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  1. Snowflakes want The View cancelled

    Yeah I've seen several on Facebook posting about Behar's comments re Pence. My god, just change the channel if you don't like it... Behar and Goldberg grate my nerves just listening to them yap, so I wouldn't watch it. How pathetic is it to believe in something that you can't EVER hear any criticism of?
  2. Ruh roh - indictments

    Yep, yep and yep... The whole point with this "stuff from his past" isn't WHAT he did with the women, etc, as awful as it is and as funny as it is that the far right is so utterly hypocritical about it... the point is that he's vulnerable to being coerced. It's been proven over and over that he's paid people off... these women he's fuged (both consensually and non-consensually), women he's harassed, old business partners, the RUSSIANS, and others have very damaging info on him. Info that he's paid huge sums of money to keep quiet. This is not the person we want in the white house, but CRA is right... his base doesn't care about that stuff... won't listen to it at all...
  3. Trump's day so far

    98% of his supporters shrug this stuff off and don't even blink...
  4. Reparations

    This. I could get my head around this IF we had a solid plan to identify those affected and a way to reasonably do it... tax benefits would be the most practical imo. White people aren't going to stand for reparations as a payment... not going to ever happen.
  5. There is no defending Nunes

    You guys don't expect the Trumpers on here to acknowledge any of this do you?
  6. State of the Union

  7. the trade war has begun

    I mean it's nice that there was a bipartisan commission and I'm sure Trump is just giddy to be able to point that out... but my point still stands, this is yet another attack on environmental policy, that apparently he has a convenient excuse for... tariffs in and of themselves could in fact help certain domestic industries... Solar Panels isn't one of them. This will effectively kill the industry and make it so that Trump's rich buddies in coal, an industry that he's shamelessly stumped for, will reap the profits. I will admit my anti-Trump bias, but you have to admit that where there's smoke, there's... NO F*CKING SOLAR PANELS.
  8. the trade war has begun

    Deac since you linked the article, and it discusses literally exactly what I was referring to... I'm not sure where you're going with this...
  9. tbh I think prob both
  10. the trade war has begun

    Trump doesn't care about the 50,000 or the 250,000, he cares about the three or four really rich dudes that this affects...
  11. the trade war has begun

    This. Anyone that says he's doing it for any reason other than keeping his rich energy company buddies happy just look at what he's done to the EPA, the National Park Service and pretty much any other enviro regs/agency...
  12. the trade war has begun

    In reading all of this, Trump's crew is saying "take that China" when in fact most of the panels imported are from South Korea and Malaysia. I've seen several places where they say that the South Korean panels are 50% better than American ones and 30% cheaper... :(
  13. I'm not reading this whole thread, but if you think the refs (and the league) don't have biases, you're nuts... Also a LOT of it can be chalked up to just plain old bad officiating. ...but do I think there is some grand conspiracy, no.
  14. the trade war has begun

    He's gonna pass this off to his base as "tough on china" while his rich buddies in coal and oil are high fiving each other... Pathetic and so easy to see thru...