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  1. Top Panthers things to be thankful for?

    The Huddle..... was a bitch 11-12 years ago when my son and I were the only Panthers fans we knew. Happy Thanksgiving !! SCP....we got the NJ Jets this week........make my day !
  2. No way Cam is considered unless Wentz absolutely sh*ts the bed...... just win baby !!!!
  3. New Dilly Dilly commercial

    Hump Day !!! mikeMikeMikemike
  4. #MeToo women that refuse to speak out

    Lmao.......good thing Ted's been sober now for a few thousand days
  5. Savagery

    Cantore woulda flipped the bus over....
  6. Your GM skills are showing with your talent evaluation
  7. RIP Robert D Raiford

  8. Hurney scouting?

    GM doing his j.o.b.
  9. Just to screw with their heads..... As GO is leaving the game he should be carrying a back pack...... And on the back pack is a sticker that reads....Vikings Confidential
  10. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    Wasn't his salary $1 in his first year ?
  11. Avoid surgery if possible
  12. Who the F is this guy

    They should have made that his number in prison....83848689
  13. Cam didn't call that play......he just ran it in his own. he does have that option
  14. Shula, first call of the game

    Guess Shula turned the page.....