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  1. Cat has finally become what Mark has been telling us he would be for 2 years. Everyone knew about his speed coming out of high school. He's shown flashes throughout his tenure, but just as many bonehead #!$?&!#'s. Consistency had been consistently lacking in his game. That has changed in the past few weeks. If he truly has put those wtf moments behind him, if the light has really come on for him, we can be a dangerous team. If Cat is who he appears to be at the moment, and Anya and Lacey can stay out of foul trouble, we can hang with anybody in the country.
  2. No prob :)

  3. Had to give you some poo. You were right about the #1 so I've got to pick my battles. :D

  4. Thanks for the rep. I feel like there's a time and a place to just be a dick, but if someone actually tries to make a coherent point, it's worth being as civil as possible in my view.

  5. Me and my wife were driving around checking out some of the damage. We tried to go down S Saunders St and it was completely closed.

  6. Yeah, the one that hit Lake Wheeler was probably less than 2 miles from my house. But everything was calm as could be at my place. Weird.

  7. And I also heard that S Saunders St. got destroyed and that Lake Wheeler road took some direct hits as well

  8. Honestly I haven't been out yet to look around. I know that several houses within 2-3 miles of me were completely destroyed. It was close enough to me where typically I just ignore most of these warning yet yesterday I was bunkered down in my utility room with my dogs.

  9. Word. How bad was it on that side of town? Over here, I know Saunders St just got demolished. Earp's Seafood does not exist anymore.

  10. I live in Northclift. Off of Six Forks road.

  11. What part of Raleigh do you live in? My brother and I live over in Trailwood Hills and they came pretty close to our neighborhood.

  12. It's actually getting pretty funny now. Every time I refute one of his points, he just changes it again.

  13. Dude he is dirty. Hopefully they make the playoffs.

  14. I don't even know.