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  1. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Ranking the modern Marvel Movies   

    The problem with captain America for me was they missed a great opportunity for a gritty war movie and instead had lasers blasting all over the place and campy humor/costumes. I was hoping for saving Private Ryan meets marvel but it was no where even remotely close. I thought Thor was decent in terms of taking a hard story to transfer to the big screen and making it believable. I do think it was rushed though. Still much better than cap. Other than that I can't argue with much else. Avengers was the best, cap 2/gotg were neck and neck. I like guardians a little better because it was just so damn fun.
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  2. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Trophy Nation: How handing out trophies, regardless of success, may cause failure.   

    I guess the bigger philosophical question here is if giving away trophies to only the winners of children's sports actually damaged our generation.  For instance, creating a generation of people who would think giving out too many trophies make children "pansies".
    It amuses me when people just assume that because something was done in the past that it has to be right, especially when so many other things prove otherwise.
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  3. firstdayfan added a post in a topic More Russell Wilson contract "news"-Summary:It's great to be a Panther fan   

    Yeeeeeah, I guess I was more referring more to the part about the 2x Super Bowl thing.  But yes you're right, he had a terrible first half to that game.  And since you brought it up, here's a much more relevant stat that makes Russell Wilson who he is and what separates him from "Alex Smith".  During OVERTIME in the PLAYOFFS of THAT GAME,  he was 3/3, 80 yards 1 TD and won it for his team.  Defense never even got off the bench.  Lynch rushed twice for 8 total yards.
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  4. firstdayfan added a post in a topic More Russell Wilson contract "news"-Summary:It's great to be a Panther fan   

    You don't really believe that right? Like seriously? You're just basking in the Russell Wilson hate, you know, the kind that reminds me of when a friend gets a nicer car and you make fun of him because he doesn't get good gas mileage.
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  5. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Gil Brandt: Panthers chances of winning SB on par with Jags, Browns, Falcons and Titans   

    I think thats more telling of how he feels about Cam rather than the Panthers in general. With the exception of the falcons, none of those teams have a QB which means Brandt must think we don't either.
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  6. firstdayfan added a post in a topic Funchess interview in The Detroit News   

    Does anyone else just feel like funchess was our first round pick and Thompson was our 2nd? Almost feels better that way. I haven't been less enthusiastic about a 1st round pick in a really, really long time.
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