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  1. Continuing to lose games could shore up the Bears. Imagine a world where the off-load Fields for three 2nd round pics and a future 1st, get Drake Maye, get Marvin Harrison Jr. hire Ben Johnson as their HC, and now have DJ Moore to go along with the best receiver in recent history, two generational talents to go along with a generational talent as a head coach. Bears could be set for a decade. And that means if we ever hope to win, we have to go through them.
  2. Maybe. I'm not out there getting hit by a Mack Truck one day a week so I don't know. But from a personnel development aspect, you can't bench Bryce. What you can do is change the offensive philosophy to protect him and protect the offensive line. Heavy run and heavy play action passing game. FORCE him to learn to play under center.
  3. Well, at least one team is scoring high now. Which is why Tepper is a moron, again. Games with scoring in the high 20's is a high scoring game in the NFL. The biggest problem with Tepper's logic is that in the NFL, as opposed to college, a win is a win is a win. It doesn't matter how you get it. "Just win, baby". "You play to win the game", "Playoffs. Playoffs?" Tepper forgot about that. The team with the best defense generally wins the championship games. Does Tepper think the Patriots cared that they beat the Rams 13-3 instead of 43-33? Or that the Patriots were able to hold the Falcons scoreless after they got to 28? Does he realize the investment the 49er's have made in their defensive personnel since they have an offensive head coach and defensive GM? The 49er's success is enabled by four guys on offense and probably 10 guys on defense. DEFENSE. RUNNING GAME. PLAY ACTION. UNDER CENTER. DEFENSE. May sound boring. But I'd rather watch that and win than see another fuging tunnel screen to Adam Theilen.
  4. Deductive reasoning. 1. Is likely factual 2. 95% fact, 5% speculation 3. 50% fact, 50% speculation - We know Tepper made the head coaching decision. He never really wanted Wilks from what I understand so I have to assume Wilks made it that far at the behest of Fitterer 4. 100% Fact - Look at the Seahawk's and tell me when they've done something comparable. This would be totally out of left field for a guy like Fitterer. We know for a fact that we've had a new starting QB each year since Tepper bought the team accross three head coaches. That's one constant presence which tells me he is the driver of this. Having a franchise QB is good for business. Problem is that buying low and selling high doesn't work in football. Buying blue chip stock doesn't work well either if the CEO of that stock holding is garbage and runs it into the ground (i.e. Disney and Bryce Young comparison). Ultimately, football is just a game and Tepper is missing that point. He doesn't love the game of football. He doesn't watch nor pay attention to college football aside from what the ESPN talking heads have to say most likely. He's literally as informed as any one of us, except I watch probably 10 to 15 college football games a weekend and re-watch some more during the week while I'm working so I'd like to believe I could make decent decisions given the opportunity. Tepper isn't that. This is a pet project for him that he thought would be easy. That much is clear. He's also ruining peoples livelihoods and careers in the process of his ownership.
  5. McCown said as much on his YouTube channel during a breakdown of Stroud. He effectively said as much at Stroud's Pro Day which was captured on camera. Then you compare the body language of everyone at Stroud's Pro Day versus their body language at Young's. The only group who seemed more please at Bryce's were the Tepper's. Now why would they want Young over Stroud? One is more microphone ready. He's probably better in a business meeting, better in speaking engagements, more polite perhaps with better table manners. And Young got the stamp of approval from Nick Saban, which is a death stamp, as far as I'm concerned for QB's. But, Tepper doesn't know poo about college football so he took it. The story of how the trade happened is also very telling.
  6. No one is mad that Young is starting over Dalton. Not only was Bryce taken number one, but we gave up another number one, a number two, and a play worth a number one. You almost have to give him experience. Hell, I don't like it either but there is no point in cutting bait right now considering everything is guaranteed from the picks given to his salary.
  7. What do we accomplish with that? The fact of the matter is that you mortgaged your future for Young, whether it was Reich, Fitterer, or Tepper. You have to go with what you have, unless you can dump Bryce for a late 1st Round pick or something. Imagine a world where we don't trade up for Bryce, and we have a shot at Jayden Daniels, Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Bo Nix. This is why owners don't make personnel decisions. The decisions for the 2024 QB Class are infinitely better than they were in 2023. 1. Daniels 2. Stroud 3. Maye 4. Williams 5. Nix 6. Richardson 7. DTR 8. O'Connel 9. Young? Like he is so far down this list it's ridiculous.
