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  1. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    Hardy will definitely have something to prove and our staff knows this...   they'll have a plan to deal with him.   They had better, despite being insane, he's pretty damned good.   I kind of doubt he will help Dallas game plan too much.  Sure he may remember a few tendencies and plays but this offense is pretty different now and Cam is playing on a completely different level also.  Don't forget,  we have Kalil too, he's pretty dammed good and also a smart vet.  He'll keep the Oline in order.
  2. Walking Dead Season 6

    Red is right... very lazy writing...   Rick "Don't shoot guns and attract all the walkers to one spot on the wall..." Immediately goes and starts banging on the wall...   wtf?
  3. Youngins at the games.

    Some dipshits in front of me and Johnny Rockets at the Deftones/Incubus concert in August had a newborn...   When ours were little (<2) we pretty much didn't take them to events or even to nice restaurants.  If we wanted to go out we got a sitter.  Kids don't generally enjoy such things and it has too much potential to be a disaster all around.
  4. Panthers color rush uniforms leaked...

    Is that Jase?
  5. poo to do in denver

    Based on the thread title, this is a job for scp
  6. Heroes Reborn

    I have tried... I really have...  it's soooooo dumb.  The plot holes have plot holes.  
  7. Walking Dead Season 6

    I liked the episode but they just can't help themselves with the dumb cliche zombie stuff...   "Here, let me put some flowers on these bodies that are laying here DURING A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE  and completely forget that they may try and eat me."
  8. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    11 page thread and I get no pie for the OP.     I am offended just like this lady.   I am going to go and cry now.
  9. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

      This week is whitebread Redskins fan from bumfart SC telling us that Cam is offensive but their team name isn't.  
  10. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    Somebody link that twitter pic... I can't see anything twitter at work due to IT... :(
  11. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    I'm glad you posted this, I don't think I knew your huddle handle.     Also Carson Palmer is literally satan bc of that move he did.  He just damned 18,234 small children to hell.
  12. Or so says her mom...       Chest puffs... offensive to the max, amirite?     oh... her twitter handle is...   @plorin in case you want to let her know anything... :)     Edited to fix stupid link format error.
  13. I was/am hoping the same thing...
  14. What is a "Catch?" I No Longer Know

    No I mean this one play didn't lose them the game...  they had plenty of chances to win.  ...and I hate the Pats with a passion but this isn't about that, if this was a Pats player I would apply the same logic to it.  To me, it was a catch, but the NFL says no... my main issue with them is the inconsistency... I wish I could find that gif of the Cam INT...  it's almost the same situation if I remember correctly... Ginn knocked the ball out as the guy was gaining control AND the guy then stepped out of bounds.  To me, this OBJ play was MUCH more of a catch than that INT but the rulings are 180* opposite. It makes no sense.