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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I haven't caught up on the books and I'm still enjoying the show.  After being bored with most of season 3 I learned to judge a season as a whole after it's done.  The dorne plot line - every single thing about it - is just horrible.  It's completely out of sync with the series.  I understand all the limitations and difficulties of turning a very detailed book series into a show but it's just bad tv.  All the other parts are fine, if not a little slow, but that's fine with me, I'll just wait to where it goes.   As for the sansa rape stuff.  Yes the RW was clearly more brutal.  But it was a huge twist in the plot.  It made my stomach churn but it was a fantastic 'holy poo' moment.  Sansa's rape just felt bitter and nothing else.  It was like someone took a giant turd and slowly brought it to my face and rubbed it all over.  It wasn't a big surprise, it didn't change the dynamic of the story, it didn't do anything really.  It just felt bad.     The worst part of this season though is the thought that maybe the best part of this story is over and it will end badly.  
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Everything involving Dorne has been so hilariously bad.  
  3. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I believe I can now say I know some poo that book readers don't.  Suck it haha!
  4. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I told myself I wasn't going to watch the leaked episodes.  That has barely lasted a day.....on the 3rd right now.
  5. Post a pic, any pic.

  6. Post a pic, any pic.

  7. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Damn Arya is going cold  
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Holy bejeezus.  I was 100% sure Oberyn was going to lose, then he comes out and mops the floor with him.  I guess Tyrion was right, he could have at least worn a helmet.  
  9. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    They could have at least dyed his hair or done something with makeup.  We're supposed to believe that's the Hound's older brother?
  10. Post a pic, any pic.

      Richest country in the world.  The average wealth is like $150K, no one under the poverty line, 0.1% unemployment and the fattest nation on earth.  
  11. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

      I'm really curious about the different religions and the cotf and what not.  I've already read a spoiler on the wiki today.   I just need to stfu and finish the books.