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  1. We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio

    Really? I should have picked up on that.  I was sitting at a red light and started laughing when he read them. Person next to me was looking at me like WTF is so funny?  Khaki Attacky was the one that got me. 
  2. We have Frank. Time to nickname the trio

    Someone was listening to WFNZ this morning weren't they?
  3. Tournament Challenge 2015

  4. Tournament Challenge 2015

        I think that must be a national percentile or something like that. I got 9 out of 16 right and it shows 27.2%.
  5. Tournament Challenge 2015

        Well the only way someone could have a perfect bracket after yesterday is a time machine or they are Rain Man. 
  6. Tournament Challenge 2015

  7. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread 10 year old daughter did a bracket without any help from me and has Ga St going to the sweet 16. She picked teams based on if she new the city or state that they were from. She never heard of Baylor but knows where Georgia is!   I paid to officially enter it into our pool also. I hope she wins it all because of that game. 
  8. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

        Having them to the sweet 16 shouldn't hurt considering most probably had them going further. 
  9. Gif of old lady getting smashed in the face by the ball

    She should sit in the nose bleed section next time.              
  10. ACC Tournament 2015

    So the ACC tournament brochure has a stats page. Something doesn't seem quite right and apparently every stat category is listed the same way.
  11.     Was at the game and you could just feel that it slipping away like others. Gottfried is a good recruiter but I just don't understand coaching strategy late in games. So frustrating.  
  12. I came in here to see if there was any intelligent discussion about the game.....            WTF is wrong with some of you?   
  13. Hey JRock! Hope all is well with JC and the kiddies. Looks like we are done having kids so we are trying like hell to make it out there for a game. provided theer is a season, lol. I am depending on you to have a bottle of Sambuca ready...

  14. where u been rockets?

  15. Go Eagles...wait...nevermind ;)