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  1. Last time we played the Titans

    Stayed until in the end a 3-30 drubbing at the hands of Hasslebeck and Chris Johnson. Looking forward to retribution even if it is personal.    
  2. Packer fans today at BOA Stadium

    25% ish. They were respectful, cheered at the right time, didn't start stuff.   Basically DICKS!
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    1. andy13109

      yo happy panther do you still have the vanderbilt kappa delta photobooth photos?

  4. I'd be more than happy to get you the names of any rescues or other organizations you can contact if you like. Simply let me know where you're located and I'll get you some info within a reasonable distance from your home.

  5. Ron Paul's Ready, Ames, Fire moneybomb is today! donate at www.ronpaul2012.com

  6. Morning Happy! Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. Saw your post the other day,"rawr, show me your tittay's, rawr, read this pie chart" Classic!

  8. Final voting is open, vote for me!

  9. Time to grab your helmet and hit someone! It is GAMEDAY!! 98642182.jpg

  10. Dude! It's raptor Jesus. 2f588e3a97b4fb65f691db12d0e915ae.gif