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  1. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Water >>> Sweet tea. Enjoy your diabetes. It tastes like if you put a syrupy pancake in a cup and added water. Wtf.
  2. Never gets old....

    Beasley abused Mike Remmers just as much as Von Miller did, if that's a huge accomplishment.
  3. Football outsiders NFC South predictions going into last year: Falcons: 9-7; 10th ranked offense, 31st ranked defense Saints: 9-7; 7th ranked offense, 30th ranked defense Panthers: 7-9; 23rd ranked offense, 17th ranked defense Buccaneers 6-10; 32nd ranked offense, 13th ranked defense I think they might have been wrong guys.
  4. If any of our dlineman get tired we can swap him in with zero loss of production. Ealy, KK, Butler, CJ on passing downs is a nightmare to handle. We have a five d-line package and he makes it much better. He was the best player available by far. If any of our DTs are injured he is an insant starter. I guess I don't see what's not to like about the pick...? The teams that draft like this end up in the Super Bowl. Shane Ray was a similar pick, and so was Shaq, it's not hard to figure out lol
  5. We got a sleeper

  6. This is Josh Norman 2.0, straight up. Excellent pick, aggressive, lenghty, athletic, and instinctive. Gets caught out of position sometimes trying to make plays, but it can be worked out of him.
  7. Not a reach at all, lengthy corner that dominated his division. He was expected to go early 3rd and he fits our line pressure zone scheme with his raw physical tools.
  8. Everyone in the south should get an A grade....except the Falcons, their pick was awful.
  9. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Matt Ryan is literally pooping his pants right now, I guarantee after this pick, our divisional opponents are going to start scrambling for some interior o-line.
  10. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Times Butler will be in the game: 5 D-line subpackages Goal line Obvious passing downs Fourth quarter He will see a lot of snaps and is already the fourth best defensive tackle in the division, this is a fantastic pick. How often do you get a legitimately elite player at 30? #GettleGod
  11. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Please also realize how highly graded Butler is, last year he would have gone in the top 15, it does not mean anything about Star or Short's contacts, we have 5 dline sub packages, and he will rotate quite often. This is one elite interior rush group.
  12. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    This is such a fantastic pick, you have no idea. KK and Star bring interior pressure on 1 and 2 downs, and then they rotate a Wilkerson type guy on third downs and towards the end of the game. No more blown leads.
  13. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I really doubt it
  14. NFL Scout page has us taking

    Best DE available or S
  15. Looks like Emmanuel Ogbah is a popular pick. Had us taking Shaq last year in one of the mocks.