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  1. I'd rather have Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, or CJ Stroud. Young and Mayfield may end up being two peas in a pod of batted down passes.
  2. Which begs the question...why draft another shorth QB?
  3. Fields can run 40 yards and hand it off to him, would be my guess.
  4. It absolutely does. Especially if Bryce's dad communicated with his son in a way which was more reminiscent of a counselor.
  5. He didn't "earn" the starting job by being the number one pick. He has been given the job. Now he has to earn it or, as Tepper has shown, he will move on by 2024.
  6. But he's not. He's 5'10 and whether people like it or not, size matters.
  7. Give Mahomes a chance, he still has time to defraud people. As for Super Bowls, there is quite the difference between what Favre was able to do in the 90's versus Mahomes today. Put Favre in today's game, with the guardrails up and a seasoned Andy Reid and you'd get the same result. Favre is on Mount Rushmore. Mahomes is still on his way to South Dakota.
  8. I'm confused. Can someone re-explain pronouns to me? poo is getting out of hand. He is him now? He is it's? Its? Its'? Jesus. Can't we just say that Jaycee Horn, when healthy, is great? We all know this. He just hasn't been healthy. Move him to receiver and call it a day.
  9. Go watch games from both, back to back. Or highlights. Or whatever. Favre won three MVP's, back-to-back-to-back. When Mahomes does that, you can @ me.
  10. Beta move...5'10...what did we expect? He's intimidated by the fans...
  11. Tell me how Bryce plays bigger than his size? He plays like he's 5'10. He scrambles, slides, and finds guys in backyard football style breaks. He plays to his size. Again, people here with blind optimism when there is video out there of Stroud and Levis shredding with laser throws and the same movements as Bryce.
  12. Mahomes is Favre if Favre had Andy Reid as a head coach. They are basically carbon copies of one another. And before you say "interceptions", Mahomes is only like 0.7% better in his TD-INT ratio.
  13. I wanted Levis, Richardson or Stroud over Young...I hope I'm wrong, but I think Levis is going to be really, really good.
  14. He's tiny. Refute that, objective, fact. It's not a feeling and it's not all I refuse to see. I see the skills of your average rookie in only a helmet but he's 5'10, so he looks tiny doing it. Refute that. Please. The blind optimism here is nauseating.
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