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  1. Never, ever......EVER, turn a strength into a weakness.
  2. The Last Jedi

    I DID fall asleep watching it.
  3. My best plan for the rest of this off season is to stay busy, so that time flies...making it easier for me to continue to sit back approach that I've taken on this off season. So much can and will happen between now and training camp. I'll add in my 2 cents from time to time as usual. That's my plan ;)
  4. I am merely defending the pick. Can never have enough quality defensive linemen. So I completely understand and am not upset with the pick, even though it wasn't my choice. As far as him being a rotational guy, that's what we all knew he'd be unless we lost KK in free agency, or heaven forbid, KK go down from injury. That is not new news. I AM happy we have so much talent throughout the dline, including our rotational players, as I know just how important having that is.
  5. I'm sorry, when did I say that's all that I want? Please quote me. I'll be waiting.
  6. I agree. There is always a formula. But ya never pass over a quality player at a position that is vital, and never reach to fill a need.
  7. Sorry my fingers typed Hurney instead of Gettleman. Damn. You don't pass on quality lineman. I'm sorry that you don't get that.
  8. Yes, being smug was my intention. Lol
  9. Butler was picked because Gettleman puts emphasis on having a deep and talented dline rotation. The fans didn't get it then, hence the assumptions that he was drafted as insurance. Ya don't draft insurance.
  10. I don't understand this false statement. He is on the field often in one of the best interior defensive line rotation in the NFL. His impact is very noticeable when he's on the field also. Like others have said, if KK gets hurt, there is no steep drop off.
  11. Yesterday was so non-stop for me, that I never got a chance to chime in. I've always like Poe. Wanted the team to draft him. While his career hasn't been all pro, he is definitely a force to be reckoned with. I like/love this addition.
  12. You wouldn't get anything trying to trade him away. His value as part of the rotation is greater than the value that we can get in a trade.