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  1. Raskle added a post in a topic Bad ass movie quotes   

  2. Raskle added a post in a topic 2015 Summer Transfer Thread   

    Confirmed signing Clinton N'jie
    2nd attempt to buy Berahino form the Baggies rejected, but they're playing hardball
    Ade potentially on the way out for at leas a season long loan spell with option to buy
    Lamela potentially being loaned to Inter Milan - good move for both clubs.
    Bolasie rumoured to be coming in.
    I'd take that transfer window in a heartbeat!
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  3. Raskle added a post in a topic Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread   

    That's what you get when you sell off your only viable striker sub before a new one comes in. I'd like to see us pick up two more before the window closes, with the sale of Ade as well, but I'm dreaming there.
    Kane went out with a knock in his leg, and we had nothing to replace him with but midfielders. No true strikers = no pressure on their back four. Without that, they were able to push up the pitch, and it was only a matter of time before we did something stupid to gift them a penalty. It was downhill after that....
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  4. Raskle added a post in a topic Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread   

    I'm glad you guys saw that ridiculous ref job, and I wasn't the only one. We deserved to at least draw level with them, but like you guys said, every time we started to build steam again, ref blew the whistle. I hate that team with a passion.
    I really like what Swansea's done.. they played with fire and passion, and it gave them a decent result. Good job guys!
    What the hell was with Cech today? Not that I'm upset with the result =p , but WHAT THE HELL??! lol
    Now to watch Stoke win... will make for a weird start to the season for sure. 
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  5. Raskle added a post in a topic Caption Contest - Cam Newton   

    Hey Ref.... I just got my new Under Armor caps put in... you gonna fine me for that one too??
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  6. Raskle added a post in a topic Peter King is here today.   

    You can quote me here:
    "You ever thought of going on a diet, you fat fug? And while you're at it.. going to school to learn real journalism, and not just regurgitating the same five questions you picked up at K-Mart?"
    Give him a hug and smoochies for me... since you know I love him so much.
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  7. Raskle added a post in a topic 2015 Summer Transfer Thread   

    Haven't been keeping up, but we got Toby Alderweireld and Kevin Wimmer, which should boost our defense a bit. This, plus the signings of Yedlin and Alli in the January market window will make it interesting to see how we shape up on the back half.
    We offloaded Paulinho, Capoue, and Kaboul so far. All of which I'm ok with losing. If only we could get that nutcase Ade off the books too, and maybe even Soldudo along with him, while bringing in two other proven EPL strikers, I'd be a very happy Spurs fan.
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  8. Raskle added a post in a topic Who's your breakout player for 2015-2016 season?   

    I'm with Plewis here. I have no idea who will be breakout player of the year, but here's a couple of guys I'm interested in seeing how they do at their new clubs.
    Angelo Ogbanna for WHU - the guy has talent, and I think this is a good fit for him. I key more on defenders, since I played that my entire soccer life, and I like what I see from him. It'll be all in how he adjusts coming from Juve to the EPL though. Some guys make it just fine, some guys get lost in the shuffle. We'll see though...
    Danny Ings is my front runner for BPOY. Coming from Burnley, where he had a very limited supporting cast, to Liverpool, where he'll have not only a fight to break into a starting role, but a good mix of talent around him, should do wonders for his production. Personally, I think he takes this chance and really shines... which sucks, because we were in for him too, lol.
    I also want to see how Galatasaray use Podolski. I know what everyone thinks of Wenger, but for some reason, Podolski just looked like he didn't fit into the style Arsenal employed, which seemed to me to limit his abilities. I'm curious to see if G-ray can coax the best out of Podolski, and if he settles quickly.
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