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  1. Trump vs. Hillary

    Heard this this morning and got a good laugh out of it.
  2. Freddie Gray

    Stirs, dead on.
  3. Freddie Gray

    One thing I have learned in life, you don't argue with crazy.
  4. SF 49ers join fight against HB2

    They going to forfeit their game? Did their organization come to the owner's meeting this week?
  5. Trump vs. Hillary

    Yeah...a news organization. There goes her foreign policy street cred.
  6. Trump vs. Hillary

    Bern...see this?
  7. Freddie Gray

    TheRed, why do you insist on lying. I haven't stood up for any cops (plural). I've asked what THIS guy did to warrant prosecution in your eyes. You continue to avoid that simple question.
  8. Freddie Gray

    That's like saying I don't know the details of the case but I'm utterly unsurprised Xxxxxxx was found guilty.
  9. Probably Good

    0 A.D.
  10. Freddie Gray

    You do know there are other cops yet to be prosecuted?
  11. Probably Good

    I answered your question. "You went full stupid" -Tacitus...or maybe not
  12. Probably Good

    A novel...lol. That's cute.
  13. Obama kills...

    Somebody has to make the tough decisions.... wait...this wasn't one.
  14. Probably Good

    No...he'd look like a person of the time period.