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  1. Eagles Week: Rocky Balboa wears Capri pants

    Hated it. Would not read again.
  2. Question about tickets

    I would buy online since you are willing to spend $200. Single tickets are usually cheaper because it's harder to sell a single. I mentioned this in another thread but I have a friend that makes a living scalping tickets and when I was searching for 3 tickets a couple days ago, he warned me about buying off the street this week. Said the streets are flooded with fakes for this game and Green Bay would be the same. I would buy online from a place that guarantees their tickets. 
  3. Roaring Riot/Carolina Huddle Tailgate

    this x2 - was wondering the same.  
  4. Yes - in all honestly McCoy was a better back for what they do so I am not sure where the talk of Murray being a better fit came from when they got rid of Shady and acquired Murray. They have started to make adjustments to the play calling to fix this but it's going to take some time if it happens at all. Murray is not used to running out of the shotgun because he has pretty much always run from under center. I have heard it takes at least a half season for a RB to get used to a change like that. His slow start is no surprise as is the slow start to the offense as a whole. Despite what many people think, Chip's offense is based around the run and if you can't run, nothing else works.    Ryan Matthews has looked far more comfortable than Murray when he gets the ball. 
  5. Where you at Johnny Rockets???

    Hey Buddy!  You forgot to add in my undeniable affection of all things Taylor Swift also but this might turn out to be the nicest and most polite thread ever in the Smack Forum because I like you too.        Now Jase...not so much.    Actually I can't lie, I like Jase also but I'm sure there are some people around here I can't stand. I'll wait for them to chime in. 
  6. What Eagles Fans are Saying

    Doubtful Alonso or Kendricks see the field this week. Alonso hasn't played a full game since week 1 and Kendricks has been out the last couple games with a hamstirng. DeMeco Ryans might be out as well with a hamstring but I think he hopes to play. 
  7. I was looking to get 3 tickets to this weeks game with the Eagles. Called a buddy of mine who earns a living scalping tickets and he told me the streets will be flooded this Sunday and Packers week with fake tickets. Said it was like that when the Patriots were in town last and you most likely will have a better chance of getting a fake ticket on the street than a real one when it gets like that.  If you buy tickets on the street, have them walk up to the gate with you to make sure you get in. 
  8. What Eagles Fans are Saying

    The wide 9 left Philly with Jim Washburn back in 2012. It was actually gone before Andy Reid was fired. 
  9. That's a new one! You do realize that happened before we even landed on the moon right? 
  10. Mike Shula - update for the haters

    For what it's worth - Last week Greg Cosell said that Shula's run formations were the most intricate and diverse in the league. 
  11. No, they were paid for by company's like TWC, MLB, NHL, most NFL teams, Foxsports, 21st Century Fox, etc who gave Draft Kings and Fan Duel about $1B for the sole purpose to flood the market with advertising. It's all worked rather well.  I've never dug deep into the legalities of it but it was a bit surprising to me that organizations like MLB and NHL jumped in bed with them given the close relationship of Fanduel / Draft Kings and gambling. I think the NFL didn't go all in yet, but most individual NFL teams have. I've been meaning to read up more on it because find it interesting. 
  12. taints-foulcunts tonight

    Very true but Freeman was getting those kind of touches because Tevin Coleman was out. Coleman was the starter in the beginning of the year but lost his job when he got injured and Freeman exploded. Coleman is back now so Freeman won't have to carry that load all year unless Shanahan sticks with his usual ways and mostly stays with one RB. I think even he knows Freeman is not the 30 touch per game, all year long kind of guy especially since he battled a hamstring injury all year which tend to hang around and will most likely resurface.   
  13. taints-foulcunts tonight

    Absolutely, which is why I listed out earlier the reasons why NO has a good shot at winning the game tonight.