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  1. I wonder how this would go down in the black community since we're known for the Def comedy Jam "white folks be talking to they kids like they grown, you better spank your kids" talk. Then you have the religious influence, spare the rod, spoil the child and all that, though I once heard a preacher break down what that actually means, it's more than beat your kids, though that's what most take from it. I got maybe 3 spankings (2 belt, 1 switch) growing up, don't know if it worked or not, but I know I always prefered the spanking. A whopping last 30 seconds, a grounding, a week. Give me the 30 seconds. All in all, spanking wasn't off the table, but it wasn't the first half dozen methods my parents tried. The biggest take for me is that it shouldn't be a default method of punishment.
  2. Just because we did heavy wor on him doesn't mean we're considering him in the 1st....we better not be.
  3. I think Gettleman made the wrong decision, we'll see, time will tell. But I also think that DG is the best GM in football. No one bats .1000.
  4. I think Josh is more than a system guy. I think he can only be elite in our system, but he can be very other in others. His ball skills alone suggest that.
  5. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Yeah I thought about it, I would too. I don't blame Josh. Business is business
  6. Josh Norman agrees to terms with Redskins...

    Sure, but would you play for them at 75 mil or the Panthers for 65ish. Not sure what our initial offer was...
  7. PFF Draft Board: Carolina Panthers

    Joseph is a top 20 talent. Because of his position I'm not sure if Gettleman will take him, but the dude can ball. Explosive, Instinctive, creates turnovers and Tough, tough, tough. I think he can be the star in the back end of our defense, unfortunately the other posters are right I'm not sure 1st round saftey fits Gman's philosophy. I'm not mad at it. As far as pure talent I put Joseph a tier below Lawson, Dodd, and Butler (I really like Butler) and tier above Emmanuel, Henry, Henry, and Shepard.
  8. Deangelo Williams throwing shade at Gettleman...

    I feel ashamed of myself. I didn't get the reference initially. Smh, I'm slipping.
  9. So, almost a month later...

    I'm against the law, and I'm late but... I just heard that X hamster is blocking their site to NC users. Is that true? Ideally wouldn't that be what the proponents of the bill want? Aren't a lot of them evangelical types who oppose pornography? (Of course they watch it though) It'll be a little bit like Planned Parenthood refusing to do abortions in NC. Conservatives would do backflips. I don't think X Hamster thought this through. Thats a question though, if Planned Parenthood wanted to stand with PayPal and Others and boycott NC, could they? I'm thinking not because abortion is law, right? IDK.
  10. True, but Cam being like 50x better helps.
  11. Riddle me this, liberals

    Christians have done foul things. And yet Christians treat Gays (the original topic) better than do Muslims. And treat woman better. And treat people of other faith better. And no that better treatment isn't because we're afraid to get spanked by liberalism. It's because other Christians, yes some liberals, said this needs to stop. Things done by Christians in the past that perpeturated hate, Slavery, Jim Crow south. Were combated by leaders, a lot, if not most, who were Christian themselves, that helped put a stop to it. Mlk for example. When a Christian leaves this country, missionaries, for example, and theyre not under "liberal rule", they don't go on a Homosexual hate fest. Or women hate fest, or non-christian faith, hate fest. Why not?? When they go to a non liberal country in...Africa, why don't they pick up their old, centuries past habits? Have liberals civilized us? I hear Africa got Witch doctors that's ready to burn, missionaries need to get on it. So yes, there's a chance you'd be killed in Saudi Arabia, but it's not because of the lack of liberals, it's because of the lack of other Muslims, standing up and saying enough is enough. I think.
  12. Riddle me this, liberals

    That being said I don't know why Christians wouldn't still just make the cake. So what you're against, be against and make the cake. It doesn't mean you approve.
  13. Riddle me this, liberals

    My dude you can't be serious with this. Christians aren't as violent in their hatred for gays as Muslims because Christians aren't as violent in their "hatred" for gays as Muslims. We ain't the same. I put hatred in quotes because I don't know any real Christians that hate gay people. At least not in the A.A. Church.
  14. Riddle me this, liberals

    Only to bad Christians.
  15. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    It was one guy...and yet you're right. That was the most ignorant poo I've seen on here and I spend time in the TB. Prayers to the Smith family.