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  1. Johnny Rockets

    Marvin Lewis talks about Luke

    I am not far off from your age and have been watching since the late 70's. I have come to the conclusion that Luke very well might be the best overall football player I have ever seen. I am no Marvin Lewis, but I am also no Panther's homer. His intuition to be around the ball and to know what is coming is unlike anything I have ever seen. Panther fans are lucky to have two exciting players on both sides of the ball in Cam and Luke. Both are so entertaining to watch and it's not often that a team is just as exciting to watch whether it's the offense or defense on the field and that is a direct correlation to those 2 players.
  2. For whatever reason I have always liked Tyrod but this says a lot. Maybe not for Baker with such a small sample size but it does for Tyrod: 87% of Mayfield’s pass attempts on the night were considered catchable, while Taylor ranks last among 32 qualifying quarterbacks with a 53.5% catchable pass rate. Not to mention Mayfield threw only 4 passes in the first half but still had more passing yards than Darnold and Taylor. Again, very small sample size but Mayfield seemed to provide a spark that the rest of the team reacted to.
  3. Read where only 2 QB' have more TD passes during that stretch of games....Brady and Wilson. Seems Dalton has found his groove with Lazor.
  4. I predict Vontaze Burfict will not try to twist off Greg Olsen's or Cam's ankle this year. This I can 100% predict without fail.
  5. Johnny Rockets

    Eminem got Wrecked in a diss track

    Supposedly that was faked and the booing was added in. There are a bunch of videos from the same show out on IG and only the one that is being passed around has booing. https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/footage-of-machine-gun-kelly-getting-boo-d-while-performing-rap-devil-is-reportedly-fake-news.60107.html I don't know (and really don't care either way) but I will say that this is good publicity for both (not that Em needs it). I have found myself curiously following this story for some weird reason and now I know who MKG is.
  6. Johnny Rockets

    Graham Gano

    Gano also had surgery to repair a broken bone in his foot early in 2017. Was in a full leg cast at the beginning of last year. I would think that takes some time to get back into form when the slightest change in mechanics can throw off a kicker dramatically. Regardless, he still went on to have the best FG kicking % in the league for the regular season.
  7. Johnny Rockets

    London fans meet-up this weekend

    Well look at Mr. Worldwide getting sh*t done as usual.
  8. Was wondering how many posts I would have to read until someone pointed this all out.....umm Atlanta's Oline is really good guys. It's one game against a team that knows the Panthers very well and did what they are very good at doing.
  9. Irvin is one of the very few players that has ever transcended sports hate for me. Not a fan of frauds and that is what he is.
  10. Johnny Rockets

    Travelling to ATL for the game?

    Any luck getting a loaner truck to haul the trailer down?
  11. Johnny Rockets

    Hurricane Florence

    That's pretty cool. Do you know what coast that is 34 miles off of? I imagine it's NC but couldn't find it in the description.
  12. Johnny Rockets

    Hurricane Florence

    You boys near the coast stay safe and hopefully most of you got out. Cleaned and secured my gutters Tuesday Vehicles filled with gas. Beer, wine, liquor, water stocked up yesterday. Draining a foot of water from pool today ;pool furniture into garage. Picking up 1,000 lbs of sand bags today filled by a local concrete company today. Outside dog becomes an inside dog tomorrow. Sit back and see what happens. Think I'm about as ready as I can be. Rather be over prepared than under prepared. House is surrounded by 200 or so 150 ft. pine trees so hope they don't come down. Should hopefully just be a heavy rain event in my area. Just wish I bought that generator I was looking at a couple of months ago. Good luck to all in Flo's path.
  13. Johnny Rockets

    Meanwhile in Buffalo ... Kelvin Benjamin...

    One week in and as expected, the Huddle's KB weekly update is here.
  14. Johnny Rockets

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    I was onboard with the Bears doing the Mack trade and going for it but its one game. Can Gruden draft his two #1’s before you crown him stupid? My Goodness.
  15. Johnny Rockets

    Official Cowboys at Panthers Gameday thread

    Holy Sh*t you people in a game day thread are insane. Relax and enjoy a damn football game once in awhile.