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  1. Let’s go! Have faith people!
  2. Y’all are a sad sack of sissies. Panthers win by 10.
  3. 1989

    So while Tepper’s at it...

    “The crowd is aroused!” -Mick Mixon
  4. I like how the cowgirls are the 3rd youngest team Inexperience might hurt them early in the year.
  5. Great stuff! Glad to see Worley go.
  6. 1989

    Speed vs Speed

    And great photo!
  7. 1989

    Speed vs Speed

    Is that Everette Brown in the background???
  8. He's pretty awesome. Is the mid field logo 100% confirmed?
  9. I like pulling for the underdog so maybe the Browns?
  10. It seems like he’s really caught on...
  11. Good riddance. Great job Huney! Not the type of player we need on this team.
  12. I’ve heard Rivera speak highly of Cox & Southward at safety. What have you seen from them? Any chance they surprise and contribute?
  13. Would you say our secondary is worse than last year?