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  1. I don't need to be told what is to be accepted or not.  Cam not jumping on the ball isn't an issue.   I also don't really give a fug that he walked out of the post game presser.  You do, good for you. You're probably the type that has issues with all kinds of bullshit.  I don't.  
  2. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    This doesn't deserve a thread.  No one play of the offense killed us. It was a collection of mistakes and turn overs. Not Ted Ginn running out of bounds.
  3. I'd speak with the manager. Depending on how HE/SHE handles the dinner check, will be the factor on whether I return to said restaurant again.
  5. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    The stupidity of the "ban me" threads, is the fact that the OP's can just leave.  But nope, they gotta have the attention.  Whores.
  6. I don't give a damn what yiu are doing all day.  He isn't laying blame.  But don't let that stop ya.
  7. Calling out?  How about accountability.  Our offense as a whole, failed to execute. So he was right by saying they didn't play well enough. The.mistakes and turn overs speak of this also. The offensive players have admitted as much.   Stop making it out like he's passing the blame. 
  8. I saw plenty of adjustments every quarter. Unfortunately, the execution didn't get any better.
  9. Watch football much?   Obviously not.  Max protection was called often. I know you won't do this, but you need to credit the denvers defense for playing an amazing game, and our offensive players, for not executing half as well as they should have.
  10. Cam was let down by his offense

    Did you know the first 4 passes attempted by Cam weren't even catchable?  It's a team sport, and the whole offense failed to excute, and committed turnovers.  
  11. Perspective (too early?)

    Our offense didn't/couldn't excute (Denver's defense get some credit there) and committed to many mistakes and turnovers against a great defense.  Can't expect to win like that, no matter how close the score was.  This team will be back.
  12. Turn on this team like rabid dogs...

    Immaturity is rampant after a tough loss.  Not excusing it,  just stating a fact.  I am alright with the bs going away though (one can hope).    
  13. The Fall of Cam Newton

    Stopped reading when it was obvious that the OP didn't know what he was talking about.
  14. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Congratulations Bronco.  A very hard fought, and deserved win.