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  1. Johnny Rockets

    JR Statue to remain

    He tormented, abused, and harassed the fanbase with the 1-15 season. Statue should come down for that reason alone.
  2. Johnny Rockets

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    I don't agree with everything you say Saca but I believe there is truth in this statement. I get the feeling this will be a growing topic/debate as the season goes on and if things aren't going as planned. I also could see the Hurney hate for not providing enough talent turning back up. Hopefully Norv turns out to be all that he is being hyped up to be around here. He was overwhelmingly hated in Minnesota and SD for his predictable play calling (sounds familiar) but such is the life of most OCs. Will be interesting to watch how things develop.
  3. Johnny Rockets

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    Reading the article, David's choice for the hottest seat was Koetter which was everyone's choice except for one who chose Winston. David mentions considering Cam but no one chose him as being on the hottest seat.
  4. Johnny Rockets

    JR Statue to remain

    I still find it interesting that the man people are so upset at for creating a hostile work environment within the organization was replaced by a man who threw breast implants around at his employees while having a pair of veiny brass testicles hanging on the wall behind him which I might add is a celebrated thing by many on Panther fan sites and social media. Not judging either man because by all accounts Tepper seems like a good person for this team....just an interesting observation.
  5. Johnny Rockets

    Should Jerry's statue stay?

    Ugh...that's rough.
  6. Johnny Rockets

    How do you fill your offseason time?

    Frolic is such an underappreciate word. Dolphins are the best frolicers and I don’t care if that’s not a word.
  7. I was in Dallas a month or so ago for work and a group of us took a tour of the stadium. The tour guide and I went back and forth sh*t talking to each other the entire time. Tour was awesome and at the end I asked him where an ATM was so I could get some cash to tip him. On the walk to the ATM he told me he could stop putting on the show and be real. He was a Raiders fan. lol With that being said, I hate the Cowboys but I can't hate that stadium. Jerry's World is all I have heard over the years and more. The behind the scenes stuff on the guided tour is a must do if you ever find yourself in the area.
  8. Johnny Rockets

    How do you fill your offseason time?

    It's summer...great time of year. Kids out of school, my pool is open, festivals and concerts everywhere, weekend beach / mountain trips, go out on the lake, etc. I'm glad there is no football this time of year because I would miss a lot of it. If I need a sports fix (and I don't know that I ever "need" one), I can catch a minor league baseball game in Kannapolis or Charlotte with some cold beer and friends if I had any. If not a game in person, I can throw a MLB game on the TV in the background while I do other things. World Cup being on right now is also a nice option. I get the feeling that this forced time away from football is a good thing for some around here. Use it to recharge your batteries and come out like a raging lunatic when training camp starts.
  9. Johnny Rockets

    Today’s media BS

    Cowherd is far from an idiot or moron. He makes millions by baiting people into caring enough to make threads and posts about him like this. Winner = Cowherd.
  10. Johnny Rockets

    So, I asked Gil Brandt about Norv

    It's interesting to read through the comments in this thread considering that biggest gripe Minnesota fans had with Norv (and they hated him) were: 1. His inability to make in game adjustments. 2. Lack of creativity on play calling -- very vanilla. 3. Consistent and predictable runs up the middle. 4. Long developing plays; 7 step drops. It all sounds very familiar, guess we will see,
  11. Johnny Rockets

    $20 wins you $600

    I'm not sure many people understand how odds making works. It's basically a way to influence betting based on public perception, not necesasrily based on who Vegas thinks has the best chance of winning the SB. With that being said, Carolina is probably the best value on the board and Chicago is the long shot, dark horse to make serious money for those that want to roll the dice for a chance at a big return without investing much (or expecting to win). My buddy and I were discussing this after a round of golf last weekend and I thought the 49ers would be the best value but was surprised to see them at 20/1. I know they will be the hot team people will be talking about going into the season and it looks like Vegas is very much aware of it. Carolina is in the toughest division in football and the average gambler will not chose them because it will be a battle just to get out of their division with the Falcons and Saints in the way. Good year to pull the trigger on The Panthers.
  12. Johnny Rockets

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    Sitting out by the pool this evening discussing this exact thing. I just don’t get it. I’m a bit jaded with him now also. Really looked up to him before this.
  13. Johnny Rockets

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    You put into words exactly what I have been thinking this morning. Perfectly stated.
  14. Johnny Rockets

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I don't usually have celebrity "heroes" but Bourdain has always been top on my short list of people I admire. Have one of his books on my nightstand that I have been reading each night before bed. This sucks.