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  1. Matt Drudge: ‘America Has Been Arming ISIS’

    That's very over simplified, brother. There are more than one group of "freedom fighters" in Syria and Iraq. But seeing as how people in here are certain we outright armed ISIS, I'm going to assume you're all WTI analysts and not relying strictly on what you get from misinformed/slanted press clippings and editorials.
  2. Matt Drudge: ‘America Has Been Arming ISIS’

    Lol @ the notion of the U.S. outright arming the same network of terrorists we spent almost a decade dismantling in Iraq. Even funnier, the idea that if something like this happened that "neocons" are responsible, despite the fact these types of policies are originated in the white house. Come on guys, it's not 2005 anymore. Stop using decade old excuses to prop up tin foil theories.
  3. Worldwide Travel Alert

    Posted this morning from the USDOS.  Didn't put this in the tinderbox because, I don't want it to engender a debate on DAESH.  Please, if you plan to travel this holiday season or if you have family traveling please tell them exercise vigilance and caution. Stay safe and have a great holiday season.
  4. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    LOL. Done with this product for a while. Survivor's Series was a joke. Wake me up in time for Wrestlemania. The Panthers are 10-0.
  5. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    I don't even think Cesaro needs Paul E. He's doing fine on his own. He's gotten over by himself twice now. The issue is that Vince hates when people get over their own and it goes against his plan. See Zack Ryder as an example.
  6. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Le Batard was talking about this on the radio today. They touched on the racial aspect of why people have a problem with Cam celebrating. It was spot on. As for the Titans fans:  
  8. In all the excitement, this can't be forgotten

    My wife personally knew the guy whose initials were on Funchess' helmet. When his body came back to Shelby it was a big deal for the town. This type of gesture is amazing. It means a lot to see gold star families and the memories of their lost loved ones being honored this way.