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  1. Bernie Sanders Daily News Interview

    Sanders by a large margin the dumbest presidential candidate ever.
  2. VoteRID laws working as intended

    So what'd you do? Did you give it back?
  3. VoteRID laws working as intended

    So you don't think people of color have the wherewith-all to obtain IDs either.
  4. Befriending Terrorist

    Have you considered joining the Huddle debate team. You'd be perfect!
  5. Race Relations Better?

    After 6 years of a president (a mostly black president at that) that promised improvements, are we getting along better? I say were have digressed back to about 1967. Should we try another 4-6 years of the same?
  6. Befriending Terrorist

    After Obama's making friends with terrorist for 6 years, are we better off now? Should we try another 6-8 years?
  7. VoteRID laws working as intended

    Of the 300 that the charges did not hold up, there is your break. I will say again, the only people that want to ease the prevention of fraud, be it income tax, insurance , voter on any other, are the ones that benefit from commitment of such frauds. Really, isn't if racist to imply that people if certain races are not smart enough to obtain IDs?
  8. Georgia's "Religious Liberty" Bill

    Government can't give you rights, only take them away.
  9. VoteRID laws working as intended

    300 were caught. Proof that it occurred. How many were not caught?
  10. VoteRID laws working as intended

    Racist law makers implying that people of color are too stupid to obtain IDs.
  11. So mush bull poo. There are not too many jobs where you can't move to another state and make more money. I know I could. But who wants to move to Dallas and leave NC and their families. Teachers are paid very well compared to others in NC. Including the other state workers that risk their lives out on our highways. I know a family that works for the DOT. The dad is out spreading salt all night when weather is bad. They are on medicaid because the fukin teachers are getting more than their share. While teaching our children the BS they teach. Teachers, if you want to move to Dallas and make more money, go for it. Don't let the door bump you on the way out.
  12. Well. If I am out with my granddaughters this means now, I will identify as a female and accompany her. This coupled with my conceal carry, I guess things will work out.
  13. PSL Renewal Packets

    PSLs have gone up as well. See Panthers.com.