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  1. I keep seeing Curtis Samuel trending on twitter
  2. Congrats to Thomas!! He had a wonderful career
  3. Just disrespectful not an ounce of home training
  4. The Panthers are really desperate it's pathetic at this point
  5. At this rate we are going to have Brady in the NFC South for 20 more years
  6. Wow I wouldn't be shocked if it was him lol
  7. Wow I didn't know he got his clock cleaned lol
  8. That reminds me of Superbowl 38 I think a naked man ran out on the field
  9. The refs got us like they got KC tonight
  10. I have this news app they send alerts all the time
  11. I got a news alert that Patrick will have to undergo toe surgery after the Superbowl!! I hope he is okay and they can pull this out
  12. I can't believe 5 years ago to the day we were in the Superbowl I still feel we should have won With that being said I am rooting for KC
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