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  1. This is representative of all Bucs fans

    I live in this area.. trust me when I say that there are no dedicated Bucs fans... There's just a few idiots who get excited about dressing up as Pirates, and the casuals who may or may not go to the game this week, depending on if they have something better to do or not. I've never seen so many blackouts in a regional fanbase before moving here, lol.
  2. Got a relationship question...

    So, does she like Tottenham fans? Or, better question... would you jaundice her view of the guy because he happened to be one? Hmm??
  3. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    I don't begrudge either side for how this turned out. It's business, and sometimes business takes a turn that you didn't expect or want in the first place, but can accept when it does. Gettleman didn't want to have this be a precedent for other players. Josh didn't want to be paid anything less than a top corner after one and a half good years. Imo, it worked out for both parties in the end, regardless of what the new draftees can do in our system, because both sides stuck to their guns and got what they wanted in a way. With that said, I understand that Washington and their reporters wanted to make the new guy look like a victim, so I don't fault them their article. But josh, please stop giving them ammunition... it's really just making you look like a jilted ex-girlfriend now.
  4. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    I swear that if Swansea poo the bed because they just don't care enough to field their better players, I'll be livid and lose all respect for them. Go out like a Lion.. not a lamb.
  5. Summer 2016 Transfer Window

    Rumors flying that Poch will go after Lallana this summer for around £20 million. I can see that happening from our end, as he knows the player, and the I assume the player likes him too. But, I don't see Liverpool selling him to a rival like that. Guess we'll see. But, I really hope they decide to go after a proven EPL striker this summer to complement Kane. No more "but he did great in this league" disappointments. A striker with actual English experience is needed. Someone who can come in and score, and give Kane a break from playing every single game would be nice. (I know.. I'm dreaming, right?)
  6. Well, I guess Igo was right... we ain't winning the April Championship Award again this year..... tell those guys to call us in March after we hoist the Lombardi, so we can refresh exactly how bad their idea of collating dumbass draftnik's grades was.
  7. New to Star Trek

    What?? Well, I guess it wouldn't be a requirement to keep up with the story, but I really enjoyed that series. Of course, I'll admit I've been a fan of Scott Bakula since his Quantum Leap days, so I'm probably a little biased, but overall, still a good show.
  8. Sure thing, as long as I get to be the Emilio Lopez (aka John Turturro's character) in this situation. I'm all for it!
  9. Best Hair Band songs

    Always loved this song:
  10. Best Hair Band songs

    Still one of the best bands of that era:
  11. Best Hair Band songs

    What? No Crue yet?
  12. Ok, so for those out of state here... why is this guy such a clown?
  13. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    And Chelsea were lucky not to get their fair share of cards too for the numerous sliding tackles with both feet raised, the forearms to the throat here and there inciting the retaliation you saw, and the six hundred dives they did. It's all in what the ref sees. Trust me, I know Clattenberg is poo, but it did go both ways.
  14. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    Really? I missed that, as I turned it off about 3/4s of the way through the game, and Clattenberg was pissing me off. I knew the score already, so I didn't see the point of getting angry. Between that, and Dembele's ridiculous eye-gouge attempt, not sure what the hell was going with my guys. This is not like them at all, and it's something that needs addressing quickly. I'm embarrassed, especially since that stupid punch by Alli should have them on guard against immature actions. Not proud by any means.
  15. This is the first player in a long time I'd be willing to take a flyer on, since the upside could be high, with the cost commensurate. I doubt we'll see him in camp though, as I'm sure a lot of more needy teams will throw bags of cash at him to come in and try and start for their team instead. If we do think he'd fit in here, I'd like to see him go for the RT spot, with Williams still being groomed for LT. But, again, I doubt he's even on our radar. But, I could always be wrong too, lol.