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  1. SmootsDaddy89

    Personally, I find this disgusting!

  2. SmootsDaddy89

    Male feminist karate kicks a woman at abortion rally

    Oh thank god, FINALLY a SANE centrist on the boards!
  3. Can't wait for the tailgate buddies to get this moved to the tinderbox
  4. Virgin Kavanaugh vs Chad Garland
  5. If God didn't want women to get raped, he wouldn't have given them vaginas.
  6. SmootsDaddy89

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Thanks for the heads up! BRB
  7. SmootsDaddy89

    And this is why ESPN's viewership continues to decline

    All I remember was he stopped posting and then that pedo conservative grits guy talked about getting a box with an ear, a kidney, and two fingers in it. The sender's address was just "Roe Dae Oh"
  8. SmootsDaddy89

    Silent Sam is down

    I know a certain NC State grad who's gonna have a field day with this. . .sigh.
  9. SmootsDaddy89

    Silent Sam is down

    Also fug silent sam and fug the south
  10. SmootsDaddy89

    Silent Sam is down

    I also haven't been able to pie several prominent liberal posters in this thread. I'm going to google space lasers and see if there's a connection here. Stop liberal censorship!
  11. SmootsDaddy89

    Looks like Cohen has officially flipped

    We're gonna need a bigger eggplant emoji
  12. SmootsDaddy89

    Publicly shame racist tinderbox posts here

    @SZ James (banned) you should have made the post time like 10 years ago. I was irl panicking thinking I posted that a long time ago and you had saved it, waiting for this moment, until I saw "17 hours ago" HE GOT ME. THAT fuging SZJAMES BOOMED ME.
  13. SmootsDaddy89

    Publicly shame racist tinderbox posts here

    I hate that I love you for this.