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  1. Huddle Fantasy Football 2017

    Well I guess I have to be back in now that stwall made an appearance.
  2. Aaand Trump is at it again.. Calls the removal of confederate statues "foolish"

    You talking about statues or Trump?
  3. It's actually not an observed holiday in NC as is the case in many other states. As mentioned, some states consider it an indigenous people / Native American's day.
  4. Shows how good the defense was in '15 also. Lot's of turnovers and also put the offense in great field position to score time and time again. Big difference in a +20 turnover margin in 2015 vs. -2 in 2016.
  5. Pie and a beer from me. Great find. Gonna disagree with emhoward and I think it's a good "Down to earth" interview. The Carolinas are lucky to have a guy like CMC. Be excited...he's gonna be good.
  6. Must be a Border Collie. Fuggers are smarter than my kids.
  7. Thread title is very misleading. Big moves though. *Edit* - better now.
  8. Wednesday Night Ticket Question

    I hear ya buddy....been there myself. I will definitely show up if you come to town for the game so keep us posted. Sounds like a calm little Sunday, I'm in!
  9. Wednesday Night Ticket Question

    Whoa! Haven't seen you around in awhile. Good to see you here....hope things are good.
  10. OK, this is now out of hand.

    Glad I asked the question. Apparently everyone else is just as confused as I am when it comes to how this is impeachable. Maybe that's why he isn't being impeached for anything. No one knows exactly how it works.
  11. It's pretty obvious that the weekly Steve Smith and Josh Norman update threads from the last couple of years will now be replaced with "Kony Ealy (if he makes a team), Ted Ginn, Tolbert, Remmers, Byron Bell, and for some reason, Leonard Fournette" updates. It's like the Fournette refused to play for the Panthers and the Huddle is hellbent on proving something. Doesn't help that Igo appears to be leading the charge on this trend.
  12. OK, this is now out of hand.

    I despise Trump's use of Twitter as the sitting President of the U.S. It's an embarrassment and I cringe when he does it but how is this something that should get him impeached? I don't understand all the legalities behind impeachment but I just don't see it.
  13. Top Receivers in preseason so far: TommyLee Lewis - NO Cody Hollister - NE Damore'ea Stringfellow - MIA Keelan Cole - JAX Dameire Byrd - CAR Bryce Treggs - PHI Dres Anderson - HOU etc... Every team has their preseason heros this time of year. Most will never be heard from again.