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  1. I'm done

    Amazing that Trumpists think opposing the worst president in the history of president's is going "hard left"...
  2. Just remember that you guys are arguing with this fool that said Moore isn't guilty because he didn't admit to anything...
  3. Yeah it may not make a difference... people are going to justify their beliefs any way they can. I just thought that the whole gay thing may tip them over the edge... lol "Well, it's ok that he's touching girls but we can't have no gay 'round these parts..."
  4. Watching GMA this morning I'm wondering if conservatives would have more of a problem with Moore had he molested little boys instead of little girls? 'cause that's the gay and all...
  5. So you're just gonna ignore my question? Cool...
  6. So I'd like you to expand on this comment... are you saying he's only guilty of that which he admits to?
  7. The pee pee tapes are one step closer to being verified....

    I know which is why I'm not responding again... literally no point because he isn't even coherent. ...and you're right, eventually he'll either have to admit he was wrong (which he won't do) or come up with even more and wilder excuses... or, far more likely, he'll just continue to post nonsensical crap that literally means nothing like the 2nd post on this page.
  8. Trump Jr Deadlifts like his dad governs

    Thank you @Happy Panther
  9. The pee pee tapes are one step closer to being verified....

    I normally just ignore your drivel but this one needs a response. If Hillary and/or any other gov't official or candidate, ANY, was colluding with a foreign power then lock them all up. I'm sure if you took Trump's dick out of your mouth you'd say that too, right?
  10. With shitty form. https://twitter.com/Pete_Spence/status/929358282111836162 (idk why tweets won't post correctly for me... click it)
  11. Pretty much the gist is that Russia/Putin owns Trump... Here's a Vanity Fair article on Abramson and what he's been doing here... https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/10/trump-campaign-papadopoulos-russia-investigation Also the fact that the conservative web is attacking him like nuts... that's a pretty good indicator to me...
  12. While I'm certainly no expert on fire, it would seem to me that a logical explanation is that the trees in this picture are mature and green and have plenty of water in them whereas the man made structures are made of very flammable (dry) materials.
  13. The pee pee tapes are one step closer to being verified....

    Another Abramson tweet from today on Papdapoulos and his meeting in Greece with a Putin contact, who Putin then met immediately with IN Greece the next day... https://twitter.com/SethAbramson/status/930095783835328512 ...but there's no collusion right?
  14. So many little threads on this thing coming unraveled... Abramson is tweeting up a storm on this stuff... really interesting info.