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  1. Well, if you guessed Aqib Talib, you're correct.
  2. Well, this is a surprise
  3. Sorry. Targets does not denote who the Panthers considered the #1 option. Funchess played the Y position while KB played X for those 8 games.
  4. Yes. You did not watch him. I mean, you understand for most of the last half of the season, he was playing with a bum shoulder, and/or Kelvin Benjamin was hogging the targets. Small sample size, whatever. These were really two of the three games he actually was completely healthy and the Panthers #1 WR. Take a read. http://www.carolinahuddle.com/2017/11/23/carolina-panthers-devin-funchess-2/
  5. Saca312

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    How the heck does signing CJ Anderson have anything to do with whether CMC can run between the tackles or not?
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  7. Saca312

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    CJ Anderson is a great pickup. Expect CMC to be our primary back, but Anderson as the power option.
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    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

  9. Did you watch Funchess in 2017?
  10. Well, I don't think that'd be too much of a problem this season.
  11. With all due respect, I disagree. If you watch his big run against the Saints in the playoffs, that should answer your questions on him leaving people behind. I think he certainly can be very explosive. Just needs a better OC tbh.
  12. Saca312

    Brett Kollmann draft recap

    Tbh I’d be ecstatic if we looked at him to play free safety. LSU showed a few looks out of there for him and he reacted and did well. Of course, he likely won’t. But doesn’t hurt to dream.
  13. You’re saying we should trade the best TE we’ve ever had because we aren’t Superbowl competitive this year. Of course you’re gonna get that.
  14. Saca312

    CMC = Curtis Martin

    Lmao @ anyone still thinking CMC doesn't run between the tackles. That's like saying Cam Newton isn't a pocket quarterback. It just shows you actually don't understand what you're watching. Oh, and check ur PM Igo.
  15. Since I just finished up writing on DJ Moore (just need @Jeremy Igo to publish it), I thought I'd share and discuss something that's been on my mind while writing. From the looks of things, Norv Turner seems to be going against his old premonitions in the type of WR that fits his scheme. Rather than a big-bodied ISO receiving specialist, he choose one who currently specializes in the short-intermediate range and after the catch. What this probably indicates is a shift in Norv's philosophy. While I'm sure Air Coryell will be a large part of his repertoire, I also feel like he's looking to modernize his offense to fit today's NFL. First off, if anything, we pretty much have athletes all over the field. Only guy remotely close to Norv's big WR is Funchess. Now, it appears we have a diverse set of guys who specialize in quickness and YAC in Samuel, Moore, CMC, Byrd, etc. And of course, if you've seen Norv's photo with Moore during his pro-day, it was clear he was completely in love. For that, it makes me believe that Turner may honestly be considering something new to his scheme, which I would welcome with open arms. Finally, you have Ron Rivera's comments during his presser, where he mentions Moore will see the F-slot and the occasional Z. Seems like a change in philosophy in all honesty. So, what are your thoughts?
  16. I studied every game i could find online of Moore. Sure, I think he is capable of being an outside WR. Just not his rookie year. His issue against press is all technique based. It can be coached. But it will be a process.
  17. Marty Hurney’s already preparing Cam’s 40 million dollar per year contract. Don’t underestimate Hurney’s ability to spend.
  18. check ur pm igo
  19. Guess who the OP of that thread is ;) Oh, and credit to @X-Clown on 1 for being the original guy to say it on here.
  20. ...looks like the Jaguars released him. Hindsight is 20/20, but still.