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  1. Funny You Tube.

    watch the flick
  2. Funny You Tube.

    Grand kids are making cooking show You Tubes.  Cute but the best part in at 3:15. the background.  Both the girl that says her name is Ruth and Grace have been to Panther Games.       
  3. Official: Panthers to wear Black Jersey for SBL

    All black would be great!
  4. Do you think we've held back on offense?

    Exactly.  Offense and defense. This will be a blow out.  Get some party supplies and enjoy a non cardiac game.
  5. Broncos run D; Smoke and mirriors?

    This is going to be a blowout of record for the SB.  Panthers have been holding back.   There is going to be a unleashing like we've never seen. Give up the 4 or 4.5.  I wish where I could put down a hundred.  No juice.  I want a 2 bills back. 
  6. The Whole State of Washington Hates Us

    Dude!  They just sold out of the Panthers stuff.  Don't worry, there is plenty at the team store at Panthers.com.    However, there are many sore loser turds falling on the growing, stinking, pile of sore losers. Remember that this is the state that turned down NASCARs 9 Billion.
  7. Broncos Fans Saying We Aren't Ready For this Stage

    Typo in the thread title.  Should say "Broncos fans saying "We Aren't ready for this stage" "
  8. Pregame Field Stuff....

    WOW! BOA never looked better!
  9. New PSL Owner

    Your friend.  You can also make offers and negotiate.  http://www.pslsource.com/carolina_panthers_psl/
  10. Dale Earnhardt Jr is Benedict Arnold!!!

    Jr aint no NASCAR driver.  If his Daddy were still alive he'd have him changing tires by now.
  11. After further review, the receiver did not gain control of the ball in bounds.
  12. Chris Cillinsworthless is Kerry collins worthless' brother.  
  13. Along the Sidelines - Bucs at Panthers

  14. Only a handful of bucs fans in the stadium. I hope you have gained faith in your home team.