the post sales dollars so they dont care. Last year before the game came out players got wind that they literally didnt update the Franchise mode at all and it even started trending on twitter to the point that EA promised significant changes to this years version. Here is a link to the changes. https://www.ea.com/games/madden-nfl/madden-nfl-22/news/gridiron-notes-madden-22-franchise-updates?isLocalized=true To me some of the things that stand out are that you now can hire and develop staff and you have a week to week game plan based on your opponent.
  8. I got to admit Im getting excited about the upgrades to the Franchise mode this year. I was so PO'ed last year it was the 1st time I didnt buy the new version in like 15 years. But I have high hopes this year.... What do you guys think?
  9. Im very intrigued with this kid. Assuming we start 3 DB's who do you think he would push out?
  10. FINALLY landed a PS5.... Is this game worth playing yet?
  11. Well obviously we didnt think he did enough as we brought 2 new player into that position
  12. Who do you think we carry at the bottom of the roster this year as a developmental guy / hope he develops player? To me it sounds like that might be (or the team hope its to be) Ian Thomas but I could see them also taking a shot on Christian Miller's development over a season.
  13. Exactly. Perryman can never replace Luke, and I doubt anyone ever will, but he is a solid MLB in this league. Is Reddick expected to line up as a LB or is he on the line?
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