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  1. To me part of it isn't so much the wear and tear but the loss of muscle mass. He seems to have lost those big shoulders and legs that gave him the burst to accelerate and the throw power he used to have. Now he's slimmer and healthier. But he doesn't look built like superman anymore. Seems more like a finesse athlete.
  2. As much as I want us to be done with LT for the next decade. I would consider a few more years of “Can he Play LT” memes for Kyle Pitts. That dude is a beast If we can get him and anyone serviceable to play LT then we have one scary ass offense. DJ, Anderson, CMC, Pitts, Arnold. Lets not forget we lost Mike Davis and Samuel. So while we still have weapons I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rhule get another huge playmaker.
  3. I have no doubt in my mind that Rhule can get Darnold to check down every play and then some. Teddy might have better understanding and situational awareness at this point but he still plays scared and doesn’t have the raw skills that Darnold does. He’s useless if he can’t win with the game on the line.
  4. With our weapons he should be better than Teddy Bridgewater. This was a decent back up plan. Would not be surprised to still see us take Fields if he falls. We basically just gave ourselves the ability to stay put.
  5. Dudes definitely got owned. But concrete floors and cluttered stalls/sinks is a recipe for someone getting killed.
  6. Looked like his face hitting the concrete could be what broke his jaw.
  7. All offense would be a solid strategy. You end up creating dominating units that way and help hide other flaws.
  8. Stew and Otah were great players though. Otahs knee injury ruined his career. But in terms of their talent and ability to play it was a solid move. Ive never seen a team be able to run the ball at will like we could in 2008. Stewart was a top 5 talent
  9. I think its too soon. But I could see Tepper allowing it as another FU.
  10. This was a winning team if it had a QB with any degree of balls and clutch. TB had 7 opportunities to the lead the team to a W with the ball in his hands and he failed every time. That's not a limited playbook, nothing to do with covid. That's an intangible it factor that a starting QB should have which Teddy clearly does not. He's basically just a Super Saiyan Jimmy Clausen
  11. Pride has his moments. I think CB will be okay with the way our front 7 is shaping up. Pressure is everything. Donte elevating to the next level would solve a lot of problems.
  12. It’s because he acts like he still plays for NO Edit: Oh and he’s not a real QB
  13. Guys I know it’s draft time. But you understand how unlikely it is that all of the top 4-5 QBs are going to be elite? Lawrence might suck ass, Wilson has an arm but he still might suckass at the pro game. Getting one of those guys doesn’t guarantee poo. Id say our odds of Fields just went up. Either way we will build the team and I don’t believe for a second that Tepper wants to give Teddy another shot.
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