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  1. Johnny Rockets

    The Big Kid

    In all seriousness, am I the only one a bit confused by this? The NFL reportedly pushes the current owner out and requests he "disappear" from the league due to harassment allegations only to approve a guy to replace him who hangs brass testicles in his office and throws breast implants at people in their place of employment (which I might add, appears to be a celebrated trait by quite a few people). I personally don't care one way or the other but its certainly a headscratcher for me. I guess Tepper being in the club already made the path to approval a bit easier which is fine. People get preferential treatment all the time in life which I have never had a problem with.
  2. Johnny Rockets

    The Big Kid

    I don't act like a mature adult with $10 in my wallet.
  3. Johnny Rockets

    The Big Kid

    Cool, cool..... they obviously went the "overly cautious" route on this selection. : )
  4. Johnny Rockets

    The Big Kid

    So I haven't been very invested in the ownership change and out of the loop a bit with work travel, life, etc. but are you telling me that with all that has gone on recently, the new owner of the Panthers is a big kid who has brass veiny balls hanging in his office and likes to throw breast implants around?
  5. Johnny Rockets

    Life is about to get alittle more awesome

    Congrats - I am curious, what exactly does a "railroad job" entail? I am sure there are many positions (laying tracks, train conductor, scheduling and operations, mechanics, etc.) within the railroad but what is the general description and why is railroad life a hard one? Seems interesting and I am absolutely clueless as to what it's all about.
  6. Johnny Rockets

    looking to lease an suv

    I agree with the The Mazda CX-5 recommendation. Guy at my work has one and loves it and it seems like a good vehicle. If leasing works for you and is what you intend to do, won't the car be under warranty the entire time you have it? Any car you lease would be new, so I wouldn't expect reliability to be an big issue regardless of what vehicle you choose.
  7. The voice of the Broncos (radio guy, forget his name) did an interview yesterday and said that CJ loves to "talk" especially on the field. Sometimes to the point that it gets on a QB's nerves. Wasn't saying it in a negative way, just that he is not only a bit a trash talker but more how he has a high football IQ and will be telling everyone what is going on throughout the game. He also touched on why the Broncos let him go. Financial reasons of course with some good, cheaper guys behind him but also said that although CJ was good, he was never quite good enough. Said a quote to relate..."sometimes good is the enemy of great" and the Broncos want to find great at the RB position.
  8. Johnny Rockets

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Yeah, Nick Foles' performance has driven up the value (and presumably price) of a back up QB for teams. So much so that Kurt Warner was going to offer his services at the age of 46 this year. Think he wanted a starting gig though. Will be interesting to see what Marty can bring in for that position with the money he has left if he even goes that route.
  9. Johnny Rockets

    To smuggle alcohol, that is the question

    I've never heard of a bachelor party on a cruise. What made them (or is it yours) choose that over a destination type bachelor party to Mexico or Vegas? Not saying it's a bad idea and I'm sure it would be fun, just never would have thought of that for a group of guys on a bachelor party extended weekend. Good luck on the alcohol thing. It's been awhile since I went on a cruise and it was easy to sneak it in but like you said, I hear things have changed.
  10. Johnny Rockets

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    For a backup up QB.
  11. Johnny Rockets

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    Tre Boston has touched on it a couple times. The Panthers defensively (like many other teams) rely on their front 7 to apply enough pressure to make the secondary "less vulnerable". Most teams build from the front to the back on defense based on that philosophy which leaves the safety as the least valuable position. I guess you could say safety is merely a safety valve should the rest of the defense not do it's job.
  12. Johnny Rockets

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    People should let go of the safety thing because it will most likely not happen. There are 2 vet safeties and 1 rookie on the roster. After the draft Marty has said there is only so much he can do with the money he has now and safety was not at the top of the priority list unless something to good to pass up falls into their lap. Adding a vet RB, a young RB, back up QB, (and one other spot that I forget) were ahead of a safety need and that is what he appears to be doing. They obviously feel ok with what they have at the safety position (at this point) but would upgrade if the right opportunity presents itself. But yes, it's not surprising they signed Hood because Marty has had a man crush on him since getting to know him during his high school days.
  13. Johnny Rockets

    Panthers signing CJ Anderson

    That really puts it into perspective. Dave either overpaid Stew, CJ was a great deal, or a combination of the two. Hard not to question what Dave is doing up there after spending massively on Nate Solder and giving Stew that kind of money to back up Barkley (presumably).
  14. Johnny Rockets

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    There are the veteran and young RBs Marty said he would target after the draft. Next up will probably be the back up QB he was prioritizing. That might be after teams make cuts though.
  15. Johnny Rockets

    Back to back winning seasons

    There are depth questions on both sides of the ball that will unfortunately become glaring issues as the year progresses. Injuries happen every year to every team, I question the quality of depth available to plug those holes and losing Norwell is something that is hard to overlook.