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  1. Cam Newton now ranked 4th all time.

    Just pass Young.....can't stand him rest....don't care
  2. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    My "W" is flyin high dog......
  3. Should have mooned'em
  4. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    So Strasburg was embarrassed into starting ?
  5. Do they ever turn BoA lights off?

    Do they ever turn you off ???
  6. Stopping KC's West Coast offense

    Not concerned....... Chiefs usually fold like a cheap tent during the playoffs anyway
  7. When's the last time we ran a fake punt?

    A little more too it.......than just wanting to do it.
  8. Thursday we play 2nd best team--

    RR said they didn't even do that....kept them off their feet. film study, meetings, treatment ....etc said approach has worked in the past and sticking to it.
  9. Let's make it happen....too bad it won't be any cowboy fans around to fu*k with.
  10. Oh yeah.....he loves it. looking to make a weekend out of it in December. hoping for good weather
  11. Cubs Win, Cubs Win, Cubs Win !!!

    Would love it........
  12. Hey bud......hope you're well. unfortunately I'm not. Setting in Baltimore atm in a holiday inn working. gonna try to make the minny game in December. if I do I'll buy you a beer......