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  1. And giving the ball away...we have a trailblazer, trendsetter folks.
  2. Did Thomas Davis really record no tackles? I couldn't believe did the Titans manage to run away from him all game?
  3. Palmer's crotch thrusts

    He's got two words for you, 12th man...
  4. Welp...

    Soooo delicious
  5. Who is Dat Alice?

    Needs citations for maximum impact...
  6. Panthers sign RB Jordan Todman

    The Carolina Panthers today bolster their running back and kick return depth by signing Jordan Todman. As you can see, Todman has big play potential. At this point it is hard to peg him as a definite to make the team, but with Ron Rivera's emphasis this off season on special teams, I wouldn't count him out.
  7. Thanks for the rep... I thought robot porn would be appropriate for u. Robots_25.jpg

  8. I love transformers