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  1. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Dave don't play…no one is too big that they can't be replaced. He is looking out for our future in case other contracts don't work out! In Getts I trust. A lot of upside to this kid and I welcome him….just like I was surprised but loved when we got LuUUUUUUke.
  2. Mama was a smart lady and I adhere to that school of thought too. If I had to sit in front of the media and answer 100s of dumb @$$ questions on my WORST day at work - I would have been brutally honest, cussed like a sailor and thrown a chair to illustrate my frustration. It would all be edited out for number of fbombs dropped.
  3. RG3 in Carolina?

    We don't need him, I don't want him...I like our backup options much better. Charlie cracks me up. Lmdao.
  4. Cam Newton's 1969 Chevelle

    I can appreciate a hot, sexy muscle car like that 69 Chevy....that back seat would be getting some action!!! Whooooo baby I love it!!! Love my QB and his swag!!!
  5. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Jon Snow is dead. Jon Targaryen/Stark is not - I am totally reading the blurred lines!
  6. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I am so pumped to finally get a few answers (hopefully)...the one thing that makes Feb 7, 2016 less miserable for me! Something to get pumped up and ready to kick some Lannister, Greyjoy, etc arse. Total Targaryen/Stark shipper here/dragon loving/snowblown/needjonbackbad!!!
  7. Peyton Manning retires

    I am trying really hard not to feel the same way. 20 min into the Super Bowl broke my heart because I knew there was no way we would win regardless if the Panthers played the rest of the game perfectly. It was the best season ever iced with the biggest FU Goodell and the NFL could lay on my heart. I wish Peyton all the best and he has a legacy that will be there forever and a future HOF ballot. He didn't need the "gift" to cement his legacy and a part of me is still unsettled. This SuperBowl is tainted badly for me.
  8. D-Will vs Pete Prisco

    I see DeAngelo's point about Peyton because this last year was certainly on the low end of the curve for Peyton. But this could have waited until tomorrow. It is all about timing and I think he got this one right on a wrong day. Peyton could still read a defense like no QB ever has. He never lost that ability. This last year was abyssmal for Peyton and he probably would not have been a starter if he had a different name. Don't agree with all his (Dwill) posts but to say Peyton wasn't his best isn't a stretch. I do wish him well, Peyton, and he was the best for a long time. Best wishes to one of the best ever and I am embarrassed to hear some of the crap on his last day!
  9. Get a load of Russell Wilson's clothing line

    Epitome of a self-righteous double standard.
  10. Rich Eisen spoofs Cam in 2016's Run Rich Run

    I loved it - Rich is one of the few media guys that I don't hate. Some ex-players QBs REALLY get on my nerves like Boomer Esiason, Kurt Warner, etc because their bias is so clear and obvious. Nice job Rich, I lmao at that!
  11. Another reason to like Greg Olsen...

    I didn't need another reason to love Greg…now he is getting close to my love for TD with that!!!! What a Panther!!!!
  12. I will watch it one day. That day has not happened yet. I deleted all the post game stuff though cause I already know that will piss me off. I am still mourning because if I watch it, the refs and the mistakes are going to hurt me all over again and make me angry. Not yet….
  13. Rank your Top5 sports team you root for

    1. CAROLINA PANTHERS FOOTBALL 2. ECU PIRATES FOOTBALL Wash, rinse, and repeat. No other favorites, no other obsessions. I might go to or watch rugby, basketball and baseball games but am not obsessed like I am with American football. I also watch the Olympics and pull for the US national team and will watch the rugby and soccer world cups. I pull for the US NAtional teams first and some combination of other countries but any other sports only hold a transient interest.
  14. Giants release Beason, considering retirement.

    Absolutely. I would love to start wearing my jersey again -just come home whether it's a 1 day contract to retire, a backup position, a coaching position, advisor, whatever. He was an amazing tandem with TD and I know #58 would love to have him home. Beastson…missed him!
  15. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    What a great player for the Panthers and yes, got me in the feels. It sucks that injuries derailed a very promising career. Best wishes, Beastson!