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  1. We take a hit whether he's released or traded. The point is that is a lot of capital tied up in one position, so unless you can trade Darnold as well, you let him walk for nothing next year making the trade for him pointless to begin with. I'm of the opinion that the Panthers Front Office believes Darnold can be the guy and will treat the draft as an opportunity to build around him. Considering he is the age of many Rookie QB's, it isn't farfetched to think that they really considered him a "draft pick".
  2. Devonta Smith or those two? When we just traded for Darnold? And still have Bridgewater and his cap hit? I'd say we are done with QB's for now.
  3. We couldn't get Trubisky to sign here so we trade a 2nd for Darnold and that's how you know he's plan F? What?
  4. Pre-Gase was his rookie season. If I remember correctly, Manning was putrid his rookie year as well. But he had a quality supporting cast and offensive coaching beyond that point. Not saying that Darnold is Manning but come on man. Gase is hot garbage and has a horrible record of talent development on his roster.
  5. Jets fans are dancing...because they lost a Top 5 pick for a 6th round pick in 2021 and a 2nd in 2022; a team that has shown it can't draft and retain talent for anything? They basically gave away their 24 year old QB for peanuts while having a Rookie HC and still no decent offensive coaching staff to speak of. Odds are they make the wrong draft choice in 2021 while the Panthers see Brady turn Darnold into what he was projected to be coming out of the draft.
  6. Are you a Scout? Are you a GM? Are you an NFL coach? Maybe they should seek your opinion next time they make a deal. Darnold is likely worth more than we gave up for him.
  7. How was Tannehill under Gase? How was Tannehill once he left Miami? Clearly the couch GM's and Scouts are out in full force today.
  8. Tannehill got out from under Gase and has gone to the playoffs twice while playing at a near Pro Bowl level. I'll take the bet that the Panthers are not only better with Darnold than Teddy but that Darnold under Brady during a normal off-season will blossom.
  9. If he works out, what's wrong with it? Nothing. Former Top 5 pick playing with the Jets who thought that hiring Adam Gase was a good idea. You saw what happened when Tannehill finally got out from under him right? If anything, the picks are worth the development time either way. I prefer Darnold to everyone in this draft not named Trevor Lawrence.
  10. So what we learned is that Short requires a real 0 tech to play next to. Him and Star were a perfect duo for one another.
  11. That division 2 school beat the states darling tar heel blue just two years ago. They actually drafted a QB, tried to turn him into a receiver in an Era where Foxball was still prevalent. Odds are he could've been a better QB than Jimmy Clausen though, at least he beat Michigan.
  12. I personally think that should be done. This franchise changed for the better while he was in Charlotte and while he was polarizing for some, his overall impact was incredibly positive. His stats, 55 TD's in 2015, speak for themselves. I personally wish the talking heads wouldn't gloss over his stats from that season as it really was one of the single greatest individual performances in THE MODERN ERA.
  13. But you're now telling us to take Howell? An App State guy with a UNC guy as his avatar in any forum is just painful.
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