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  1. It's Kyle Pitts... He's a TE, WR, H-Back...kick coverage unit... You just drafted three positions with one pick.
  2. I've been a victim of this as well, but I was 13. I hope he was as lucky as I to only have a major concussion and no other more acute brain "damage" (note I had bruised lungs, kidneys, femoral artery partially severed, etc.) Life support isn't the end all be all. Thoughts are with the family.
  3. Charlotte will slowly become an over-regulated, over taxed black hole with the rate of financing they are undertaking. I'd be interested to know if the bonds for repayment are pre-approved for all projects and if any single person is aware of each of the projects. With a more tame approach, getting a locality that approaches 1,000,000 people to agree to a .0025% tax increase to finance A project isn't terrible. But with the cities reticence to partner with the Panthers to build a stadium, I think it's important to look at how the Panthers and Hornets have contributed to the economic growth of the area. Some will say not much, some will say not at all, but I believe a study could be conducted with actual numbers to determine their contribution to the influx of skilled labor, business, jobs, etc.
  4. Umm...there are 16 more games? Guess the Panthers will trade him for Bridgewater at that point, right? What last season showed is that the Panthers were going to score points, regardless of who was being played (sans a couple of weeks). This type of game, with the improvement of the defense, should see the Panthers win 24-3 or by any number of points at a similar margin.
  5. Maybe his life just revolves around being on Social Media? And his self worth is wrapped up in what others perception of him is? Don't think Luke, CMC, Olsen, Davis, Minter, etc. practiced as much as him, or worked as much, on their own?
  6. I probably would've taken Micah Parsons. Brown in 2020, Parsons in 2021, etc.
  7. By History do you mean multiple time National Champion and Coach of the Year? Now that paying players is fair game in college football, Urban would be fine, as he likely always has been. The big time schools have been paying recruits forever; some are just smarter than others and the NCAA tends to ignore certain...cough Saban...cough..Meyer...cough... Tressel...programs.
  8. Some guys deserve to have numbers retired. Greg Olsen made and continues to make a huge impact not only on the Carolina Panthers but in the Charlotte area in general. As for his play on the field, he was the first tight end to have 4 straight 1,000 yard seasons, Super Bowl appearance, Pro Bowls, iron man, Man of the Year Finalist, etc. Etc. If there was every a players jersey that deserved to be retired, that's it. I'd argue that Luke, Greg, and Cam are on another level of impact than Davis and Peppers. Steve Smith I'd say yes as well. Peppers and Davis are guys you honor.
  9. That's why I shook my head when I saw we signed Whitehead and everyone here seemed to be cheering for it, if not crying because Luke was gone. I'll stand by my pick projection, we should've taken Micah Parsons instead of Horn. Cornerbacks can affect the game but a Middle Linebacker of that athletic ability alters a franchise. I assumed our new GM would understand that because without Wagner and Chancellor, Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman are JAG. Inside out.
  10. I'm not sure how the Panthers allow the number to be worn. Greg is probably number 2 or 3 on the list of players who deserve to have their numbers retired ASAP.
  11. Funny, a couple of months ago I remember the Huddle flaming Orlovsky. Now all of the sudden he knows what he's talking about? Good stuff.
  12. The Panthers had a losing record last year. They watch and review pretty much every snap of every game. I'm not sure that they poo on the Panthers so much as the Panthers poo themselves in games.
  13. This typically is the case at this time of year.
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