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  1. That poor offensive performance was not on Cam, although he didn't play that great... that however was just a bad throw.
  2. How the News Subtly Brainwashes You

    Glad to see Catpoop is back!
  3. woops

    He would increase his likeability by like 1000% if he just said, "yes, I watch porn, like everyone else does". I'd still hate him but honesty always works best. The hypocrite right-wingers that love him should do the same.
  4. Warning: Graphic content

    We pretty much just have to accept that Cam isn't going to get the calls these other QB's get. I agree, he wasn't down or stopped and the whistle shouldn't have been blown. Just like the "roughing" call Breesus got last night... no way Cam gets a call of someone touching his knee. It's bullshit, but apparently that's the way it is. ...and yes, KK destroyed that guy.
  5. Barnwell with good take on Cam

    I'm with @Proudiddy, Cam's shoulder looked fine... he was just rusty as hell yesterday.
  6. a cop and the black man he pulled over have a constructive conversation

    tbh I think that all people that don't use turn signals should be shot, but that's not the reason the officer had his gun drawn here...
  7. Eagles Need a Kicker

    I'd prefer to trade Gano, but... idk, we'll see I guess. Hurney should have just made a damn decision to start with instead of keeping both.
  8. Eagles Need a Kicker

  9. Eagles Need a Kicker

    Anything is better than waiving him...
  10. Irma

    If you're south of West Palm and didn't leave you're insane. No reason to stay, none. I hope those people that stayed in the keys kept some flotation devices... not being silly, read stories about Hurricane Hazel.
  11. Irma

    Path shifted slightly west again from NWS
  12. No it wasn't you fugtard. Go play on the ATL forums.
  13. Irma

    Nothing I've seen shows me that it's even considering a NE turn unfortunately so you're right... nothing good.
  14. Irma

    This. Basically it's either Miami bears the full brunt of what could still be a Cat5 storm, or it slides east, scrapes the entire cost of FL and slams into northern SC, where we here in SE NC will on the north and east side and get the worst winds. Pretty much lose, lose however you look at it, just don't know who's going to lose most yet... :( It's still currently a Cat5 with 180MPH sustained and about to hit warmer water. No telling what this thing could do. it could be really bad. If I was in S Florida right now, I'd be heading north in a hurry.