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  1. Seriously bro.. how have you NOT been hired by NFL Films yet?   Terrific work as always!
  2. Voth gets hijacked by JJ Jansen

    Love the comments about his Norwell interviews.. Captain Caveman doesn't need to talk with words. He talks with his smashmouth instead!   (and yeah, I'm a little biased here)
  3. This doesn't indicate if she was part of the email chain or not; just that she did not originate them. Also, in these 22 emails (yikes!) did she not perchance see the possibility that they were a potential security breach by being sent to her home email server? Could she not have instructed those who sent them to stop sending them to that email address? It's possible that she was the final recipient, and that all 22 were sent before she could review to terminate the chains. Unfortunately, the blurb above doesn't indicate this as such. I would honestly like to know her place and actions taken, to either clear or condemn; but absolutely the truth in the matter. If I receive an email that may present either a security breach or was received via non-secure means, I am obligated to respond to the sender stating that the email should not have been sent, much less continued in a chain, and that the email will be destroyed within the confines of the address it was sent to, and to also request that the email be sent to the correct and secure location. If I don't, I could be held liable for any and all damages, and possibly punished by law through civil or criminal means as necessary. Shouldn't the same be applied here? Especially considering this is the Secretary of State?
  4. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    INB4 Double Olsen and contain Cam....   poo.. late to the party.
  5. Actually, Romanowski was 6'3" and 245 at his normal playing weight. Cam is bigger than he ever was.... he's also more spry and agile, and would probably whip Bill's ass in a straight up brawl. That said, Cam's also smarter and would most likely walk away from this idiot before anything happened.
  6. I lost it when I saw "His arm is weaker than Porno storylines!!"   Too funny...
  7. Denver fans have officially pissed me off!

    Displaying a person's likeness as they seem to be crushed on the hood of your shitty truck is not "just in good fun."   It's sick and twisted, plain and simple, and that guy needs to have his head checked for the obvious brain damage he has.
  8. Will the refs call a fair game?

    My tin foil hat is telling me that the NFL wants to set up "the Sheriff" in his most likely last rodeo. It's not like we have a history of getting screwed over in playoff games.. oh wait... 49ers, forgot about that one.   I don't think it will matter. We've been winning all year long in spite of bad calls against us. Good teams overcome bad calls, and hey.. we're damn good team!
  9. Which way would you prefer to win?

    My heart can't take a close one... I want the world to be bored as we romp them for a huge blowout win, like Panthers 55 - Broncos 3 type win.   I don't expect it in the slightest, but I'd love to see it.
  10. He's been kind of a no-show for you guys right?
  11. Damn, that's right. With Fozzy back in the lineup, he probably won't get a chance to show off at all. That's gotta suck, to be in the Superbowl, and not even get to play.
  12. Funny thing is, if I did this with work documents, I'd be fired, and my stuff isn't even all that sensitive and definitely not classified.   How does this woman still not only have a job, but a chance to win the Presidency?
  13. fair enough teeray. I just hope my point got across is all
  14. GIFs from the NFC Championship Game

    I watched the highlights on Inside the NFL, and they showed Cam laughing with Ginn on the sidelines after his TD run. Said something along the lines of, "Hah! I scared you! I scared you didn't I ?!"   Had me rolling...
  15. Paging General Zod? I think he may be able to get you access for some interviews, especially for a subject such as this. I think it would be an incredible and fascinating read. Can't hurt to ask, right?