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  1. pantherclaw

    Tepper the biggest question unanswered?

    I don't see why it would change.
  2. pantherclaw

    How would you rank D-lines?

    We have a lot of unproven depth.
  3. Didn't realize Lewis was still available.
  4. pantherclaw

    Tepper flew in to meet with players

    Why the negative post? Seriously.
  5. pantherclaw

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Butler is more of a 3 tech, than a nose.
  6. pantherclaw

    Troy Aikman at OTAs

    That's what a balanced offense and for that matter, balanced team gives you. So the QB doesn't have to do it all. That being said, Aikman had one of the most accurate and strong arms in the league. He was a blast to watch play.
  7. I think he'll has similar stats to last year, just with more snaps unless one of our young guns really step up.
  8. Steve Smith has had a DNA to cover up something much worse than Richardson has ever done.
  9. Once again, I'm not defending the man, I'm just choosing not to attack him. NDA's are common practice to protect a company against potentially dangerous allegations. No, it doesn't surprise me that Richardson would do whatever he could to preserve the reputation of the franchise he built. Selling the team was done to do just that.
  10. What you are describing is what most are doing. Trial by public opinion. I've never been one to be quick to judge. In today's society, everybody is looking for a quick buck, and they don't care what they have to do to make it.
  11. None of us are defending anyone. We chose not to judge a man based upon allegations. Even if the allegations are true. It's still not our place to judge.
  12. You can't change their minds, as they know Richardson not only personally, but intimently, and all big cities deserve a NFL franchise.
  13. Nope. Just thought you did an excellent job describing yourself. For the record, I haven't met Richardson either. I don't have any first hand knowledge of how he carries himself other than the people that have been around him. You, there is plenty of evidence on the Huddle that supports what you said, if applied to yourself.
  14. pantherclaw

    A Gettleman legacy

    Great timing, especially since two of his guys was allowed to walk.