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  1. Well I learned something today. Never knew that.
  2. Hurney was smart to trade for Torrey Smith

    I don't know if he was the best receiver in the league in the second half (maybe statistically, I have no idea honestly) but he had some good games. Could also throw in that Funchess played a lot of that time with a shoulder he could barely move at times and a bum ankle. Here is another thing to consider. I believe Funchess is in a contract year correct? What happens if you throw $12M+ a year to a FA receiver who comes here and a healthy Funchess becomes the guy that the Panthers hope he is and outproduces that $12M receiver that was just signed? Have fun negotiating that new contract with Funchess' agent because you just set the asking price higher than it should have been .
  3. R Kalil and making a Run

    Also - let's say they draft a guy like Billy Price as the replacement to Kalil. Sure would be nice to have Kalil around one more year with Price learning behind him.
  4. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    I just want to thank The Huddle for 40 pages of bickering on Torrey Smith. I been locked out of my house for 2 hours in 40 degree weather in flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt and this has helped pass the time. However, my phone is down to 11%, the sun is going down, and I’m cold, hungry, and lonely. So lonely. Send food please.
  5. Panthers trade Worley for Torrey Smith

    Interesting. Had a feeling Smith would be a Panther...didn’t expect it via trade though. Hope he works out and does big things. Didn’t do much in Philly.
  6. Spill the story! (or at least send me a PM). You peaked my curiosity the last time you mentioned it and I don't want to lose sleep over this.
  7. King Earl on the block?

    Yep....Earl has made it pretty clear that he wants to be a Cowboy.
  8. 8 1/2 sacks last year and not being brought in to be a starter. Eagles have Graham and Barnett starting and are deep at the position. They are constantly rotating guys in and out on that line. It's a good fit for Bennett and the Eagles... they wanted another pass rusher and that is what he is.
  9. I was just poking fun at the thread title that said "firth" rounder. Apparently it's been corrected so it makes no sense now.
  10. For Marcus Johnson and a fifth rounder? Eagles are in win now mode. Not much of a risk there from what I can tell. Now they can parlay trading Vinny Curry to replace what they gave up for Bennett.
  11. Firth rounders are hard to come by. Very rare.
  12. What concerns me about David Tepper

    Todd Haley (not Tomlin) called offensive plays in Pittsburgh and on that play in particular, I believe Roethlisberger didn't like the defense he was seeing so he changed the call to the Bell toss.
  13. This - I don't know how much money people think there is. I am not a cap guy but isn't it something around the $25M mark? That isn't a lot when you have to still resign Peppers (if he comes back), sign draft picks, plus there are some real concerns with overall depth in a few areas that will be an issue when injuries happen throughout the year. Make a big splash with a big name and that leaves room for nothing else and problems down the road. This seems like a tough year to sort all this out honestly.
  14. dj chark should be the pick

    DJ Chark called in to WFNZ with Damione Lewis and Kroeger yesterday afternoon. Was listening while at the gym and didn't know much about him but he seemed like a good guy. Interview below for those interested. http://www.wfnz.com/media/audio-channel/primetime-dj-chark