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  1. I'd rather see our rookie, honestly.
  2. Mike Adam's is better. No thanks.
  3. Pretty sure no official statement has been made. But huddle don't care, because they know everything!! Worse than a 17 year old.
  4. pantherclaw

    Barner no longer a Patriot

    Not "probably", beyond any shadow of a doubt.
  5. 1 game doesn't make you a realist. Do you even know what that word means?
  6. What is most laughable about those crying about our defense, is just the history of this team/franchise when it comes to the defense. But seems like the huddle is more full of cry babies than actual long standing Panther fans.
  7. No thanks. Defense shows up, and offense starts to find some grip. 31-21 Good guys.
  8. pantherclaw

    Graham Gano

    Fans made to much of it.last year, just as they do about something, every year.
  9. pantherclaw

    DB depth is looking scary

    I'd much rather just with them ride with what we have. If we somebody, it isn't going to help us this week.
  10. pantherclaw

    DB depth is looking scary

    We've done nothing to address our secondary this offseason? Really? And if that's not the question, what the hell do you expect them to do between weeks 2 and 3 to address the issue?
  11. pantherclaw

    Curtis Samuel

    Normally I would say you want to bet. But I would not want to be any part of jinx in this man's life. I'm actually quite confident he'll be back.
  12. I'm right there with you, Jeremy. I want our defensive line to submit itself in the history books.
  13. pantherclaw

    Curtis Samuel

    You guys are awesome to hang out with.