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  1. How did the Jaguars lose?

    I am not one to blame the officials for losing but the Patriots only having that one ten yard penalty was certainly a big,big time,show stopper for Jacksonville. Sadly.this was not the first important one penalty, Patriot game. It has to make one wonder.
  2. Yes,that would be "Hog" Heaven.
  3. This could be a problem if this group gets the winning bid.
  4. Just chilling out Spanky---Hope everything is going your way.

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  7. You are welcome lady panther. I just thought some of your nice posts deserved a positive rep.I hope you are having a GREAT day.

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  9. Where are you Super-Man ?

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  14. Hi Panthers_Lover, I liked the way you called that creep Gay man was right. Keep up the good work.