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  1. Confident or Concerned?

    The pass rush from our DEs is disappointing, the defense misses Bene, and Remmers is Remmers.  I'm more concerned than confident.  
  2. Wes Horton has been waived

    We're a playoff team.  He's probably just comparing us to other playoff teams, not the entire league.  
  3. If Cam really has a baby.. He won't be the same player..

    "As a father..." Oh boy, this should be interesting...
  4. Relax!!!!

    At this rate, we're going to have more "Calm down" threads than actual rant threads. 
  5. Go punch yourself in the nuts

    I had no complaints.  Everything seems to be alright.  
  6. Calm down you cotton headed ninny muggins

    Let's hope the teams we face in the playoffs don't have any Slants in their playbook!
  7. 14-1 Pie Thread

    14-1 pie thread?  man, pie deez nuts
  8. Chill your sacks

    We didn't learn much from our close wins.  You're telling me we have to lose first to start learning?
  9. The defense only gave up 17 points

    I can't believe Coleman fell down on that play, and at the same time, I believe it.  fuging Nakamura play all over again.  
  10. One DE sack in five games per B&B review

    I'm glad this is the last season we'll see Charles Johnson in a Panthers' uniform.  What a waste. What are we going to do about Remmers though?  Can't just let him stick around either.  
  11. The defense only gave up 17 points

    Falcons were 9-15 on 3rd-down conversions.  "Only gave up 17 points" isn't enough to take Defense out of the conversation.  They were a big reason why we lost today.  
  12. Why is it that Ben Jacobs needs to awkwardly block 2 players on each field goal?  I haven't been paying too close attention to other teams' field goal units, but there's no way they look as awkward as ours does.  Here are some examples of Jacobs having to pull off some strange assignments: The blocked field goal cost us some serious momentum in the Giants game.  Is there a reason why our field goal unit needs to execute the way that they do?  
  13. Merry Christmas