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  1. David Newton acknowledges he's known as a Cam hater

    From another thread (that no one cared about) here are Cam and Wilson's numbers over the last 8 games of the season. Cam Newton           164/250 2017 yards 21 TDs 1 INT, 59 rushes 293 yards 5 Touchdowns, Record 7-1 Russell Wilson        168/249 2146 yards 25 TDs 2 INT, 45 rushes 250 yards 1 Touchdown, Record 6-2    So its safe to say that Newton's numbers are nearly identical to Wilson during the stretch where everyone was saying that Wilson was the hottest thing in the NFL.  And for those of you wondering the first 8 games are pretty similar as well, with Cam's being slightly better in most categories (especially wins).  I think given what people thought of the Panthers going into the season and what we were able to accomplish as a team I think Cam wins the MVP hands down.  And this just goes to show that even if you look at the stats Wilson still can't move past Cam. And David Newton is a tool.  As is Person and Jonathon Jones.  
  2. I saw a Seahawk fan comment on here earlier today that "over the 2nd half of the season there is absolutely no question who has been the best QB in the league" referring to Russell Wilson.  I immediately thought that there's at least some question over who was playing the best.  Certainly Wilson was hot, and playing at an extremely high level, many pundits saying that he had elevated his game perhaps even beyond Cam.  So I decided to look at the actual numbers from the last 8 games of the season.  And here they are:   Cam Newton           164/250 2017 yards 21 TDs 1 INT, 59 rushes 293 yards 5 Touchdowns, Record 7-1 Russell Wilson        168/249 2146 yards 25 TDs 2 INT, 45 rushes 250 yards 1 Touchdown, Record 6-2    At first glance the numbers are incredibly similar, practically identical aside for the 4 extra rushing TDs and the for extra passing TDs, but both QBs scored 26 TDs over that span.  Now without having watched each Seahawks game over this stretch I cannot say how many times Wilson had TDs dropped by receivers but I can say with some bit of certainty that Cam had at least 4 if not more during these games. So what does this tell us?  Well one, it tells us that the Seahawk fan who made the original comment is not very bright.  And two, it tells us that the pundits are completely wrong by saying that Wilson has raised his game above Cam.  Even the accuracy is almost identical during the last half of the season, yet, Russell Wilson was "on fire" and playing "the best football of anyone" and yada yada ya.   So I guess in summary, Panthers fans can stop saying Wilson is just "lucky" and Seahawk fans can stop saying "Wilson has been the best QB in football for the last half of the season". One thing is for sure, we will be watching the NFL's future at QB on Sunday, and both of them deserve a ton of credit for getting their teams this far.  
  3. Gil Brandt ranks "most trustworthy" playoff QBs

    I'd say there's at least some question.
  4. Arizona or Greenbay?

    Careful...we don't won't members of the media thinking we are scared of these teams because we'd rather play one or the other.
  5. Mel Kipers 2016 Mock Draft 1.0

    Only 31 picks in the first round this year bc the Pats don't have one.
  6. I'll be honest I didn't watch the video.  If your intentions were different then I apologize.  I just get irritated with the whole idea that people are scared and that we have to convince our fanbase that we shouldn't be.  If you were just doing something for fun then like I said, I shouldn't have jumped on you.   My bad.
  7. Not sure how I'm being negative.  I'm saying that we should stop the rhetoric about being scared of Seattle.  And the QB thing that everyone has latched onto in the last week is just a silly argument.  
  8. Here are three reasons why you should stop: 1) You continue to perpetuate the idea that we were ever "scared" in the first place by putting out crap like this.  Guys like you, Igo, and Jonathon Jones need to stop. 2) The QB argument is not only wrong but it also makes us look pretty hypocritical as a fanbase.  The Panthers have only faced 5 stud QBs in 2015 (Rodgers, Luck, Manning, Brees, Wilson).  While the Panthers won all of these games, they each came down to the last possession or so to decide the game.  Oh and the defense averaged 30.2 points allowed in those games as well.  So this narrative that the Seahawks haven't had to play good QBs must stop, because we have faced just as many. 3) Beating the Seahawks earlier in the season was nothing more than a confidence booster for the Panthers, a monkey off their back so to speak.  That will mean very little on Sunday.  This will be a battle, and outside of knowing each other very well, the past records (which don't favor the Panthers) won't come into play.  Especially against two very good teams with good defenses and great QBs.   Lets stop talking about the scared stuff and just break down the game.  And when I say "break down the game" I don't mean saying stuff like "well, our record is better" or "they haven't played enough good QBs".  Things like this seriously make us look incompetent as a fanbase and its pretty embarrassing. So...just...stop. Thanks.
  9. List of QB's Seattle Has Played...

    Against good QBs this year (Wilson, Luck, Rodgers, Brees, Manning) the Panthers have given up 14TDs and 6 INTs Against average or worse QBs this year (Bortles, Mallet, McCown, Bradford, Cousins, Romo/Cassel, Ryan x2) the Panthers defense have given up 5 TDs and 10 INTs Against rookie QBs this year (Winston x2, Mariota) the Panthers defense have given up 2 TDs and 7 Ints. Thats 21 TDs and 23 INTS.  Which is pretty good.  But 2/3's of our Ints came against average/rookie QBs and two thirds of the TDs came against good QBs.  Also, we have given up 25+ points 4 times and they were all against the good QBs listed above (with the exception of Wilson).   Soooooo....we probably shouldn't be throwing stones about who's played who from a QB perspective. I guess the only thing we could say is that we beat all those good QBs, so there's that.   Sunday we will be playing a good QB...and so will the Seahawks.
  10. I gotta be honest, I thought it was a catch last night and even after watching the gif posted I still think it was a catch.  He pinned it against his thigh as he was going out of bounds. He got two feet in and pinned it.  That's a catch all day fellas. /Conspiracy 
  11. Jonathon Jones must have got his info from this thread title.
  12. Kind of made me view Jones in a different light.  Never really cared for him before and really don't care for him now.  Maybe he sees some different sectional view of Panther fans who actually read stuff from the observer but I don't know anyone who's actually fearful of Seattle playing here.  I mean, my god its the playoffs, any team can beat any team on any given Sunday. I figured we'd have to play them to get to the Super Bowl no matter what happened.  So I don't know what Jones is talking about, especially 75% which is a massive majority.  Seemed to be talking out of his ass about our fanbase.   Like I said, never particularly had strong feeling for him before, but now I realize he's just a troll.
  13. Seattle winning is a blessing for the Panthers

    You know what the interesting thing is...I've heard more people beating the "we wanted Seattle all along" drum than I've actually heard people who are upset by it. Maybe I'm missing something but guys like Igo and Jonathon Jones are creating this air of fear that was never really there in the first place.    Just my two cents.
  14. Well when you play variations of cover 2 and cover 3 this is pretty much what happens.  Kind of the reason many players were saying norman isn't a true shutdown corner, because he mainly sticks to his side of the field.   Now granted he follows the best WR to one side or the other, which he started doing this year but generally still plays zone. Why do you think norman plays so close on the line of scrimmage?  He knows he has help over top.  No way in hell he could keep up with Julio or Beckham.   He is a great zone corner though.  One of the best in the league.  But he's no Revis Island.