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  1. Falcons look like complete absolute horsepoo and I love it.
  2. I don't know about you guys but honestly this has been one of the more hilariously terrible games i've ever seen. ive been entertained.
  3. damn that deep ball from Matt was ugly
  4. Again, falcons defense dropping like flies.
  5. damn the falcons defense is dropping like flies.
  6. Tbh power football would kill the Falcons defense.
  7. All honesty they did get Mike Wallace to be that.
  8. Pretty sure Neal mouthed "my knee." that's not good.
  9. First round picks are overrated. It's a crapshoot in the draft and the Bears get a sure top DE in the NFL in his prime. It's an easy choice.
  10. Lmao at people hyping Atlanta up. Same with the Eagles. God this is a slopfest.