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    Cam Is Working Out With Antonio Brown

    Antonio Brown catching bombs from a real NFL QB. https://twitter.com/ab84/status/1012010513394364416?s=21
  2. I expect he’ll be around this range. He’s gonna be our short-intermediate playmaker. Basically our more athletic Jarvis Landry as a rookie.
  3. Well...this definitely is ideal. On a recent Panthers podcast, Bill Voth speaks: “I don’t think it’s a matter of will he make the roster. I think it’s a matter of how involved he’ll be getting touches.” This is a good thing. Alex Armah deserves more touches. @Jeremy Igo should most certainly excited.
  4. Daryl Williams needs to prove next season this year wasn’t a fluke. I largely think Daryl is overrated and not deserving of an all-pro spot, and believe trading him would be best for us in value. Nevertheless, we’ll see.
  5. Saca312

    This is the worst time of the year

    I had a ton of time last off-season This go around, my schedule’s packed. Haven’t been able to write as much.
  6. Saca312

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Still, Ron’s blind faith in crappy vets is annoying.
  7. Saca312

    Ron Rivera Already On That BS

    Tbh, it is minicamp. As another coach has said, minicamp isn’t even in discussion when it comes to competition. OTAs and Minicamp is used to implement scheme and evaluate retention. Whatever Rivera said before minicamp is likely what he’ll say after. Competition and true evaluation shouldn’t begin until training camp. What he’s saying now is coachspeak.
  8. Logic: Stop running all the time when it doesn’t work Rivera: “We need to go back and establish the run even more”
  9. Well, this is relatively interesting. Compared to SI and CBS’s Top 100, which both lack Cam, it appears NFL players at least know what’s up. Also relevant: Matt Ryan is ranked below Cam Newton, at 29. Some decent quotes: Jaguars LB Telvin Smith: “You talk about Brady being calm and collected in the pocket; Cam’s a cool cat” Pretty much shows from an NFL defender from arguably the NFL’s best defense’s perspective on Cam. He actually is one of the better pocket passers in the league, and Smith realizes that. The day Panthers fans and the NFL general fanbase realize this would be great. Sadly, it’s still a ways away. Saints Defensive Coach: “Contain Cam. He’s the only thing they got” 100% facts. The best uninjured receiver in terms of draft position we had was drafted in the 6th round. The rest were UDFAs. Easy to see why they said that. Saints DE Cam Jordan “Cam’s my least favorite QB to go against” While his trash talk is trash and he’s generally been a trashy player, at least he respects Cam’s true skillset.
  10. Wagner doesn’t even hold Luke’s straps when healthy. Luke’s on a whole different planet than every other LB in the league.
  11. When did I say it upset me? I said he’s a trash talker. Hell, we had Norman before so I understand. Trashy player meaning trash talker. I don’t like Cam Jordan personally because he’s good and is on the Saints lol.
  12. Unfortunately, Norv's offense generally is just as deep - if not more - than Shula in terms of the past. Like I said, it'd be a huge shift if Norv goes past that and focuses on a different offense I don't think we've seen much of from Norv. Turner's always been a Coryell guy and generally reliant on the vertical game. The two above are staple examples of Norv. Long-developing plays full of ISO routes. This requires receivers to be exceptionally good and the OTs to be really good to last. Plus, it always helps to have a QB who can actually yank it downfield. The first GIF I point to shows a 3x1 with a dig, drag, and post. Basically, a bunch of long-developing iso vertical routes. As seen, Matt Kalil sucks and gets beat real bad. And for the life of me I don't even know if Bridgewater can push it all the way downfield if the play even worked. Pretty much a disaster. Same story for the second GIF. Long-developing ISO routes and an offensive line that can't block to save Bridgewater's life. No one's open downfield, and the o-line can't hold. Another critic has argued this during Norv's tenure with the Chargers: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/823211-san-diego-chargers-top-5-reasons-why-norv-turner-is-the-weakest-link#slide4 He's got a lot of critics from both the Vikings and Chargers concerning both his playbook in general, and his play-calling. While he has plenty of experience, he also has plenty of short-comings that came up in the past. However, he is saying a lot of the right things and doing a lot of the right things in practice for the Panthers so far. A change from long-developing plays that aren't necessary in today's NFL will be a great change for starters. Hopefully, by this season he'll show he's able to adapt on the spot if his scripted playcallling doesn't work. I'm being more optimistic about Norv compared to when I was when we first hired him. He's already showing change in terms of talk and action on the practice field. Hopefully, this isn't a fluke and he'll be a solid OC for us.
  13. If Norv honestly gives Cam a lot of short passes, it’d definitely be a huge change for Norv’s philosophy and scheme. In the past, Norv was pure Coryell and depended largely on deep iso routes. Generally put, that was my biggest concern about Norv coming in. I don’t have the confidence in Matt Kalil and Daryl Williams to be able to handle those long developing plays Norv used with the Vikings and Chargers. If Turner truly has put that in the past, I can’t wait to see how his new philosophy works out.
  14. Saca312

    Redirected to spam.. Anyone else?

    Adguard is the best for iPhone.
  15. Saca312

    Matt "Speed bump McGee" Kalil..

    Matt Kalil is weird in that he already is decent but lacks confidence, which in turn leads to egregious errors. Most of his issues stem from mental errors/technical mistakes. Seems hesitant at times. I just think he needs confidence. He can be decent. He just needs to stop making those glaring errors that taint his name and gain some confidence.
  16. Saca312

    Article on Munnerlyn

    I mean for christ sake they made Shaq Thompson try and guard Nelson Agholor and Michael Thomas lmao. I don’t get why you guys try to blame Munnerlyn for getting pissed seeing that nonsense lol.
  17. Saca312

    Article on Munnerlyn

    WIlks sucked and Munnerlyn just said the facts. The Panthers played base 4-3 more than they should (despite being significantly better analytically under nickel) and Munnerlyn never was played right. He was one of the best nickels with the Vikings. He dropped off under Wilks scheme because of less snaps and Wilks inability to use him. Panthers did him dirty and he has every right to vent. Never used him right at all.
  18. Yes. i’d argue that. His keen awareness of timing and ability to do a quick cut and accelerate to attain separation isn’t something I think another Panthers WR could do just as well. He’s a real threat as long as he stays healthy and refines his catching technique outside his frame.
  19. A healthy Samuel is arguably one of our top talented WRs on this team. At the least, he’s our best route runner. i’m very excited.
  20. Vita Vea is a glorified Star Lotulelei at best. McCoy = Short. Except McCoy's talent is being wasted with sub-par talent surrounding him all these years. JPP is as washed as Charles Johnson is. Vinny Curry is bleh. Decent, but no better than Addison. Carolina's depth >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tampas and it's not even close.
  21. This team has to be one of the most versatile in the NFL tbh. We have so many hybrids/swiss army knives. A healthy trio of CMC, Samuel, and Moore could really keep DCs up at night because of the variety of roles they could fit in. I'd love to see how Norv puts it all together.
  22. Jesus this is a bad take. Behind Luke, KK was our second most impactful player on defense. Without him, things would be a lot worse. He definitely is elite.