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  1. The Rams PI was the one instance of karma that didn’t go NO’s way. They deserved it. Refs have played storymode for the Saints for 15 years.
  2. I don’t want Drew Candyass on this team. He won’t be any good with the NO ref boost.
  3. I dont think any of those guys could chess match the other teams QB and OC like Luke Keuchly could. Part of the reason our defense stayed competitive so long was because Luke was putting guys in the right position all the time.
  4. Threads like this are always cringe
  5. OneBadCat

    The Batman

    I think the movie is a refreshing take by itself. But it's probably the most overrated decent movie to come out in a long time. The recency bias and Pattinson casting really overvalued this movie for me. I loved the world building and the nods to the previous Batmans with the cinematography. Paul Dano was great. I thought RP was a decent Batman, but I think he basically copied Christian Bales voice My biggest gripe is Colin Ferrell in this movie. He's one of my favorite actors but his Penguin performance is basically a Robert Deniro Raging Bull impression.
  6. So long as we keep him fresh he should be fine. Probably not a lot of wear and tear on him that’s worn him down.
  7. The problem there is if Sam Dawnold manages to win a few games before getting exposed. Then we have a BC situation all over again with Corral.
  8. Why is Rhule our coach. Why is Sam a football player.
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