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  1. David Gettis. Baylor guy, coming off an injury, I think he's ready.
  2. Tae Hayes. Despite being behind the 8-ball, I think the USFL gave him the shot at playing time that he didn't get his first go round in the NFL and it's showed up in practice and now the preseason. Hopefully he gets a shot.
  3. Okay, and Baker was a locker room cancer who divided the locker room. Guess what we found out when he got here? Likely the same story with Gorropolo
  4. In the "B league"? The gap between the top of the G5 and the P5 programs outside the top 10 is large in cash alone, not talent. Fresno, Boise, App State, UCF, Cincinnati, Memphis, ECU (not so recent but even 2018 I believe), and others have shown this. Hell, Western Michigan beat the ACC Champs last year. A coach can coach and Rhule proved he was a good college coach. I think his issue in the league was related to COVID and his lack of a professional network from which to pull a coaching staff.
  5. I mean, this same thing sort of happened with Armanti Edwards. If Edwards came out of the draft now he would almost certainly be with the Ravens or 49er's, as a QB. But at the time John Fox (rightfully) wanted no part because the mold was what it was (it is what it is) at that time. Not sure if that's what is going on here though.
  6. Tae Hayes was great considering he's only been here a week. Did everything I'd have expected coming from App. Plays tight coverage, flows downhill hard on those quick screens and slants.
  7. 1. Tae Hayes - 2 PBU's and a TFL 2. Rashard Higgins - Got open at will and showed strong hands to high point balls 3. Baker - Looked like an NFL QB capable of making full field reads which isn't something I don't recall seeing in a Panthers QB since probably Steve Burlein
  8. You have to choose one, that's the point. Giving them equal reps does nothing. There is one distinct intangible between the two and that is that one carries himself with confidence and the other looks scared half the time. If all else is equal, you go with the guy that the team will follow. Darnold probably would've benefitted greatly from a Mahomes situation where he sat and then got to go the next year with Andy Ried or something. But he's damaged goods in my uneducated football opinion.
  9. We are talking about practice reps here, not game reps. So it's much ado about everything.
  10. 2020 doesn't count to me. In reality, this is Rhule's second year because 2020 was a waste for roster development and performance, in my opinion.
  11. I said this last week and got poo on for it. Said in one of the Carolina Panthers posts AXETUALLYYYWSYXGS. Why, if reps make you better, is Corral and Baker not getting any?
  12. If we didn't have Corral and Baker, I'd like PJ over Sam especially with mcadoo. Maybe it's the Madden/NCAA effect but I love a mobile QB and he's good enough to play in the NFL, maybe better than Sam with proper coaching (like run the ball 8 yards with 10 seconds left to get a FG attempt).
  13. Corral isn't going to the Practice Squad because he would never clear waivers. I really hate that people keep saying this as if it somehow justifies their take that Rhule sucks. The fact is that if you're trying to evaluate the roster, you need a QB out there to run the offense. PJ can do that better than Corral right now so you put him out just to execute for other guys. Corral is obviously making the team but he may not be the best option to use to evaluate everyone else.
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