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  1. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Even if Cam jumped on the ball, it would have been 4th down and '18' on the Panthers 16.  I think the odds were in the Broncos favor at that point since the Panthers needed a first down, and eventually a touchdown to win.  The Panthers were struggling the move the ball at all, let alone run a play worth 18 yards.   I know that is not the point, and Cam should have tried to recover the fumble (I get it), but him not jumping on the ball did not lose the game for the Panthers.  Realistically, the game was already over at that point.  
  2. Who was at fault?

    Yeah I miss those Michael Bates days on Special Teams.  When the football was in his hands, I always felt he could take it to the house.   I do remember in 2008 the Panthers had pretty good Special Teams with Mark Jones as both the PR and KR.  He was not fast or showy, but very effective.  He played for like one season for the Panthers, and then they let him go.  I don't think the Panthers have had a good Special Teams unit since.  
  3. When Did You Realize They Weren't Winning?

    I felt good about the defense, but never felt comfortable with the offense.  Cam never looked 'like himself' out there.  Even when he ran for an early first celebration at all.  Totally out of character the entire game.  I even wondered if he as sick or something.  I also thought the Tolbert fumble was a killer, but the missed field goal is when I really started to get worried that things were not going our way.  
  4. Who was at fault?

    Every NFL team has a weakness, and unfortunately Special Teams is the weakness for the Panthers.  Actually, Special Teams has been a Panthers weakness for many years.  I think it has to do with that the Panthers have been trying to build their defense and offense.....and they have not either had the money or the opportunity to dramatically improve their Special Teams.  
  5. Cam backing away from the ball...

    I actually thought Cam looked 'out of sorts' from the beginning.  Something just did not seem right about him last night.  Even when he ran for a 1st celebration.  When the Panthers scored a TD....I did not seem him celebrate.  He just seemed 'off'.....I wondered if he was sick.  His first throw of the game he missed a wide open Brown when he threw it about 10-feet above his head.  Cam did not seem like 'himself' at all last night.
  6. That fumble by Tolbert was huge.  The Panthers were finally driving the ball by running it, and he fumbled around the 37 of the Broncos which is at least close to field goal range.  
  7. New Half

    Well if he is injured, that is not good.  I hope you are wrong.  Perhaps when he was sacked by Miller when he fumbled?  It is clearly not his legs, because he is running fine.  
  8. So now we know the refs are against us

    Unfortunately, not calling that a catch was the one call that allowed Denver to score their only TD.  If that was correctly called a catch, Cam would not have been sacked/stripped/fumbled at the goal-line for a TD.  That was a huge call and greatly affected this game.  As you said, it was clearly a catch.
  9. New Half

    Cam looked like he was hurt or sick or something.  I can't imagine him being great of an athlete.  I hope he is okay.
  10. Ted Ginn an X-Factor?

    I think Jonathan Stewart is the X-Factor.  I hope he pounds the ball 20+ times on Sunday.  The Packers ran pretty 'easily' against the Cardinals which is surprising because the Packers don't have a great running game.   I think the Panthers need to run, and run, and run more to win this game.  This will take time off the clock & keep the ball out of Palmer's hands.....we don't need him to have lots of time to throw to Fitzgerald, Brown, and Floyd as those guys present some match-up problems for our injured secondary.  
  11. Finnegan and McClain

    There is a reason why McClain & Finnegan were not on a team and were available to play 4-weeks ago....However, they were the best available and the Panthers are going to have to figure out a way of keeping Fitzgerald and Floyd in check.  And that way is pressuring Carson so the d-line better bring their A-game.
  12. I've had it with the ginger

    Two words:  Tillman...Bene.   Two solid CB's that are no longer in the secondary and were replaced by two guys that were not even playing 4-weeks ago.    
  13. The Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL and the Panthers just beat them.  Pete C. is one of the best coaches in the NFL, and the Panthers just won.  And Wilson is one of the best QB's in the NFL, and the Panthers still won.  A win is a win, and this was a huge win.   The biggest weakness on the Panthers team is the secondary since Tillman and Bene went down.  Their replacements were sitting on the couch 4-weeks ago......and Wilson exposed that.  I think losing those two starters were a huge lose to this defense, and hopefully the Panthers can figure a way to mask this against Larry Fitzgerald and Floyd.....
  14. Either tag him or trade him for draft picks.  The Panthers value the front 7 more than the secondary, and this formula has been successful.  This team needs new DE's more than 'expensive long-term contract' CB's because Allen, CJ, and Alexander are done.....and DeLaire and Addison are not every down players.  
  15. I don't think the Panthers value the CB spot enough to pay Norman what he will want to get paid and/or deserves to get paid.  The D-line, and LB core are more of a priority in this defense.  I think the Panthers LB core is strong, however, the D-line is not as dominant as it once was and it is aging.  I think they are going to have to bring in some big talent to shore up the D-line next year as I believe Allen, CJ, Alexander and Edwards are done, and DeLaire and Addison are only 'situational' pass rushers.   They may decide to Tag Norman, but I do think it is possible they trade him and pick up draft picks if they see D-line talent in the draft.  I don't think that is a knock on Norman...I just think the Panthers have a strategy of how to build a team, and not sure that a high priced CB fits into their philosophy.