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  1. Trai in concussion protocol

    I get it. Coming off the bench isn't easy for any offensive lineman. I'm not going to dance on his casket if the coaches believe he can come in and do the job at an acceptable performance. With that being said, it sounds like Larson is going to get the nod, so all of you can rejoice. LOL
  2. Trai in concussion protocol

    Man, you're so right. Players never develop and improve. What was I thinking? I bow to you all knowing load of crap.
  3. Trai in concussion protocol

    Lol. Guess you guys forgot how well Amini performed in preseason. I know it's not cool to like a player that has been so universally hated, but you guys really need to pay attention, or you're just talking out your ass.
  4. Trai in concussion protocol

    So you don't think a week of practing with the starting line would benefit him, versus coming off the bench during a game?
  5. The Giants will be relevant again sooner rather than later with Gettleman at the helm.
  6. How would you feel if...

    I'd feel the same as any other team but ours winning it all. Wouldn't care what their fans came to say.
  7. Not a single insult. And thank you for proving my point. You did it perfectly.
  8. Lol. What a fuging joke. This season where the run blocking has been atrocious? Stewart is also a patient runner. Go buy a clue.
  9. I love how people always bring up Stewart's health. He's actually had a pretty healthy career for a RB. He is the definition of reliable. He has great strength, amazing balance, good vision, and it hard to tackle.
  10. If Miami doesn't keep Landry..

    Gotcha. Thanks. I don't see the Panthers spending big on any receiver.
  11. Look no further than the Huddles general opinion of him. It hasn't changed in years.
  12. Steelers and Panthers. And bring them Saints. I can't wait.
  13. He is the single most under appreciated RB (by fans) in franchise history, and those same fans think he's done - stick a fork in him. Not smart.
  14. If Miami doesn't keep Landry..

    Why wouldn't the Dolphins retain this player?