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  1. I loved Stew finding a TV camera after one of his TD's and saying something to the extent of "So you all think I am old huh?" I think he may have been talking to the Huddle.
  2. The NFL is salivating at this possibility

    You mean besides that they are the least penalized team in the league at home (and overall for that matter) by a pretty good margin?
  3. The NFL is salivating at this possibility

    Refs have been more than generous to the Panthers this year.
  4. What's all this underdog talk? Panthers are favored. Up to 6 pts at some places. Please show me the Panthers being underdogs cause I'm interested in action on that line.
  5. Alabama elects Moore. Just kidding

    CRA's new thread title be like....
  6. Bi-polar Huddle has been moaning about lack of pass rush most of the year...pass rush shows up last week....now Rodgers career is in jeopardy if he plays. Lol.
  7. Of course Aaron Rodgers is playing Sunday

    It's a medical clearance thing and the doctors aren't supposed to have tests results / evaluation until today I believe. It's not a coaching decision whether he plays or not at the moment. No smokescreen here.....everyone will know in a day or so.
  8. Graham Gano Deserves Pie

    I don't think that people realize Gano went through 7 different holders between the 2015 SB to the start of the 2016 season and he was just getting used to Lee last year. He had numerous nagging injuries all through 2016 including a broken bone in his plant foot which eventually required surgery this past off season. 2017 he is comfortable with his snapper, holder, and is completely healthy and the results show that. No kicker is perfect (although fans expect them to be) but he has done his job very well.
  9. No, it's the right thread. Change the subject. The inferiority complex around here is nauseating at times.
  10. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    The Santa snowball thing happened before we even landed on the moon so it might be time to let that one go.....I could talk circles around you when it comes to the Panthers or the NFL.
  11. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

  12. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    Aren't you the "fan" that made a thread swearing off watching this team week's ago?
  13. With all the blitzing, you would think the DB's would have some INT's. If I'm not mistaken, isn't Mike Adams the only DB with an INT this year?
  14. Happy 100th Birthday Finland!

    lol - I'm a couple of days late on this but in the spirit of Christmas, I used to sing this song over and over again as a kid. It still haunts my dreams...it's like a Barney song but for Santa. As far as other bands - Hannoi Rock of course...until Vince Neil decided to kill their drummer. (Actually they were pretty terrible). There were a few Nightwish songs that I liked and I have a cousin in the band. I think all my 36 first cousins have dabbled in metal music of some sort over there.