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  1. What Chicago Bears fans are saying...

    Hello stranger. Good to see your still kickin'.
  2. So many fans thinks winning in the NFL is as easy as showing up.
  3. Kelvin expected to play

    Cept that Ginn isnt the 3rd option with the saints. Lol
  4. Kelvin expected to play

    For all 212 yards on 15 receptions? fug no.
  5. We didn't keep either of the kickers that I wanted to keep. But ultimately it's not my decision. You can talk about the cap affect all you want to, and you can keep crying that he's overpaid, the reality of the NFL players Market says otherwise. Whether you agree with it or not doesn't matter.
  6. A kicker won't stop us from either those contracts.
  7. If the market dictates it (supply and demand), it's not over paying. Now you could argue that all NFL players, especially veteran starters, and high draft picks are overpaid. Lol @ the EP. No kicker is flawless by the way.
  8. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    He has more receptions then anybody else on the team. Worst bust in Panther history.
  9. He's 30 years old. He'll be playing for another 10+ years. Stop with the age bs. As far as his contract, it is what the market dictates. You have to pay the market value for a veteran player. Whether you care to admit it or not, Gano is better than than what the majority of the NFL teams have.
  10. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    And I guess I'm the only one that's sick and tired of nobody giving the opposing team any credit when we get out played. Also get tired of the majority of the fans not holding the players accountable. Must be nice living in that bubble where you can just lay blame to the people who aren't even on the freaking field when the we get outplayed and can't execute. Luckily our players hold themselves accountable. They know they are executing right. And they'll take care of it they're going to work on their crap just like any professional does.
  11. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    I love how you make excuses that's great s***
  12. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    Does it matter whom is to blame? Nope.
  13. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    Did we still have a chance at the end, despite those turn overs, absolutely. Cam had complete control of the offense. Ask him. Football 101 - execute, ball security, and limit your mistakes, and you will win games. Sorry that I'm not jumping on the bash Shula bandwagon, especially when it's not needed. You guys got that covered.
  14. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    Yes, lets switch up what we practice/play, and hope to hell we execute. We couldn't even execute what we do play. Cam is also the leader of this offense, and has complete command of it on the field. He's going to adjust accordingly. That's HIS job, based on what he see's from the defense. We would have won the game without the turnovers. Period. Doesn't matter who you want to blame.