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  1. Time to grab your helmet and hit someone! It is GAMEDAY!! 98642182.jpg

  2. Time to party!! 11086510.jpg

  3. You're hot girl!

  4. WOW!!!You are very attractive!!!!!!

  5. Nice pic buddy!

  6. new here...wats up?

  7. You are a hot lady!

  8. Hi Dan! I'm doing great...Thanks for asking. I hope that you are doing just as good or better :) Thanks! You guys are welcome here any time! Have a wonderful day.

  9. Howdy ma'am. I hope you're well. BTW I like Sharon's Diner over Cracker Barrel any day.

  10. Probably both. Hope you guys have fun and that I an make the next one.

  11. okay..he was mistaken then.....or Maybe next time!

  12. HI, I'm actually In north charlotte, between Concord and Huntersville. Thanks for the invite, but I will be out of town visiting my dad.

  13. You out to come to our party on the 30th...end of the season blow out...Cooter says you live out near us in minthill..hes coming, bo catfang, alverez..and a some others i cant remember! lol