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  1. not a bad bargain for one of the best interior pass rushers.
  2. Jus saw this the other day. Great move for WSU and the AAC. Brings another consistent tournament team to the conference. They should send 4 teams yearly. I wish ECU could bring it. I always liked ECU.
  3. Karnowski blew his load against y'all. Def helped
  4. Tldr. Especially since it hurts to read what you post.
  5. Well try using English instead of ebonics next time
  6. What?
  7. They're*
  8. Gingers have no souls so I'm not shocked
  9. Realistically speaking. Carolina isn't far from being back in the playoffs again. Y'all were slammed with injuries. Biggest need for y'all would be OL although idk which position
  10. Yeah but I'd prefer someone calling him poo stain Ryan than just being plain wrong lol
  11. Except he has the best deep ball in the NFL this year and the highest ypa in the last like 20 years
  12. Ditto for the saints. I do find it funny that all 3 in the division hate us the most. Bucs saints n panthers all hate us more than anyone else in the division
  13. This is the classic David vs Goliath. Best o vs best d. New kid on the block vs the seasoned vets. Plenty interesting storylines I definitely feel you though. I've watched less NFL games this past year than any other year I remember
  14. I'll honestly be surprised if one of you don't call ISIS and give them tips to blow up the stadium
  15. Keep these threads going. Seems to be working.