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  1. Totally impressed!!! I just watched your interview on YouTube w/TWC News ...Congrats!! Were you really impressed with any of the actors? Just glancing on IMDB, I'm not familiar with any of them..Just wondering if any of them stood out to you.
  2. I hope our team doesn't have the Negative Nelly attitude going into next week that this thread has!!! Because if they do, we're really fuging done...Any given Sunday motherfugers! Now...about tonight's game?
  3. Official Panthers at Falcons Gameday Thread

    Thank God we won last week!
  4. What are your exciting NYE plans!!!!

    You know you're old when you're not that upset that you don't have huge plans and instead you plan for awesomeness at home
  5. What are your exciting NYE plans!!!!

    Hi Diddly Ho, Huddle Peeps! So besides the obvious of watching our boys beat down those ATL asshats we all hate so much...what are your plans for tonight??? My husband and I will be at home this year, no party..no fancy dinner out.....Why? Because, I HAVE COOTIES!!! And I have had said cooties since the day after Christmas!!! Not only did Strep throat invade my life...but I have had the pleasure of experiencing my first ear infection of my adult life...Lemme tell ya, that poo hurts like a MOTHER!!!! So here's to chillin' at home with my better half, my puppy dogs..makin' some kick as food, drinkin' kickass wine...watchin' football and watchin' balls drop! Happy New Year's everyone!!!
  6. fat people!!!!!!!!

    At least she's on carpet...better for the knees and helps with the noise
  7. fat people!!!!!!!!

  8. Female Roommate

    Not stupid...it's a valid thing to be irritated about...and this will be a man vs. woman thing until the end of time When my husband and I were dating we had one of his friends live with us for 6 months..my GOD he was disgusting. He'd get high as poo and decide to make cookies..eat half of them and leave the mess for me to clean up in the morning.....Along with his cereal bowls, pizza boxes and brownie pans.....After doing this multiple times, I rounded up all of his dirty dishes that I had refused to wash, put them of them in front of his door so when he opened it, he'd step on them. Accompanied by a note that said, "I'm not fuging you therefore I'm not cleaning up after you".
  9. Female Roommate

    I used to live with a guy way back in the day and we ended up...ya know...havin' sexy time all the time... He wanted to bang me yet still date other chicks and bring them home....needless to say, it didn't last long as roomates It's one thing to bang someone, it not be serious and not live with them..but to have that yet live with them at the same time and see them dating other people..not so easy..I don't care who you are
  10. What’s your favorite drinks

  11. The Walking Dead season 8

    Why can't they just follow the godamn comics?!?!? I know you can't do it 100%...but c'mon...I was really looking forward to the time jump and Carl busts his cherry...poor kid is gonna die a fuging virgin!!! #givecarlsomevajayjay
  12. The Walking Dead season 8

    I feel the same way...Honestly, I haven't even watched the last episode, but I know what happens to Carl. Why the fug would you kill off a character that is so huge to the story. I LOVE the comics but this is just too much of a veer away from the entire story line. At this point, I don't know if I'm going to keep watching. Stupid move on Gimple's part. IMO, I think there are a lot of fans that feel the same way that we do and they've just lost a good amount of people.
  13. Sweet Carolina

    I love it!! He's kinda cute too..rawr