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  1. this isnt really funny
  2. Let's play pick two running backs

    fozzy & cap. as much as I like wehger, he never sees the field. Theres normally a reason for that. If he was better than Cap or Fozzy, he would have been on the field last season. Carolina plays the best players. that's why they make camp competitive.
  3. Ted Cruz drops out. Let the pun wars begin.

    whats the record for impeaching a president. lol Trump may shatter it.
  4. Shakeup in the Panthers scouting department

    its the observer link. delete it. post it in notepad and recopy it.
  5. Shakeup in the Panthers scouting department

    well this sucks. I am sure they will find suitable replacements btw, can you fix your post, its continuing down the entire page through other posts.
  6. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    we really need to bring back that "Best Answer" to the forum.
  7. Wait.... T Pain can actually sing?

    "take yo panties off"
  8. Jury Duty - What Would You Do?

    I had Jury Duty past 2 Days and was on the panel to be 1 of the jurors for the trial. When the defense attorney was questioning potential jurors he elaborated more about the case. He stated that it was about an illegal immigrant dealing drugs and was part of a gang that coerced him into doing so. He mentioned where the crime took place. It was at that moment I felt extremely uncomfortable being in that chair. This crime happened in my neighborhood and a block from my house. As I started to realize what this was about and the people this man was associated with my hands started to shake. Admittedly, I was scared. This is a small neighborhood. I may not know that person but it doesn't mean he doesn't know me, seen me, or his associates don't know me. When the attorney was asking me questions he asked me if I had any other issues or concerns about sitting on this trial. I told him I do but can not discuss them in open court. Theytook a recess and I expressed my concern to the lawyers and judge in private. I was excused from the case. I felt like I was taking additional risk and sacrificing my security and peace of mind. I'd like to be able to go to the store or gas station without having to look over my shoulder. I am torn between whether I was paranoid or that I had good reason to be concerned. What would you have done?
  9. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    repost it again so I can pie u again
  10. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    they might be there