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  1. The downtown area is actually getting pretty nice now. The problem would be the commute. There are no good exits to Kannapolis from 85.
  2. I think we just have to see if he sinks or swims with it. We can't be in shotgun all of the time, it makes us too predictable. I am curious to see just how blinded Bryce really is though when the lineman are in their stances, I'm guess that takes them down a few inches, not to 5'9 of course.
  3. On the contrary I think the NFL is probably the worst perpetrator. SB 50 was rigged for Mannings retirement, and to show a QB like Cam isn't allowed to win and dominate the league.
  4. I mean I’m with you there. I think the stadium is fine as it is myself. I enjoy the skyline view. Just wish the beer was cheaper and the team was better lol.
  5. BOA is the best location for the stadium so I am glad for that at least. I bet it’s going to take a massive amount of work to update it to current standards though
  6. Probably not as concerning for a QB though in the modern day.
  7. I'd like to see low INT numbers and several key game winning drives. 17 TD-3 INT bare minimum. In an ideal world id love to see something like at least 27TD-8 INTs and several clutch performances.
  8. Idk I think for what we gave up he really needs to be a special player. A generational outlier for his size at that. Even if he turns out to be a Matt Ryan tier player that is still a failure because Matt Ryan is a loser who choked with the game on the line. He has to be as good or better than Brees was, and even he was a stat padding choke artist fraud when he was outside of the dome and pressure got in his face.
  9. He actually reminds me a bit of Deshaun Foster in a good way. Similar size and speed. Upright runner as well.
  10. Brooks was definitely BPA but I am curious how our stable plays out. Chubba deserves to be here in my opinion. He’s like a slightly more athletic Nick Goings. If Sanders shows out early I wonder if someone becomes trade bait. A tandem of Chubba and Brooks would be really solid.
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