  8. What does it matter who is GM so long as Tepper is here? He is a Jerry Jones wannabe except he wants to have a GM. Fitterer is a scapegoat at this point. I also disagree vehemently about Wilks. There is nothing in his history suggesting that hiring him would've been a mistake. He took the same team that has been losing for four years and at least got them to .500. That was before he would've had a draft and been able to build an offense in his image. It was also after firing 12 people mid-season. So give me a break. What Wilks accomplished in 2022 will, in time, be seen as a miracle because it might be the most success we see for another 5 years. Go ahead and pin this comment, save it, do something to reference in April of each year as Tepper continues making the same mistakes. This all falls on Tepper. He wanted Reich, he wanted to trade up for Number 1, he wanted Young. This is on him. Fitterer either said yes or get's fired. What would you do?
  9. There is no forward. This team will be another one to three win team in 2024. Our best bet is hiring a defensive minded coach who appreciates an offensive approach similar to what the Lions run and what we ran in 2022. Heavy run and heavy play action with a lot of 12 and 13 personnel to help support the offensive line. Draft a burner or two on Day 3 to stretch the field and sign a bruising back. Go heavy under center with a 52/48 run/pass split, heavy play action, heavy tight end involvement, roll outs, etc. That will protect our offensive line, our receivers, and our QB. If we play good enough defense, the offense should be good for probably 22 to 28 points a game which is good enough to win in the NFL. We won't win through the draft for another three years. Gotta make it count in how you scheme.
  10. Our offensive line could be fine, if we did what we did in 2022 under Wilks. That's why I want a defensive head coach. With such a putrid offense right now, we need to run and have play action from under center while playing an aggressive form of defense. Bring back Wilks. Right the wrong Tepper.
  11. How is Fitterer responsible? 1. You clearly don't know the story behind the Young deal. It was pushed for by Tepper, to the point where if Fitterer didn't do exactly as Tepper wished, Fitterer would've been fired. 2. Fitterer, Reich, McCown, etc. all wanted Stroud. Tepper wanted Young after the Alabama Pro Day where he was woo'd by Nick Saban and his crony crew 3. Tepper hired Reich. Fitterer wanted to retain Wilks which is the only reason Wilks ever made it to the final interviews. 4. Fitterer isn't stupid enough to have traded up for Stroud or for Young. He comes from the Seahawk's where you trade down and make value picks on Day 3 that build the core of a team. You are clueless as to what's gone on. I'd say let Fitterer do the job you hired him to do. Go on a permanent vacation Tepper.
  12. TEPPER HIRED THE MAN. Fitterer didn't hire Reich. Fitterer wanted Wilks. Fitterer wanted Stroud. Tepper wanted Reich. Tepper wanted Young.
  13. "Take into account draft capital and the Panthers have the bleakest future prospects of any NFL team by a wide margin. They are the worst team -- and offense -- in the league. How does the offense improve when there's a massive dearth in terms of pass protection and a complete void in terms of vertical weapons for the passing game. Bryce Young is averaging 5.4 yards per pass attempt. The Panthers have scored more than 14 points in four games this year and in every single instance it required garbage time." This one is easy. You improve by doing what we did in 2022. You run from under center, you run play action, you run the roll out game, you run crossers, verts, screens to tight ends, all from under center. You don't go shotgun, not because it won't work, but because you have to protect your line. What got Reich fired? He saw the teams weakness and instead of guarding that "sector of battle" by adding reinforcements, he effectively chose to abandon it for the enemy to conquer by running 4 and 5 receiver empty sets. He chose to run from under center, then pass out of the shotgun, creating predictability that the enemy could read. You reinforce your weakness in war, and in football. You do that by either adding personnel, or by changing tactics to protect it. Frank exposed it, and that's why he is gone. Ironically enough, it's why Wilks should've been retained. He saw all of our weaknesses last year and quite literally blanketed them to the point where they very nearly became strengths, including the offensive line. I know that no one is going to read this, not least of which is anyone important, so I expect the same poo to keep happening. Keep hiring poor people and firing the best people. It's the Tepper way.
  14. Our offensive line was Top 10 last year. What is terrible is our offensive scheme. We were good last year once the adjustment period under Wilks was over and guys bought in. Our play was so good in fact, that Tepper went the complete opposite direction and pushed for a shotgun only QB with a failed offensive minded head coach. TEPPER THE TERRIBLE (for all the wrong reasons).
  15. Too far gone this year. Save Cap Space, suck for draft picks next year. Picking up expensive pieces in an already lost season is pointless. Our only goal in winning is to keep the Bears from getting the 1st and 2nd picks in the draft next year. God Tepper is stupid.
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