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  1. Good riddance. Great job Huney! Not the type of player we need on this team.
  2. I’ve heard Rivera speak highly of Cox & Southward at safety. What have you seen from them? Any chance they surprise and contribute?
  3. Would you say our secondary is worse than last year?
  4. Compared to last year...of course I think our secondary is improved. Cockrell is much better than Worley + we added a second round corner in Jackson. We lost Coleman but he had digressed so much. Replacing him with Searcy is at best a slight upgrade, at worst, a wash. Hopefully Rashaan can step in and surprise us all at Safety.
  5. Not sure about those teams but the Panthers have had their best offseason in years. -refresh and improvement at receiver -added a 1,000 yard rusher -much improved secondary -resigned Pep -added Poe
  6. He looked pretty great in that video you posted. Caught everything catchable that was thrown his way...with his QB staring him down the whole time.
  7. He may be that and more! Good observation. QB/RB/WR - I would be surprised if this kid doesn’t make the team.
  8. How is: ”trash” “terrible” “could’ve got him as an UDFA” a discussion?
  9. Haha- all of you think you know more than NFL scouts.
  10. How y’all complain about a player you’ve never seen play is baffling. You have to wait and see on all these picks.
  11. “Thank You” // Posted on Panthers Instagram. Man, this is awesome! Really happy that Cam is excited.
  12. Having that NO game at home on MNF is huge for us! We’ll need that energy boost + extra homefield advantage for sure.
  13. 1989

    Interesting Mock Draft via NFL.COM

    I may be in the minority but I think we’re actually set at WR-people thought our 2015 WRs were trash and we went to the Super Bowl. I see a lot of similarities with this group. We need secondary help.