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  1. Did you not just admit to doing it from time to time? Who cares if it's a major jab, minor jab or anything in between? Its hypocritical if you are doing it at all. Wish there were more people who could just own it. :(
  2. Do you think his wife and 3 kids are praising his heroic efforts right now? It was stupid, if he somehow made it through, his wife would tell him that like 100 million times.
  3. God just wanted him to go through the process, so he can learn a lesson and come out the other side better off. :p
  4. So it's not lazy when you do it to millennials. Got it edit: it's so easy to say, "hmm...good point, I'm being hypocritical here I should change something". But instead you just shrug it off and stay inconsistent. :(
  5. 9-5 cubicle guy isn't as likely to do something so fuging stupid
  6. I really dislike Bush but I'm was never obsessed with hatred for the man. I really think Trump is terrible but I'm not going to bring it up in every thread.
  7. Jesus Christ dude, you are obsessed. When one becomes obsessed they lose perspective. Just sayin
  8. Of course not, why should anyone expect them to? They didn't build a perfect system and they weren't fuging Nostradamus.
  9. lol i agree, but i swear I've seen you take major jabs at millennials.
  10. A loudmouth sexist, racist, egotistical white dude is the republican nominee. Sounds like so many of my republican family members. I use to give the benefit of the doubt to republicans. I would convince myself that my encounters with republicans was completely anecdotal but clearly I was being naive. This shouldn't surprise us. They are who we thought they were. (btw, Trump is better than Cruz that's the kind of dude that puts countries on the path to genocide)
  11. Dude worked his ass off and proved a lot of people wrong. Nothing but love for him.
  12. Update on the toddler body count

    How many kids use a bathtub? How many kids play with guns?
  13. He also said he had to change draft philosophy. Hopefully all 3 of these CBs end up awesome and we have a had time deciding who to stick with down the road and who gets the cut.
  14. Will HB2 ever get repealed?

    I don't play poker but I do play Resistance (nerd alert!). I've gotten so good at lying in that game, its a little scary.