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  1. This Makes me Smile

    He has been hating on the panthers all season on the "move the sticks" podcast.  Daniel Jeremiah has been calling him out on it.  I think he's just not a good scout to be honest with you. He hates us because we don't have a #1 receiver and it's all he can think about.  The benefit is you can't just stop one guy because we have multiple guys who can make a play and it's hard to read what we are up to.  
  2. Explaining the NFC Playoff Picture

    What is the tiebreaker logic that gives Zona the 1 seed if we have the same record?
  3. Panthers Sign Michael Oher

    To be fair, I make a lot more money than anyone who works for the panthers outside of maybe gettleman and the players. But yah he sucks. No real way around it. Literally anyone else would have been better