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  1. I don’t really blame the defense much at all. Run defense has left more to be desired but they gave the offense so many opportunities to seal the game and just blew it.
  2. If he can continue with how he played that last drive and roll with it then yes.
  3. Reggie can at least mimic some of CMCs ability. Dude didn’t deserve to be cut. Smart move to try and bring him back.
  4. He played a bad game yesterday but his last drive was magical. You have to give him credit for that. We haven’t seen a QB do that since Cam. That drive showed me what Rhule sees in Sam. Had we won in OT we would all be singing praises and how this game will be a catalyst for the season. Sucks we lost but I hope takes that drive and builds off it.
  5. Tell me you never watched Cams prime without telling me you ever watched Cams prime.
  6. Sams last drive saved his performance today. We haven’t seen him do that before. I was very disappointed until that point. It’s perplexing. But the WRs no doubt had an awful game with drops.
  7. The season isn’t over yet. If anything this was the most encouraging loss we’ve had. Sam showed he could be clutch and that is huge to be honest. Of course we should have kept Cam but it is what it is. Today was another team failure with the WRs taking most of the blame.
  8. Yeah I do give him credit. He rebounded big time on the last drive. He has some heroics in him and we’ve been waiting to see that.
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