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  1. He lacks the ball skills to be a WR.....thus he's s DB. and we didn't trade up to get him
  2. 2jakefansinva

    Dez Bryant

    Why would Dez sign with the Browns for any price ?
  3. 2jakefansinva

    Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    guess this blows up the stubborn Ron thingy round here........
  4. guess he's going to revive the K-Gun.....TE's should get a lotta action
  5. 2jakefansinva

    Bills take another Panther staffer

    well.......then that should qualify as an all female staff.
  6. 2jakefansinva

    Derrick Johnson will be available

    15 years too late
  7. 2jakefansinva

    Colts hire Reich

    Reich & Roll Baby............
  8. 2jakefansinva

    Odd Imagery of the Week

    and see didnt exit stage left as they say. see walked right in front of the camera....which makes it even worse.
  9. 2jakefansinva

    Odd Imagery of the Week

    Thats some dumb sh*t right there.........for all involved of course the reporter could have made his day and not discussed it.
  10. Did they watch the same games we watched ?? Somethings not right.......Really makes you rethink stats Whats the old saying....."stats are for losers"
  11. 2jakefansinva

    # Metoo leader accused of sexual assault

    yeah.....I'd hate to be saddled with the emotional stress of having been groped by a woman/women....that'd be right up there with having to have sex with one of my high school teachers. don't know how they handle it.
  12. 2jakefansinva

    The past year

    correcto !! The team, doctors can only suggest surgery. And everyone will tell you if it can heal without the knife..... give it a shot. Whats that old saying.......It's only minor surgery if its not on you.
  13. 2jakefansinva

    A fine mess

    I'm assuming the rest of the staff, coaches, scouts, etc...are working ? Looks like Ron's in charge now.