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  1. Well, to be fair, I would argue Calvin Ridley is a far more refined route runner coming out than DJ Moore. However, that was to be expected for a near 24 year old receiver coming out of Alabama. You better hope for a guy that age you're getting someone who knows his stuff immediately. DJ Moore is far more younger and was part of a program that really hampered his development overall. His potential is through the roof and that program helped add traits to his game that allow him to make plays when the offense around him is terrible. However, it's clear they lacked in teaching him route running fundamentals and how to beat press. We got a guy we are betting on his high upside over a finished older product like Ridley, who's ceiling likely isn't going to be much higher. I think the coaching staff understands DJ Moore's current limitations, however I think they need to think about maximizing what DJ Moore is already good at imo. Glad that Nick Carboni did say he believes DJ Moore will get more snaps and opportunities. Hopefully Norv will show he can maximize DJ Moore's talent no matter how they feel how he is progressing as a WR so far. Will have to agree I think they're slightly more motivated after seeing Ridley though. As they should be.
  2. At this point, the coaching staff has emphasized slowly bringing DJ Moore in, given that he's a bit raw with some aspects as a WR as expected. On the outside, he has shown he needs refinement in fix with his release against press. While he's fantastic at the top of the route, in college and certain training camp/preseason clips, he has shown to get disrupted with jams early on going against press and get caught by the defender. Even then, he's still very much a machine at getting YAC. His ability with the ball in his hands shows plenty of potential that could be nurtured now. For example, putting him in space like we saw against Atlanta showed just how explosive he is. In the slot, he could be really effective and slowly work his way into being an outside receiver. I was wondering how Norv Turner and the coaching staff are thinking of using more of DJ Moore. Is their concern about his learning curve too much to give him more snaps and opportunities as a possible primary read in Cam's progressions, or do they think they had a true wakeup call from DJ Moore's play on the dig route over the middle of the field he ran on the y-cross concept and plan to try to get him the ball more? If they do plan on using him more, how do you think they would?
  3. Saca312

    DB depth is looking scary

    Mike Adams has been our best secondary member. Just because he’s “slow”, doesn’t mean he’s not been in position and done things to help cover whatever deficiencies were present.
  4. I’ll take a Luke Kuechly setting up defensive formations and coverage and understanding offensive plays and stopping that over a pass rusher anyday.
  5. Oh dear lord first Cam was bashed and now we got Luke bashing as well. God some on this forum is wack lately.
  6. Say hello to our WR1 who will dominate on the field when he gets back. Looks to be in high spirits and little to nothing wrong whatsoever. Can't wait.
  7. Nope. First official NFL reception. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/panthers-d-j-moore-scores-on-first-career-reception/
  8. Saca312

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    There a gofundme already to get Antonio Brown lmao. https://www.gofundme.com/650mm54?member=784146
  9. It’s unusual. He’s great in the intermediate and shorter levels thus far. Gets open, runs good routes, and press release is solid. Just weird that down deep he’s not getting open.
  10. reminder I don't believe in PFF. I am a messenger. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-refocused-nfl-week-2-atlanta-falcons-31-carolina-panthers-24
  11. I'm in for this. My picks - CIN @ CAR: CAR NYJ @ CLE: CLE NO @ ATL: NO DEN @ BAL: DEN NYG @ HOU: HOU TEN @ JAX: JAX SF @ KC: KC OAK @ MIA: MIA BUF @ MIN: MIN IND @ PHI: PHI GB @ WAS: GB LAC @ LAR: LAR CHI @ AZ: CHI DAL @ SEA: DAL NE @ DET: NE PIT @ TB: TB MNF Score: 27-21 TB-PIT. Total score: 48
  12. Seahawks getting a beating. Russell Wilson is literally dying and doing bad. Khalil Mack is amazing. Trubisky is off and on. Talk away. 7-0 as of now in Bears favor.
  13. Not many QBs will throw the ball as bad as Wilson did right there. Stared down his receiver doing a curl route against off coverage. Baited right into it.
  14. Saca312

    Russell Wilson is no Cam Newton

    Russell taking way too much time in the pocket. His inner clock is literally dead rn it's hilarious. Mack is his Von Miller and it's fantastic.
  15. Well, it certainly is very similar to that loss we had last year against the Saints. Le sigh. Cam’s incredible performance showing how stupid comp% is down the drain bc our defense was non-existent and our revamped “weapons” can’t catch a cold.
  16. I think he should get more touches, no? I mean...I get he's not an outside WR right now given his poor ability against press, but he's still insanely good from the slot and in space. Play the man rather than wait for him to "improve." He showed his explosive ability yesterday that we need more of.
  17. All fairness Samuel's preseason gives hope that his catching technique has fixed up. Showing great ability at off-body catches that I haven't seen his rookie year. Hopefully that turns out to be the norm and he could literally be our best receiver on the field.
  18. Secondary was not the issue yesterday. Julio held down by Bradberry and overall non-effective. For all it's worth, Donte did really well aside missing Ridley on that TD - which pretty much was hard to cover regardless. It's our pass rush that was horrid yesterday. Near non-existent all game. It wasn't just that we're lacking talent, it's just simply letting Matt Ryan fake them out and just wrecking whatever pass rush we nearly had.
  19. Consistent pass rush. That truly is the key for this team from what happened yesterday to what we did to the Cowboys.
  20. His biggest opportunities have been him playing in space or from the slot and he's capitalized on those. Preseason, he struggled a lot fending off press and doesn't seem to have good technique to do such given his history in Maryland. Doesn't mean whatsoever he shouldn't see the field as a slot receiver or taking advantage of zone coverage. Get him in space, feed him in the short-intermediate, and you'll maximize his value this year.
  21. This is pretty much parody at this point. The national media cannot make up its mind. Only thing consistent is trying to fit whatever narrative they can to make sure Cam Newton never gets credit for anything. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000962845/article/what-we-learned-so-far-from-sundays-week-2-games?campaign=Twitter_atn This is absolute parody right now.
  22. All fairness Tevin Coleman is a beast and some have argued he's better than Freeman. Sarkisian let him loose.