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  1. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    Nobody gives a poo about what boundaries he wants to push. That new song is awful and no amount of elitist douchebaggery will persuade me otherwise.
  2. Best Hair Band songs

    Not everybody is into hair bands and I really couldn't give a poo. But I love some of the stuff from that era...probably because it was my junior high/high school years. The very first song that I can remember that turned me onto the hair band phase was from Quiet Riot. I think I was in 7th grade when it came out.
  3. Metal Music favorites

  4. Metal Music favorites

  5. Metal Music favorites

  6. new Radiohead new Radiohead new Radiohead

    OMG that was awful. I hope this was filler or something. Need more: or or
  7. Metal Music favorites

    1st one kind of hated. Poor production (sounds like they tried to clean it up too much or something). 2nd one was OK I would consider adding it to my collection. 3rd one hated. 4th one was semi Ok. I'm just not into groups that scream for the sake of screaming. Also not into the wall of sound but I guess I could see why some would be into it. Just not for me.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong...I have a terrible memory. But I think the first time Deshaun touched the football he ran it for a long TD (I believe it was in the preseason). I was so excited. And honestly he wasn't a bad player in any case I don't think.
  9. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I kind of think Theon may be the one to fug Ramsey up.
  10. Pretty much this. Since the draft has began there have been plenty of first round busts and guys that were drafted in the later rounds that had long, productive NFL careers. Some of those later guys had stellar careers. I'm honestly glad we picked more than one CB because you gotta believe odds are at least one of them will pan out for us. And CB was the biggest deficiency this team had going into the draft.
  11. Exactly. Gettleman has been evaluating NFL talent longer than some of these posters have been alive. I'm not saying he's perfect but I trust his judgement over some random peeps scratching their balls with one hand while typing with the other. I'm not even going to pretend to know any of these players in the draft better than Gettleman or any other GM for that matter.
  12. Favorite songs about relationships

    And now a song about a drug addicted son battling his demons while pushing others away (in this case his mother).
  13. Favorite songs about relationships

    The previous song was about a son losing his father and now this song is about a brother losing a brother through suicide. The lead singer's (Shaun Morgan) brother committed suicide. I haven't lost anyone to suicide but Morgan does a great job of conveying that feeling. Another chill song for me.
  14. Favorite songs about relationships

    Some of the best songs (to me at least) are songs about relationships between people. It's a topic that everyone can relate to. Whether it's about a relationship between a man and a woman, a boy and his dad, good or bad, etc...etc. So what are your favorites? BTW this isn't genre specific so throw out your best Wham! if you want. I'll start it off. This song is about a relationship between a son and father. More specifically it's about the death of the father and the son's thoughts. This song came out about 15 years after my dad died but I still get some chills when listening to it.
  15. Metal Music favorites

    By the time I finished watching it I felt like I had better erase my browsing history.