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  1. Hanzus isn't a Newton 'hater.'  He is the host of a thrice weekly podcast which is typically balanced in it's evaluation of our team I have found. A couple years back, (2013) season they chose us as their favorite team to watch early in the season and continued to hold the Panthers up as the "Team of ATL" (Around the League).   If you're familiar with his personality, you can tell he is mocking the whole situation and is being extremely sarcastic. Also, the jokes about 'sticky-fingers' Newton are just that, jokes. Lighten up. No need for a twitter backlash.
  2. Yea I noticed someone else had it now. Oh well, that's what happens when you put something on the interwebzzz.

  3. i found the guy who is cpying ure avatar

  4. i never told u this but ure avatar is badass. uve had it forever and i have never told u that.

  5. i was just joking dont spaz

  6. ure a good drawer man!!

  7. Happy Gameday! panthers_514x96.jpg