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  1. emhoward added a post in a topic Blueprint on stopping Atlanta offense is out.   

    I don't know how legit they are as a team, but they're run game is very legit. I was waiting until they played a tough run D to make up my mind, well the Skins had the top ranked run D coming into this game and Atlanta still ran good. Julio isn't who I'm worried about, Freeman is.
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  2. emhoward added a post in a topic McCarthy drops out of Speaker race   

    Interesting. But are they Preachers or are they Pharisees? Perhaps from the inside looking out I see it different, but none of them scream "Jesus lovers" to me. They align themselves with Christian ideology, sure, but they don't seem to have any motivation I'm familiar with. I must admit though, from the outside looking in, since they hold near identical beliefs, Pharisees and Preachers look the same. 
    "backlash to everything that'd come out of the 60s: social upheaval, sexual immorality, post-nationalism" Do you think any of this in the 60's came about partially because of political influence from the left or was it result of national and natural progressivism? I guess what I'm asking is, did Reagan and Cheney and the other crusaders believe, rightly or wrongly, that liberal influencers dipped their toes in the political area in the 60's and then went "what y'all can do, we can do better?"

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  3. emhoward added a post in a topic McCarthy drops out of Speaker race   

    oh, no, I agree with the republicans near miraculous inability to compromise in recent years, I just didn't know that preachers were the reason. 
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  4. emhoward added a post in a topic McCarthy drops out of Speaker race   

    Really? You look at the Republican Party and think it's under the control and influence of preachers? 
    In what way? Genuinely curious. 
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  5. emhoward added a post in a topic More CAP   

    His strength happens to be J-Stew weakness: vision. CAP sees holes fast and gets through them. Even in Stewarts prime I thought he had below average vision, he was so great after first contact that it didn't matter. 
    At this point I still think Stewart May be the better overall back though. 
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  6. emhoward added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    You're right. I didn't think it through. Though I didn't say anything definitive. I said I had doubts.
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  7. emhoward added a post in a topic Kasich warns against 'secular society'   

    A secular society is different than secular individuals though, right? I, personally have no doubt that secular individuals can be as morally righteous as religious ones, but secular society, a large community, I do have doubts about.
    and btw those concerns have nothing to do with Murder:stealing:and all the other sins that are obviously wrong without need for book to tell us so. 
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  8. emhoward added a post in a topic We have a sharp looking squad   

    Addison really does look small. Maybe he's built more compact?
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  9. emhoward added a post in a topic NC woman blinds herself becuse she always felt disabled   

    I think it's the language that our blind lady used that triggered memories of Caitlyn in Jangler. Everything was identity based. The way she phrased her previous discomfort sounded familiar is all. 
    I dont think its it's the same thing tho.
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  10. emhoward added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    It seems to me that those that favor stricter gun laws and those that want to defund PP have the same goal mind, save potential lives. They should team up. 
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  11. emhoward added a post in a topic So where are we in the NFC (and the NFL)   

    Cowboys (when healthy)
    Falcons/Panthers (time will tell)
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  12. emhoward added a post in a topic Final Panthers Cuts   

    Unfortunately I just have to trust the decisions makers to make the right decisions because I have no idea who I'd pick. 
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  13. emhoward added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Perhaps this game isn't just about evaluation, but reps as well. With all the RB's we have I'm sure CAP wasn't getting all the reps necessary.
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  14. emhoward added a post in a topic For all of you that wish we were like the Colts...   

    And can we please re-think what we define as weapons. I've mention this before, and I think Mr.Scot mentioned it in this thread, weapons aren't just WR's.
    in fact if I could list weapons that would help a young QB, receiver would be like number 5. 
    1. Offensive Line: you give the QB time and protection.
    2. Defense. You give a QB short fields. You give him turnovers. 
    3. Running game. Manageable third downs. Keeps the defense guessing. 
    4. TE -- middle of the field, easily exploitable one on one match ups.
    5. WR
    I heard this a long time ago and I still believe it. The closer you are to the snap of the ball the more important you are (not counting the C obviously)
    When was the last elite or even dominant or even very good Wide Out that's won the SB? Jerry Rice? 
    WR's are important, but if our team executes the way we think they can, we'll be just fine. Top 5 D, Top 10 running game, Above Average protection, Cam being Cam=playoffs.
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