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  1. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    Having been a fan like many of you since 1995-96, we have never ever ever had a CB as good as Norman.  I don't want to go back to the pre-Norman era of above average to good CBs like Gamble and Lucas.  I want JOSH NORMAN a shut down CB stud for the next 4 years minimum!  Most teams have a 5 year window to win the Super Bowl once things fall into place, i honestly believed next year was year 1 of that window (i thought we would be a playoff team this year, but not super bowl caliber) Josh better be here for this next 5 years..not the ghost of Terry Cousin and Richard Marshall!
  2. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    I'm a homer because i think Alfred Morris isn't on the same level as JStew?  Not really, i think Alfred Morris isnt on the same level as Jstew because he simply isn't.  Stewart was on pace for 1,219 yards and 8 TDs before his injury and subsequent "resting" by the Panthers.  Alfred Morris has worn out his welcome in Washington, is a two down back and wont be re-signed due to lack of productivity according to there front office.  Morris averaged 1.45 yards after contact, shoe string doesn't even begin to describe what he is. He cant catch to save his life, and Morris is also a terrible blocker, which does not work in any offense let alone ours. Make no mistake about it, there no homerism involved, you can pull up Morris's past numbers which have steadily declined since he was a rookie product of Shanahans zone blocking scheme, but Stew is just a flat out better than Morris in every way.   
  3. Alfred Morris? If Stew is gone...

    Why wouldn't they just offer Stewart an extension.  Bringing in Alfred Morris doesn't excite me, hes not on Jstew's level.  Extend him, and lower the cap hit this year and going forward.  He has a spot on this team no doubt...
  4. Mike Remmers

    Remmers was average this year at best.  He did have a good playoffs up until this point to his credit.  But he was clearly the weak link of our line and Kubiak was smart to exploit it.  The Seahawks also attacked him with similar results last year during the Divisional round.  I would certainly like to keep him around, he is quality depth for sure, but its Daryls time now.
  5. Mike Remmers

    If the Panthers thought Remmers was going to guard Von Miller by himself than Rivera okayed a seriously flawed  game plan. He should have had help constantly, and when he did in some cases it didn't help with guys like Dickson missing his blocks completely.  We poo the bed, nothing else to say..All your warts show during big games. 
  6. That image of Josh Norman crying

    The Defense balled out...
  7. Positions we need to upgrade

    Getting KB and Bene back will be huge.  That upgrades us at two positions of weakness immediately.  Boston will be starting in Harper's spot next year, and i expect Daryl to be our starting RT to open training camp.  Another year of experience for Funch, and Shaq will be huge, i expect both to be very productive next year.  Ealy obvously will be starting at one end spot, but the other spot is completely open (CJ and Allen both are going to be cut).  Only position on the team where we have no real quality depth is DE and it will be addressed probably both in FA and the Draft. Most importantly as we will have a lot of cap space, we must get Norman, KK and Star locked up. 
  8. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Agree, if it comes down to an onside Cam is coming out no joke
  9. #CaMVP

    Tonight our QB officially will be crowned MVP of the NFL.  We have the best player in the f**king league on our squad!  He is gonna show the world why tommorow watch... MVP #1 tonight, MVP #2 tommorow night..
  10. Scott Simonson saved his sister's life

    Met his parents on the flight home from CLT back to EWR following the divisional game.  His father made it a point to come talk Panther football with me as i was in my Cam jersey and Division Champs hat.  Couldn't be nicer people, didn't hear about this story from them not that they would just bring it up.  They didn't even bring up the fact that there son was on our team until after we landed and i asked if they would be back for the championship game.  Great story..
  11. Who bangs the drum Sunday

    KB would be awsome!
  12. Had two guys in front of me, I was practically yelling in there ear, and going nuts during every score.  Needless to say they were gone at halftime and never returned.   They never actually stood up, cheered or anything were completely quite, almost shell shocked 
  13. Josh Norman Contract

    Rapsheet honestly sucks and u can't trust anything he says, he's consistently wrong about everything he reports.  If it's not from Glazer or Schefty is BS
  14. NFL Gameday Morning Today

    All the talk is about Seattles defense and how good they are, how they are the number 1 defense, and how they going to defend the number 1 offense and Cam Newton.  Not a single mention of the Panthers defense which is actually our strength.  Hope Luke, Norman, TD and the boys show the world today what we're all about.   Looks like our defense has been forgotten   keep pounding
  15. Lets face it, This is the matchup we needed to happen

    Couldn't agree more...Its time to knock them out like they have done to us.  I cant wait to walk into the building Sunday, BOA will be loud and rocking!  Its our time...