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  1. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Yeah....too bad they can't get their charges reduced to just being "extremely careless"
  2. How would you feel if...

    Go ahead and name all the other game managers who've won one.... Bortles can't hold their jocks
  3. If allegations where true....he got off easy
  4. The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    And we thought it would be the emails that brought the Dems down who'd thunk it who be a fu*king text message......hahaha
  5. How would you feel if...

    Both of those guys had a brain......Bortles is clueless
  6. Captain

    Did the report on Capt come from anyone other than Joe ?
  7. The NFL is salivating at this possibility

    After the BS ruffing the passer call Brady got Monday nite....... We better go easy on AR.
  8. How would you feel if...

    Would not care.......... PS....Blake Bortles is not winning a SB
  9. Agreed....... How dare him for attempting to take your place as the starter of inconsequential threads.
  10. NE/Pitt living off horrible Conference.......4 teams w/ 8 wins or more. one of them is Tenn.....and another has Blake Bortles as QB. Philly NO Car Minn Rams NE Jags Stillers Atl SD
  11. New user here who happens to be black

    Pretty close description of the grocery store I worked in back in the 70's. minus the cell phone
  12. No way they make it if their QB has to make plays. if they can run the ball 55-60 times.......then maybe.
  13. That he was....and 34 made a business decision.