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  1. SmootsDaddy89 added a post in a topic: NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread   

    She looks like she could use some comforting.
    With my penis
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  2. SmootsDaddy89 added a post in a topic: NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread   

    If NC State wins and UNC loses I'll probably have 12 messages from SZ James in my inbox. All of them dick pics.
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  3. SmootsDaddy89 added a post in a topic: UNC Academic Scandal   

    And unless the NCAA rules that all college athletes have to stay in school until they get a degree (not three years for NFL and 1 year for NBA) this is a stupid fuging scandal.
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  4. SmootsDaddy89 added a post in a topic: UNC Academic Scandal   

    Let's say there were no paper classes. Let's say everything about every class UNC student athletes took was legit.
    Are we going to pretend that a degree in African American Studies or a Communications degree (on their own) like the gentleman in that clip has are anymore beneficial to someone if they're not gonna play in the NFL?
    The bigger issue with colleges (and this is a general issue, not specific to student athletes) is that colleges don't actually put emphasis on making sure their students can competitively enter the workforce upon graduation. They want to make money off of students, and the best way to do that is to support whateverthefug they want to do as long as they stay in school and keep paying. For profit schools get a lot of poo for basically being a government-supported scam, but even public universities are racing down the same path at a speed faster than anyone wants to admit to. And this scandal is one of the results of being on that track. I could have gone in and told my academic adviser "I'd like to rub my dick up against some balsa wood" and if UNC offered a degree in Balsa Wood Phallic Stimulation, she would have simply given me a course map for the next three years without challenging me on what I wanted to do with that degree.
    No one at the age of 18 understands that fake classes and useless majors are going to screw you down the line. (I sure as fug didn't; hello unhelpful history degree with no teaching license.) To them, going to college and getting a degree = success. That's what they've been told all their lives. I think everyone at the top deserves EQUAL blame. But being upset that some classes in a horseshit major weren't real classes and not being mad that student athletes at ALL schools are funneled into easy, useless programs (unless they take it upon themselves to buck the system, and why would they when they believe their coaches and advisers are acting in their best interests instead of their own) misses the point.
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